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Community Shootaround: DeMar DeRozan

Raptors swingman DeMar DeRozan has struggled mightily this postseason, averaging 17.4 points per game and shooting a woeful 33.3% from the field in five playoff outings. The 26-year-old is reportedly poised to turn down his player option worth only slightly more than $10MM and hit free agency this summer, but he has made it clear on several occasions that he prefers to remain in Toronto. The Lakers, however, are reportedly ready to make a maximum-salary offer to him.

“My whole mindset has always been this is home for me,” DeRozan said of Toronto. “I never think otherwise unless it’s brought up to me, or you see things, or people ask you about certain things. This has always been home to me. I took pride in putting on this Toronto Raptors jersey since I’ve been drafted here. And my whole goal was to get this team to the point where it is now. And I feel I’ve been a major key to that.”

The shooting guard’s woes certainly come at an inopportune time for him if he indeed intends to opt out and become an unrestricted free agent this summer. DeRozan had an excellent regular season for the Raptors, appearing in 78 games and averaging 23.5 points (a career-high), 4.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists to accompany a shooting line of .446/.338/.850. Based on his regular season numbers, it’s difficult to argue against shelling out big money to retain DeRozan, but in a league where reputations are made in the postseason, his struggles are bound to raise some questions among NBA executives.

That brings me to the topic for today: Is DeMar DeRozan worthy of a maximum-salary deal?

If DeRozan indeed decides to opt out and become a free agent, do you believe he is worthy of such a large contract? If so, should the Raptors be the ones to give it to him, or should he head elsewhere? If you are opposed to the player being paid a max salary, what contract parameters would you recommend for his next pact? Take to the comments section to share your thoughts and opinions. We look forward to what you have to say.

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10 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: DeMar DeRozan

  1. konspoul

    max to derozan-whiteside, a nice contract to Evan Turner and Al Jefferson or Speights, along with draft pick and Lakers will be pretty good, the following year! Get rid of Young, Kelly, Huertas etc. If Clarkson ask for too much, Jennings will be a good fit.

    • gocelts

      Lol Lakers fans are dreamers.

  2. Z.....

    I think he’ll get max money from someone. He needs to be less of a ball stopper, and has to find ways to get easier baskets, especially in the half court, which is why he and the Raptors struggle in the playoffs. He is also sometimes too reliant on trying to draw ticky-tac fouls (similarly to James harden) that won’t get called in the playoffs. They need to put him in actions where he can catch the ball closer to the basket in the half court, and that should get him some easier looks. Cant be so isolation based…he also obviously needs to improve defensively. He should be better, with that type of length and athleticism on the wing

  3. Arthur Hill

    A lot of money is going to get thrown around this offseason. There may be an argument that DeRozan isn’t worth a max deal, but several teams will be willing to offer him one.

  4. Snowbird

    He is getting a max regardless. The Lakers are going to be desperate following this losing season, and will throw it at him. Raptors likely match though for who knows what reason. I personally don’t think he is that good of a player. Lakers throw a max at Derozan. Clarkson has a nice max contract given his drafting etc so that they dont have to break the bank on it. Clarkson, Russell, Derozan isn’t a great 1,2,3 though, so they would have to make a decision to move Russell to the bench.

  5. Bohdan

    Offer DeMar what he’s worth (which is NOT max) until he turns 31. If another team tops that, so be it. The team will go on without him …

  6. gocelts

    He’s staying in Toronto.

  7. Xyrak

    He’s absolutely a max player as the league is going to be structured next year. It isn’t even debatable to me. For those playoff woes, he dropped 31 in the Monday night victory. There is an argument that the free throw attempts won’t be there as much in the playoffs, in that case he just has to start looking for the pass over the drive to the hoop more often.
    Ujiri will be smart to just sign him to the max and be done with it – show him your loyalty and get it done, don’t wait for the Lakers and Nets to throw the offers out you have to match.
    Toronto is in a window of opportunity to compete in the East right now, who are they going to replace him with that’s better at the 2 spot? It’s already the weakest spot in terms of depth on the team – its why they play 2 point guards so often.

    • Z.....

      If they lose DeRozan, its not the end of the world, as they have some assets. They have a couple of nice young players, and a couple of draft picks coming their way. They could use a more versatile option at the 4 that can shoot the 3, maybe another wing option depending on the development of their young guys

  8. NewmarketBrian

    I’m a Day One season-seat holder, so I’ve seen DeRozan improve from an overwhelmed young man with a faulty jump shot to the mature leader he is now. His game has flaws; the ball-stopper complaint is valid, and he’s still not a reliable shooter from beyond the 3-point arc. As a defender, I’d grant him a C+ grade.
    But there are few small forwards in the NBA who can create his own shot like DeMar. He earns his trips to the free-throw line with convincing pump fakes and aggressive drives. He rarely gets hurt.
    He’s also a great teammate and is particularly tight with Kyle Lowry. I think the Raptors will offer him close to the max (assuming the team enjoys a lengthy playoff run), and he’ll take a small discount to stick around the only team he’s ever been on.
    DeMar endured a rebuild already in his career; I can’t imagine him going to the Lakers to suffer again.

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