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Community Shootaround: Sixers’ Offseason

After several years of tanking, the Sixers finally landed the No.1 overall pick during last Tuesday’s draft lottery. Now, they are faced with a critical decision that will shape the franchise for years to come. Coach Brett Brown said the team isn’t leaning toward any particular player, but the decision will likely come down to Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram, whom Dana Gauruder of Hoops Rumors profiled earlier today. Many believe Simmons will be the pick and although he has the ball handling skills to play in the backcourt, he’s likely best suited at the power forward position.

Drafting Simmons would add to an already full frontcourt. The team expects to have Joel Embiid healthy and ready to play by the beginning of the 2016/17 season and it will likely have Dario Saric coming stateside to play his rookie season in Philadelphia. Despite all the turmoil Jahlil Okafor endured this season, he’s looks to be the team’s best player. Okafor clearly needs to play the center position, as does Nerlens Noel, who will be eligible for a rookie extension this offseason. Finding minutes for everyone may prove to be a chore next season. So that leads us to tonight’s topic: How would you handle the team’s situation? Should the Sixers draft Simmons or Ingram with the No. 1 overall pick? Would you trade away one of the team’s big men and if so, which one and for what?

Let us know what you would do if you were sitting in GM Bryan Colangelo’s chair (likely the ergonomic office chair that Sam Hinkie left behind). Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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117 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Sixers’ Offseason

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    How would you handle the team’s situation?
    Draft Ingram, trade Okafor for the third and 16th pick or whatever it takes to make it fair for both sides, then pick up Dunn and then draft Bembry from St Joe’s

    • Cowkahoy

      1.Sign Wade (20m)
      2.Trade Noel,Covington,24th and 26 pick to Knicks For Carmelo Anthony.(Noel and Porzingriz frontcourt is a nightmare defensively)
      3.Trade first pick and Smith for Chris Paul and future first round Pick
      4.Sign lebron JAmes(max)


      • Are you high?!?!

        • Cowkahoy

          Remember James said that he wants to play with wade,paul and Anthony.Sixers can sign 3 mas players via free angency this summer.

        • Lol he must b

      • This is a pipe dream I get it…but no amount of money in the world is going to convince LeBron/Wade to sign with the 76ers.
        Also in terms of value Chris Paul > 1st pick > Future First > Ish Smith…Clips aren’t giving up the best piece in this deal for that low of a value.

        • Cowkahoy

          The Clippers can draft simmons and trade Griffin to lakers to take Ingram.You are overvaluing Chris Paul.He is injury prone and he is near end of his peek.

          • Because the Clips are going to trade their second best player to their in-town rival who they share the same arena with…and its not being narrow minded its being realistic.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Then why did the Sixers tank, if they are going to sign all these high priced free agents or trade for them LOL.
        It would show a tremendous sense of style on Colangelo’s part, but it just really isn’t feasible.

      • I see your thought process but the process is about building a championship team, I just don’t see that being possible with that lineup. We don’t want to fill into the middle of the pack again and lose in the first round of the playoffs every year.

      • DannyQ3913

        Yeah you’re high

    • IbSkeeAlii

      I think we should try to sign a Pg via free agency or wait till next year’s draft for Dennis Smith Jr lol We have the Lakers unprotected pick

      • Calvin

        Yeah, great idea, I think we should hold out until next years draft to draft a PG, next draft is stacked with guards so we don’t even need a top 3 pick. Dennis Smith would be my pick

      • DannyQ3913

        Pick isn’t unprotected until 2018

      • reg grn

        Lakers pick is top 3 protected again next year,then unprotected in 2018.

  2. aarongill

    Draft Simmons, trade Okafor for the 3rd pick and draft Murray. Bring over Saric. Sign some vets like Wayne Ellington(shooters of player trying to regain value) and see how it goes. Murray is the pg of the future, SG and SF will be addressed next year, Noel, Simmons and Embiid make a good front court with great defense.

  3. not trading jah!!!! id look to move noel if the price is right for a shooter if not keep them all and c how it works out this year ,they will probably have to top 10 picks next draft maybe even 2 top 5 picks if the kings suck again bc of pick swap ,draft ur shooters next year they say next year draft loaded with guards i read

  4. bascott223

    They should trade Okafor to Boston for the #3 pick and draft Dunn. They need a PG and the Celts need a big man. Bender is still too raw.

    • But Dunn can’t shoot and we seen what happen with PG that can’t shoot(carter-Williams)and try to run high pick and rolls

      • Chris Crouse

        I believe in Dunn. He has his areas to work on, but he’s gonna make it in this league.

        • Yea but you want the 3rd overall pick to do better than just make it, so trading Okafor isn’t worth it unless you get the 2nd and can get ingram

      • Dunn won’t win 3 point shootouts, but he’s a better shooter than MCW. Dunn shot 35% from 3 last year

      • Westbrook is historically the worst shooting point guard of all time. And before you think I’m comparing the two I’m not, just giving perspective.

        Dunn does a lot of things really well including defense, running pick and roll, and is a great athlete. Having him next to Stauskas will be a great balance. His shot will develop into a mike Conley type and being able to get him and Simmons in the same draft will improve them tenfold.

  5. Flintstone01

    Trade Okafor for any SG. Trade Noel if they can get a top 16 point guard. Draft Simmons, Demetrius Jackson, and Bembry with their 3 first rounders. Sign Saric, and sacrifice some small animals for Embiid’s health.

    • Chris Crouse

      Jackson would be a nice late round pick. Though, I think someone nabs him before the Sixers get a chance to.

    • Chris Crouse

      What SG would you trade Okafor for? It’s hard to find a match unless you’re putting together a package for Jimmy Butler.

      I’d see if Phoenix would be interested in shopping Bledsoe.

      • IbSkeeAlii

        Rodney Hood, Bradley Beal, Cj mccoulum

      • Ayy-Aron

        Would a Jordan Clarkson and 2nd rounder get the conversation started?

        • Considering that Clarkson is a RFA and needs a new contract…no. Plus any deal rumors involving Okafor to the Lakers (while mainly fan speculation) has usually involved that #2 pick. While I admit that the #2 is too much for Okafor, Clarkson and a second rounder is not enough value. I’d imagine that the 76ers would ask for a future first round pick and Russell or Clarkson. Okafor only has more value than Russell at this point because his rookie season was better (although a result of inflated stats on a worse team) while Russell had a solid but uninspiring year.

  6. W_Canty_561

    I would draft Brandon Ingram with 1st, then trade Jahlil Okafor to Boston for the 3rd and 16th. Then I would draft Buddy Hield and do a sign and trade with Washington for Bradley Beal sending them the 16th and Robert Covington.. With the 24th I would Draft Malik Beasley and with the 26th I would select someone to stash over seas.

    • Chris Crouse

      Bradley Beal and Ingram leading the team. Interesting tandem.

    • Draft Simmons trade jahlil for the 3rd and Terry rozier draft Buddy with the third, and draft some long athletic wings with the 24 and 26 wait until 17 draft for future pg and wing player but sign Austin Rivers and waiters line up like this
      Austin Rivers, waiters, Covington,Simmons,Noel

      Bench: Terry rozier , buddy, Simmons , saric, embid ,Canaan, nik sauce, jermi grant , Carl landry

      • KC2114

        You’re forgetting Austin Rivers is not good and Terry Rozier is even worse

    • Impressive that the 76ers is going to trade the same pick to two different teams.

      • Nevermind I read that completely wrong…shame on me.

  7. Realtalk2590

    Draft simmons an trade noel, u never giv up ur best player unless u get the same value in return, an u never trade ur best player to a division team. We dont know if embiid healthy or if saric can play on a nba level. Noel isn’t starting so why over pay for a defensive center thats coming off the bench to play backup. Noel will get a big offer from another team an i dont think the sixers will match the offer jus to make him a roleplayer off the bench

  8. Dana Gauruder

    Got to trade either Noel or Okafor. Two big man alignment doesn’t work in current NBA, especially at the defensive end, unless one is extremely mobile. Trade one of them for a solid backcourt piece. They should probably go with Simmons in the draft — unique talent.

  9. Brandon

    Draft Simmons, trade Oak & Covington for 3rd & 16th. Draft Murry 3rd. Package deal rest of 1st rounders?

    Run Murray, Free Agent ex. Eric Gordon, Oj Mayo etc., Simmons, Noel, embed

    Get FA shooters, back up PGA like Aaron Brooks.

  10. Definitely wouldn’t trade Jah for anything less than the second pick. Even then I’d be hesitant to pull the trigger. We are cluttered in the paint but Okafor has star potential imo and I think you’d have to get more in return.

    We’re in a good position right now, no need to rush into any trades this year when next years draft is supposedly stacked at the guard position.

    Draft Simmons and maybe package our late firsts, along with Noel and see if you can get anything good in return.

    Noel’s offense was a major disappointment this past year. How is he that bad at basketball? It seems as though he was so athletic growing up that he never had to learn how to play the game until college, where he met some guys his own size. As a sixer, Noel’s offensive game won’t improve, as he’s not going to get the touches he needs.

    • Chris Crouse

      I think Noel’s offensive abilities were overstated during his rookie season. The team really funneled the ball to him and he was able to put up pedestrian stats. I’m not sure he ever gets there in the normal flow of the offense.

    • Chris Crouse

      What could they get for Noel?

      • Yeah true, guess I just got my hopes up with him. Idk what they can get for him, maybe a late first? They may just let him walk when his contract is up.

        • @CW_Crouse

          Noel still has value though. He’s young and he is talented on the defensive end. I think they re-sign him, but that’s partially because of the salary floor they must hit.

  11. Trent9

    Trade jah, 24 & 26 to lakers for 2. Draft Simmons and Ingram.

    • I agree with this trade scenario….everyone keeps forgetting that we don’t have to get all these pieces in one off season it’s gonna take 2-3 years before we see any real results…but we do need to trade a big man but only if we get proper value in return and the 3rd pick for Okafor isn’t enough because this is a 2man draft so there’s no difference between the 3rd and 8th pick, Noel has very minimum trade value so we’re stuck with him especially since he’s due for an extension ….best thing we can do assuming we draft Simmons is to let him drive and create his own shot or shots for teammates…so we need to surround him with shooters….I don’t think Murray or Dunn are worth Okafor…if we do keep our late 1st round picks I love that kid Malachi Richardson outta Syracuse

      • I completely agree man! We don’t need to figure it all out this off season, we have time, along with next years draft. Maybe trade Okafor then?

    • the lakers have ZERO interest in okafor.

  12. 76ersFan

    Trade Okafor for 3rd and Marcus Smart/Avery Bradley/16th pick after taking Simmons. Draft Murray with the 3rd and, if you get the 16th, pick Luwawu/Bembry. Draft Beasley and Ulis if available. Mccaw as a backup plan.

    • Okafor has nowhere near that much value

      • Grant Weddle

        / means or

      • chuckn9ne

        I think he meant okafor for the 3rd pick and smart or Bradley or 16th pick

  13. smittybanton

    Derrick Rose, Evan Fournier, Ben Simmons, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid
    Dion Waiters, Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Nerlens Noel
    Dejounte Murray, Malik Beasley, Hollis Thompson, Jerami Grant, Carl Landry

    • smittybanton

      2016: PHI, OKC, MIA, $62M cap space:

      1. Derrick Rose, Mike Dunleavy, SAC17>10 TJ McConnell, Richaun Holmes, $27M cap space
      2. Simmons (PHI), Beasley (MIA), DMurray (OKC)
      3. RFA – Evan Fournier (PHI19 to Orlando to relinquish rights)
      4. Dion Waiters

      2017: PHI, LA, SAC>10, $53M-73M cap space (xRose, Landry, Stauskas, Waiters)

      1. DeAaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Edrice Adebayo
      2. Gordon Haywood

  14. Cowkahoy

    1.Sign Wade (20m)
    2.Trade Noel,Covington,24th and 26 pick to Knicks For Carmelo Anthony.(Noel and Porzingriz frontcourt is a nightmare defensively)
    3.Trade first pick and Smith for Chris Paul and future first round Pick
    4.Sign lebron JAmes(max)


  15. Trade Okafor for future picks (Terrible at defense- the offense does not make up for it). Draft Simmons and play him at the point. Suck for one more year, get another high pick, and then make a run at free agents

    • Simmons is not a PG plain and simple, even the sixers GM said so…can he bring the ball up from time to time kinda how Lebron and durant do, sure, but playing the 1 night in night out wouldn’t work whatsoever

  16. Bring back Big Shot

    I say take Simmons explore a trade with Boston for the #3 pick take Buddy Heild. Ish isn’t garbage but with talent around him like Simmons and Hield his game will rise. With that said Okafor will be the bait.

  17. Trade Okafor, #1, and other picks to Chicago for Jimmy Butler. Go out and sign Mike Conley and a good SF, like Barnes.


    • Chris Crouse

      I’m not sure Conley would consider Philly, even with Butler on board, though I like the Butler-Conley pairing.

      Barnes in Phila is a no-brainer for me. They should offer him the max.

    • D20reyes

      This is not too far stretched of a scenario but I feel we would be giving up too much for Butler. I don’t think he’s worth a possible Ben Simmons Jahlil and picks package. I’d hope we would be able to bring him in with a Jahlil and the other 1st rounders we have( not first pick) and a future first. Barnes would be quick to get his money if we offered him a max and Conley would see a good role here as a leader unless the Spurs snag him up. Worst case we could pick up rondo or Bleodse. Brandon Jennings is coming off a shit year so he could be a cheap upside player.

      Conley, Butler, Barnes, Simmons, Noels starting lineup

      Saric, new Embiid, sauce, Ish, Jennings and a couple shooters and I think that’s a top 4 team in the deflated east.

  18. Trade jah, the lakers pick, and 24th & 26th. To the lakers for the 2nd pick for russell. Pick simmons and ingram. Sign schröder.
    Or trade okafor to the bulls for butler

    • why on earth would the lakers do that? they already passed on okafor once because he’s slow and can’t play D. and he’d be a terrible fit for walton’s ‘motion’ offense.

  19. Wolfsquad16

    If your trading Jahlil to the Celtics, you need more than just the #3 pick. There’s no one in the draft outside the top 2 that has more upside than Okafor.

    • Chris Crouse

      I’d argue Jamal Murray could be that guy. Would you want a future first-rounder in addition to #3 or an NBA player?

  20. They have too. Roster completely un balanced with huge logjam at 5. Hinkie was terrible at building a basketball team roster and picking players

    • Eventually, yes, they’ll have to make a trade but it doesn’t have to be now. Hinkie’s plan was solid man, too bad he doesn’t get to be a part of the next part of the rebuilding process, which is trading for fit and signing free agents.

  21. Trade Jah for the third pick.
    Draft Simmons (1st), Dunn/Murray (3rd), Ulis (24th)
    McCaw/Lavert (26th).

  22. You can’t trade anyone til you see a full year of embiid. You want to risk the teams best player ( okafor ) or the best defensive player ( Noel ). Let the year play out and hopefully sign a vet point guard and run Tj off at point too. Take Beasley with the late pick.

  23. Terrell

    Embiid at center
    Okafor at PF
    Noel ar SF
    ? at SG
    Simmons at PG
    Or trade Picks with Lakers and give us Russell

  24. Ya I agree with most of the possibilities above. They have to trade at least one of the centers if not two of them. They draft Simmons for the small forward. Let’s say they trade okafor for the third pick and draft a point guard who can shoot in Murray, bring Dario saric for the power forward. Then they’ll probably suck again this year and pick a shooting guard in next years draft. So PG: Murray, SG: 2017 draft pick, SF: Simmons, PF: Saric, C:okafor, Noel, embiid(whoever they are able to keep). That would be the dream situation.

  25. I don’t understand the downside in trading jah 24 26 and the future lakers selection for #2. Even if you have to dangle the rights to sacramentos 1st it should be considered. Boom. Simmons and Ingram. At worst, one of those is a franchise changer. Filter out another cornerstone from either Noel embiid and saric and all of a sudden veteran free agent point guards start thinking of Philly as a prime destination.

    • the downside is that mitch kupchak would laugh at you hysterically… and then hang up the phone.

      • Why? If jah for #3 has picked up this much steam already then how is jah 3 additional first rounders not in the realm of possibility for the lakers.

  26. Carter

    Many factors to consider when pondering who to trade. I could see Noel as better Embiid insurance since building around a center that’s floor is Tyson Chandler isn’t a bad way to go as opposed to Okafor, who is basically a a rich man’s Kanter.

    I don’t think the debate is really that important for the draft. I think both Simmons and Ingram will be great. Whoever is picked, I don’t think it matters. Simmons clearly can’t shoot, but he is also a righty trying to shoot lefty so he may improve over time. Inside of 10 feet, shooting righty he has great feel. Can’t teach that. Reason why Noel won’t ever be able to shoot, just doesn’t ahve a feel for shooting. Ingram just makes sense in today’s game.

    I don’t think Boston trading for Okafor makes that much sense. The 3 pick this year isn’t that enticing and why would Boston want Okafor. Doesn’t fit their team and they’d have to part with Bradley. Aren’t many teams out there that I see trading for Okafor (which was one of my problems with the pick). He’s talented but teams hoard quality guards/wings so don’t see anyone giving up anyone.

    I’d look to move a 1st for Beverley or Brandon Knight. Get a shooter at the one and have Simmons and Saric be your main offensive initiators. Sign someone like Crabbe, Bazemore, or Fournier to a deal.

  27. 76ers since 96

    1st off draft simmons and i honestly think we need to keel jah over noel he can put the ball in the basket yea noel plays d but id rather have jah unless we can trade him for the 2nd pick and draft Simmons and ingram but other than that trade noel and covington for 3rd pick and draft dunn or buddy if possible idk give md some feedback

  28. Trade Jahlil for #2 or #3 pick. Draft both Ingram and Simmons or Ingram and Kris Dunn

  29. Tre Butler

    Draft Simmons without question. If you want to make a trade it has to be Noel, Okafor is our best chance to still be successful if Joel Embiid doesn’t work out, Simmons + Jahlil will be dominent together.

    Best case scenario is keep all three bigs and move one or two of them during the 2017 draft which has one of the deepest classes in years. This year we need to see how all the pieces fit together before making any irrational trades. Also, WHY WOULD YOU TRADE JAH TO THE CELTICS???

  30. LakersHatershater

    They Should make a trade with the Lakers for Okafor for Russel, Or Alternatively one of the other Bigs for Nick Young.

    • the lakers don’t want okafor.

  31. Their best strategy is patience.

    Draft the best player available (Simmons) at the top. Use the other picks in small stakes trades, draft and stash, or some guards with upside.

    Overpay for some free agents (like Evan Fournier, or Schroeder). Those contracts will look more manageable in the years to come anyway. They’re also young players.

    And then see how it all plays out. To trade away Okafor or Noel this early would be a waste, barring a superstar return. Big men traditionally emerge after three or four years, not one or two. The worst case outcome from waiting would be signing Noel to a very manageable extension, and using that as a trade piece going forward. Similarly, no one knows how Saric, Embiid, and their top pick will mesh. They can afford to be selective.

    All they have to do is package the “patience” plan with some new, intriguing free agents, and they can pretend not to be doing what Hinkie would’ve done.

  32. IbSkeeAlii

    If I was GM, I’d draft Simmons & try to trade Okafor or Noel for the 2nd pick or At least a scorer/shooter on the wing. Ideally, Paul George but i’d even settle for a Rodney Hood or Bradley Beal.

  33. Calvin

    We should draft Simmons with the first pick and Melo Trimble and Tyler Ulis with the 24th and 26th picks. However, I am unsure what to do after that. I like Okafor and I see he has great potential but he doesn’t really fit; he is good offensively but bad defensively. Noel is a beast on D so we should keep him and Embiid has so much potential and looks to be just as good as an offensive player as Okafore. I think we souls either trade Okafore to Boston and draft Heild or Dunn, but I’m not sure if they are franchise guards. Or we should keep Okafor and then next ears draft trade him for a top pick and draft Dennis Smith or De’Aaron Fox. However I don’t know a lot about these players and can’t really tell what they have to offer yet which makes me a little unsure.

  34. R....&b

    I think they should draft Ben Simmons then try to trade jah for 2 pick. With 24 and 26 grab Tyler ulis and thon maker

    • R....&b

      Embiid,saric,Simmons,Ingram and ulis and Noel off bench equal scary defensive team with all that length

    • LOL. in what world is jah worth the #2 pick??

      • R....&b

        This world the guy was double team within five minutes of his career. He average 18 ppg with no other offensive threat. Now imagine how good he can be with Russell and clarkson as floor spacers.

        • R....&b

          Future 20 and 10 guy. Future star for a future star

  35. RONALD

    How about a three team trade with Knicks sixers and lakers? Lakers get number 1 and their pick back from sixers next year, Knicks get Russell, Okafor 24 and 26, sixers get porzingus and number 2

    • RONALD

      I meanthink lakers get 24 and 26 though. We could go after Schroeder let rococo and Nike play some until we find a guard next draft maybe even package deal next year pick and saric for George depending on sarics trade value after a season

  36. Brandon

    This is easy. Takes Simmons #1 overall, trade Okafor to the Lakers for the #2, draft Ulis with one of the late first round picks.
    Smith, Ulis, Ingram, Simmons, Embiid
    Noel, Canaan, Stauskas, Other 1st Rounder, Grant, Holmes

  37. doronbroman

    Trade Okafor for 3rd round pick james young
    Draft Simmons and buddy Hield
    Try to trade for Schroder ( next year LA )
    Free agency offer max or close to Barnes
    Denounce the Hinkie losing period
    Build new winning culture

  38. Justin drea

    I think the 76ers should trade Okafor to the Celtics for this years third pick and with that trade we ten draft Simmons number 1 and hield number 3

  39. Justin Drea


  40. Justin Drea

    Then I think we sign two depth type of player free agents waiters being an example a report earlier in the year said he was intrested in playing here then with our two other first round draft choice I say we select Brice Johnson and melo Trimble and I say we get arcidiacino with one of our second round picks

  41. Justin Drea


  42. Draft Simmons trade okafor for the Celtics for the 3rd pick. Draft Jamal Murray. He’s a 2 with great shooting that we need. We would have Simmons Murray Noel embiid saric

  43. MarvSmash

    Bottom line is they need to draft Simmons who is the next generational superstar and if they trade Okafor, they better get someone with the same upside. If they trade for anything less we are in trouble with Bryan at the helm.

  44. Trade okafor and the 24th and 26th pick to the Lakers for Russell and the the rights to the 2ND pick.

    Draft both Simmons and Ingram.

    Russell Ingram Simmons Saric Embiid with Noel as our 6 man coming off the bench.

    Difference between trading Noel and Okafor Noel wants to be here and defense is more important than offense.

  45. Trade Jahlil Okafor for Pick Number 3 and Marcus Smart
    Draft Ben Simmons 1st Overall
    Draft Jamal Murray 3rd Overall
    Draft Timothe Luwawu 24th Overall
    Draft DeJounte Murray 26th Overall
    Sign Allen Crabbe to 4yr/ $45 million
    Sign Evan Fournier 4yr/ Max.
    Sign Seth Curry 3yr/ $15 million (3rd year team option)
    Re-Sign Ish Smith

  46. Heard an idea yesterday. Draft simmons…trade him to the lakers for the russell and the 2nd pick. Draft ingram. Keep okafor (unless boston offers up a silly package). Would solve the pg problem and the shooter problem in one shot. And can still move either okafor or noel if the offer is right

  47. Fabian

    Well if I was LA Clippers I would trade Blake Griffin to the 76ers for the first round draft pick

  48. Fabian

    Well if I was LA Clippers I would trade Blake Griffin 2 the 76ers for the first round draft pick

  49. PHL should trade Okafor to ATL for Teague. Then draft Ingram and sign Beal.


  50. WOOOOO

    Trade Jah for the 2nd pick and 2018 first rounder. Draft Ingram, sign Jordan Clarkson…call it an offseason

  51. Andrew

    Draft Ingram, trade okafor to Boston for third pick draft Kris Dunn, and
    sign beal in free agency.

  52. Alex Johnson

    Draft Simmons obviously. Ingram is a great player but we have waited for the 1 spot for a couple of horrid years so we need to get the best player. Than try to draft and sign some gaurds but no reason to trade Jah just yet. His offensive game is way too advanced to just get rid of him already. Especially since nobody has seen Joel healthy for a full year. Patience is a virtue for the Sixers, so waiting another year to trade away our only offensive producing C is not a bad idea.

    • Arthur Hill

      I think Sixers fans have been hoping all season that they would land the top pick and draft Simmons. Taking Ingram or anyone else would be a tough sell to season-ticket holders.

  53. Draft Ingram sixers don’t need any note big men then what they have, and trade Noel, you will still get good value back for Noel and free agency the sixers have all the cap room in the world, maybe trade for jimmy butler in the Noel deal
    1. Ish Smith
    2.Jimmy Butler
    3. Bradon Ingram
    4. Joel Embied
    5. Jahlil Okafor

  54. I would trade Embiid while his value is still high. There is very little hope that he can stay healthy for a whole season which sucks because I thought he was going to be a superstar on both ends of the floor. He’s already missed two full seasons and there’s not many players who can recover from that. I would trade him for a young guard that can shoot maybe Devin Booker?

  55. reg grn

    1-1 B.Simmons,1-24 T.Elis,1-26 W.Seldon…I’d be open to trading 1 of our centers in the right trade(Teague,Schroder from atl,Knight,Bledsoe from Phx).try to sign B.Beal,E.Fournier or N.Batum to play the 2.

    • reg grn

      C-Okafor,Noel,Embiid(maybe minus 1,with a vet to mentor remaining 2)
      Sg-Stauskas,Seldon(Hopefully with Beal,Fournier or Batum taking the starter minutes)
      Pg-Elis,McConnell (Hopefully with Teague,Knight,Schroder,Bledsoe starting/If not resign Ish)

  56. ventromets6986

    What about Noel to New Orleans for the #6 Pick and then take the best PG/SG available such as Dunn or Hield or maybe Murray/Brown if they fall to the #6. So you pick Simmons #1 and then get the best guard at #6. I like the idea of getting some combo or Ulis/Tremble/Bembrey with the late 1st round picks. I would also consider packaging them to move up if worthwhile. Not sure that Lakers or Celts are realistic trade partners so I am looking at the teams just below them.

  57. Steve in Space

    Trade whole team for Lebron James. Play next year 1 on 5 for fun. Pass the bong please.

  58. If I were the 76ers I would trade Okafor and the 24th pick to Boston for the 3rd pick and James Young. I would draft Ben Simmons 1 and Kris Dunn 3 and Malachi Richardson 26.

    Starting lineup could look like: Kris Dunn, Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, Ben Simmons, Nerlens Noel. 2nd Unit: Ish Smith, Malachi Richardson, James Young, Dario Saric, Joel Embiid.

    A young team but under Brett Brown can be coached into a great defensive team with offensive talent

  59. Popmoe curry

    Are you kidding me when do we start helping the Celtics last time I checked you’re in the Eastern Conference let alone your division that’s a sucker trade anyway you can get a guard at the fifth pick but not for Jahlil Okafor he has the potential to be a 20 and 10 man and he’s only 20 years old we need to stop trading so much relax how about seeing if okafor and embiid can play together what we need to do should be talking to is the Pelicans and the suns can we can offer them noel and a first round pick for the six pick that makes more since

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