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Sixers Notes: Noel, Okafor, Simmons, Ingram

The Sixers’ need at point guard and the Celtics’ desire for help in the front court make them natural trading partners, says Jessica Camerato of CSNPhilly. In a TV interview, she addressed rumors of a possible swap between the teams that would include Boston’s No. 3 pick and one of Philadelphia’s young big men, Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel. Camerato thinks the Celtics would have to throw in a player — someone like Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley — and it would be a fair exchange because Boston would be getting a recent draftee who already has NBA experience. The Sixers would probably target Kris Dunn of Providence or Jamal Murray of Kentucky with that third pick.

There’s more out of Philadelphia:

  • If the Celtics have a choice in the deal, they should take Noel, opines Josue Pavon of WEEI. Pavon believes the 22-year-old Noel would be the rim protector that Boston needs and would be a better alternative than chasing Hassan Whiteside or Bismack Biyombo in free agency. Pavon speculates that the Sixers would ask less for Noel than for Okafor, and that the Celtics might be able to obtain him for the No. 3 pick, multiple second-round choices and a prospect such as Terry Rozier or James Young.
  • The Celtics shouldn’t give up too much for either Noel or Okafor, says A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE. Blakely notes that Boston has been slowly working its way into contender status, and he doesn’t believe either player significantly accelerates that process.
  • Ben Simmons hasn’t made a public comment since the Sixers won the draft lottery last week, writes John Smallwood of The Philadelphia Daily News. Smallwood says he can’t find a statement from Simmons on anything since he signed with the Klutch firm in March. In contrast, Duke’s Brandon Ingram, considered the other top candidate for Philly’s No. 1 choice, interviewed with the Sixers at the draft combine earlier this month. Smallwood says Simmons’ actions add to the perception that he wants Philadelphia to bypass him so he can go to the Lakers with the second pick. Still, the Sixers have a “strong preference” for Simmons, tweets Derek Bodner of, and he should be considered a heavy favorite to go at No. 1.
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22 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Noel, Okafor, Simmons, Ingram

  1. Dana Gauruder

    If I’m the Sixers, think I’d rather trade Okafor than Noel.

    • aarongill


  2. Sixersfan4

    John Smallwood is an idiot. Just because Simmons hasn’t said anything after the lottery doesnt mean he wants the sixers to bypass him.

  3. Really curious to see what Philly does in free agency and with the draft. I agree that they need to deal either Okafor or Noel. If they keep both, Noel most likely leaves the first chance he gets. I’m not sure Okafor wants to be there, so moving him is more likely. Okafor also has the most trade value. If Philly can get the 3rd pick and other assets from Boston, then it is a no brainer deal.

    When it comes to free agency who does Philly go after? Barnes seems logical as a SF. At the SG position, which is another position they need help at, Dion Waiters might be the best they can get. Adding Barnes and Waiters, both of which are at best the 4th best player on their current teams, doesn’t seem like it’ll make Philly all that great.

    • pleydet

      I doubt they offer Barnes a max contract. I think they should make a run at Crabbe and/or Fournier.

      • Sixersfan4

        Same with E’twaun Moore. They need some quality players with upside

      • Crabbe and Fournier are both restricted free agents on teams with lots of money, so it might be tough to get either.

        • lakersfan27

          Portland will have to choose who they let walk because Leonard, Harkless, and Crabbe are all free agents, and it wIll be hard to pick all of them down. Someone might get lucky if the go hard after Crabbe right out of the gate. I’m hoping the lakers grab Crabbe.

  4. doronbroman

    No way Okafor for 3rd pick smart/ Bradley or 3rd for Noel. You must really underestimate Danny Ainge

    • I agree, that seems like a lot for Okafor or Noel. Basically it would be Last years 3rd pick(Okafor) for this years 3rd pick and Smart or Bradley(both starters). Or a 6th pick in 2013 or this years 3rd pick. More likely it is Okafor for #3 and either #23 or #31 and #35. To get #3 for Noel, Philly probably has to throw in another asset, like #24 or #26, or player like Grant.

  5. Philly needs to offer GSW this deal asap

    Sixers get: Klay Thompson
    Warriors get: Noel or Okafor, Saric, Stauskas, #1, #24, #26, Lakers 1st rd pick in ’17, Sixers ’18 pick, and anything else the Warriors want.

    • Nigel Taliaferro


    • I’d make a slight change to the deal. Add Bogut to Philly and include both Noel and Okafor, instead of just one of them. Overall, here is the deal.

      Sixers get: Klay Thompson & Bogut
      Warriors get: Okafor, Noel, Saric, Embid, Stauskas, #1, #24, #26, Lakers 1st rd pick in ’17, Sixers 1st rd pick ’18 pick.

      In doing this deal, Warriors should have plenty of money to offer a max deal or close to a max deal to say DeRozen. Also, at #1, I think GSW takes Ingram.

      Possible lineup

      Curry/Livingston/(late 1st rd pick)
      DeRozen/Stauskas/(late 1st rd pick)
      Ingram/Iguodola/(late 1st rd pick)

      • This deal won’t happen, but a guy can dream

        • Are you high on nba 2k?

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      And why would the Sixers want to do that?

  6. Nigel Taliaferro

    Like they would agree to that deal

  7. If ever there was an NBA 2k16 trade here it is

    • Steve in Chicago


  8. DWillis

    I don’t understand why people think trading the 3rd pick for Noel or Okafor is a good trade and adding additional picks. Smart and a second for either one of them should do it. He’s got everything they lack from experience to toughness. Why can’t Boston get their former 6th pick for our former 6th pick. They are both flawed players

  9. lakersfan27

    I wonder if the lakers could sign and trade Clarkson and their 2nd round pick for Noel?

    • pleydet

      Depending on contract, that sounds possible..

      Another option..
      Sixers get:
      #2 pick

      Lakers get:
      Lakers ’17 pick
      ’18 1st (if necessary)

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