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Sixers ‘Gauging Interest’ in Jahlil Okafor

THURSDAY, 7:06am: The Sixers have listened to offers but they’re not inclined to trade Okafor or Nerlens Noel barring an overwhelming offer, sources tell Marc Stein of (Twitter link).

9:56pm: Philadelphia would insist on receiving a player at a different position of equal talent to Okafor if a trade is to happen, a source told Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

9:25pm: The Heat could be a possible trading partner, Moore writes in a full story, citing a report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that the team expressed interest in Okafor earlier this season. A source tells Moore that coach Brett Brown has encountered difficulty in trying to blend Okafor and Noel, who are both natural back-to-the-basket big men. “I can’t really control what’s going to happen,” Okafor said today about trade rumors. Two sources also told Moore that teams interested in making deals with the Sixers are now contacting Colangelo, rather than GM Sam Hinkie.

8:44pm: The Sixers are “gauging interest” in rookie center Jahlil Okafor before Thursday’s trade deadline, tweets Tom Moore of Calkins Media. Okafor was the third overall pick in last year’s draft, but there have been concerns that he and power forward Nerlens Noel aren’t compatible, and Philadelphia’s frontcourt could get more crowded if 2014 draftee Joel Embiid can overcome a recurring foot injury and play next season.

Okafor has emerged as a top contender for Rookie of the Year honors, averaging 17.1 points and 7.4 rebounds in 47 games. But he has experienced a troubled rookie season off the court, getting suspended for two games in December after videos were released showing his involvement in a Boston street fight.

Okafor is on a rookie scale contract and is signed through the 2018/19 season. If the Sixers do move him before the deadline, it will be the most dramatic step yet in the new direction the franchise has taken since Jerry Colangelo joined the front office in early December.

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33 thoughts on “Sixers ‘Gauging Interest’ in Jahlil Okafor

  1. Bucinsox

    Okafor & PHI17 1RD Pick to Lakers
    LAL16 top-3 Pick & Hibbert to 76ers

    -76ers waive Hibbert

    Who hangs up first?

    • Ayy-Aron

      Okafor to lakers
      Randle and Hibbert, maybe even throw in third round pick.

      • bowserhound

        Okafor ain’t that good. 2nd round pick, Hibbert & Nance should suffice.

        • 17/7 seems pretty good to me for a rookie. I mean if thats not good then Randle and Russell must be worth a second rounder and a filler guy.

      • ZCosenza

        3rd round pick…?

    • hdtrip

      Sixers already HAVE the Lakers ’16 1st round pick (top 3 protected)

    • hdtrip

      Sixers already HAVE the Lakers 2016 1st rounder

      • Ayy-Aron

        Don’t the lakers have the second worst record trailing only the 76ers?

  2. cjh815


  3. smittybanton

    NO wants “bruiser” next to Davis, couldn’t get Greg Monroe, no brusing center in this year’s draft, should want Okafor.

    Kevin Love to Boston, Ryan Anderson to Cleveland, Okafor to New Orleans , BKN16 & NO16 (bad contracts-Lee/Asik/Varejao) to PHI.

    • NBAGuruGray

      Contracts don’t match at all for Philly in your scenario

      • smittybanton

        Cavs are over the luxury tax threshhold, Sixers have major cap space. That’s part of why they’d be involved.

        • Boston isn’t giving up that Brooklyn pick especially to an in-division team.

  4. I wouldn’t trade okafor for anyone but a young player with controllable years as good as he is…which aren’t many people

  5. Steve in Chicago

    Sixers would have to be drunk to trade Okafor, or trying to be the answer to the trivia question “which team traded the rookie of the year two years in a row”?

    Noel, in the other hand, would be valuable to a lot of teams as a strong defensive backup. If they insist on trading either, Chicago should be interested.

    • I think the Sixers are drunk

    • smittybanton

      Looks like they were right to trade MCW for the Lakers first round pick?

    • Karl-Anthony Towns is a slam dunk to win rookie of the year.

      • It’s going to come down to towns porzingis and okafor

  6. Jerry Garcia in a pouch

    Okafor to LA for Russell. Lakers get a 2nd chance to fix their horrendous mistake.

    • aarongill

      Horrendous? Yeah ok

    • Bucinsox

      Russell is better than Okafor.
      LA is holding his minutes due to tank mode.

      • Russell is averaging 12/3/3 in 27 minutes while shooting 41%/33%/70% and a PER of 13.2.
        Okafor is averaging 17/7 and 1 block per game in 30 minutes while shooting 49%/0%/68% and a PER of 16.8. I would disagree that Russell is better than Okafor. Plus, Russell isn’t getting more minutes because Scott doesn’t trust him, not because they’re trying to tank.

        • aarongill

          Also Russell has a bunch of ball stoppers on his team and the offense he runs is him just passing the ball and going to the corner. Okafor doesn’t have to worry about his touches and his rebounding is horrible. Him and Randle would get murdered defensively. Okafor was always the most ready prospect and that’s something lakers don’t need right now. Okafor is still behind porzingas and towns.

    • hill
      daren hill

      I want to see Jabari Parker for D. Russell.

  7. Makes you wonder if there have been more off the court incidents involving Okafor that the Sixers would be interested in dealing him. He has way more upside than Noel .

  8. Geronimo

    Okafor to Portland for CJ McCollum

    • Victor

      That’s actually one of the best trade suggestions I have seen

  9. bowserhound

    Okafor to lakers

  10. soxfan1

    Marcus Smart for Okafor, who hangs up first ?

  11. Strauss

    Rose for Okafor and others to fill cap difference!

    • Chicago would need to send much more. Rose doesn’t have much value anymore. He’s no longer an MVP caliber player, just a middle of the pack PG with a high ceiling and a bad injury history.

  12. Okafor for Clarkson. Gives LA big man with Randle and they still have Russell for the backcourt. Philly gets the guard they need playing at high level. LA can draft Murray out of UK who has a higher ceiling than Clarkson. Use cap space to chase wing players this summer.

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