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Bulls Rumors: Butler, Turner, Zipser

When Kris Dunn got past the Celtics and landed with the Timberwolves at No. 5 in Thursday night’s draft, Minnesota and Chicago engaged in trade talks involving Dunn and Jimmy Butler, per several reports. While it seemed at times like those talks were gaining momentum, the two sides ultimately didn’t make a deal, and ESPN’s Marc Stein writes today that negotiations “fizzled” out, despite the Wolves’ aggressiveness.

As Stein writes, the Bulls are big fans of Dunn, prompting the Wolves to push hard to see if the two sides could reach an agreement involving the Providence point guard. However, Chicago decided not to trade its best player just a day after moving former MVP Derrick Rose, and GM Gar Forman downplayed the discussions late last night.

According to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune (via Twitter), the Wolves offered Dunn and Ricky Rubio for Butler. If Minnesota wasn’t willing to sweeten the offer any more than that, perhaps by adding Zach LaVine or another piece, it’s no surprise the Bulls weren’t convinced to move their All-Star forward.

Here’s more out of Chicago:

  • While the Celtics would like to keep Evan Turner, and the Knicks are also expected to have interest in the free-agent-to-be, Sean Deveney of The Sporting News adds another team to the list of potential suitors for Turner, writing that the Bulls are eyeing the Chicago native.
  • Jonathan Givony of reported last night that 48th overall pick Paul Zipser is expected to join the Bulls for the 2016/17 season, and today Givony tweets that Zipser’s buyout is worth just $600K. The small forward has one year remaining on his contract in Germany, but Chicago shouldn’t have any issues bringing him stateside, says Givony.
  • Asked about free agency, Forman indicated that the team’s sale pitch to potential targets this summer will involve selling the city of Chicago, per Nick Friedell of As Friedell points out, the city is always a selling point, but it will be even more important this offseason, with Rose no longer a Bull and Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol potentially leaving as well — there won’t be as much veteran talent on the roster that appeals to prospective signees.
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24 thoughts on “Bulls Rumors: Butler, Turner, Zipser

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    I think everyone is unrealistic. Butler is not an elite superstar. He’s just not. But he’s a very good, young player and may develop into that someday. The Bulls are overvaluing him so much. It’s absolutely crazy.

    If you want a superstar, draft and develop him. Trading for one is too costly to your franchise and signing one as a FA is a crapshoot.

    • sportingdissent

      See, that’s where you’re wrong. The advanced stats put him in the elite superstar category. He’s not flashy, but he does everything really well to elite.

      Look at his advanced statistics without Rose on the court. Other than Lebron, Durant, and Curry, nobody is better than Jimmy Butler. He’s in elite company, and I’d expect going forward he’ll start to get the respect he deserves.

    • ChiSoxCity

      Butler is worth more than a 5th pick and Ricky Rubio. You’re the one that’s crazy if you believe otherwise.

  2. I keep hearing T-Wolves “aggressively” tried to trade for Butler. That’s ludicrous! Not that they want him but to the extent they were willing to pay to get him. Rubio, Lavine, and combo(2 of these 3) Dieng, Muhammad or jones #2 and next years #1 (and that’s only mildly “aggressive”) would have satisfied this longtime bulls fan!!!

    • ChiSoxCity

      The Bulls wanted this year’s pick to draft Dunn. All the Wolves had to agree to is something like Lavine, Dieng, 5th pick and maybe cash considerations to balance the contracts.

      • chris Bradley

        maybe they will at a later time

  3. Thronson5

    Couldn’t agree more. He isn’t an elite player. He is good. I heard all these rumors the Lakers would try to trade all these players for Butler and I about lost it. He isn’t worth all these players. He’s good but not great and he’s he can be one day but he isn’t right now. Why tear apart your team for one player.

  4. chris Bradley

    Zipser sucks hes 67 overall on NBA 2k16 on the euro league team he is on

    • slapnuts

      Best. Comment. EVER

      • Z.....

        B/c I’m J E double F J A double R, E, double T…the chosen one. Got that, slap nuts (lol had to have some fun with the name. Hope it was referring to what I thought lol)

    • Strauss

      Welcome to the wonderful front office of the Bulls. Too bad Reinsdorfs not around to clean house.

  5. Z.....

    Only way Minnesota even had a chance for Butler without Wiggins would be something like Dunn, Lavine, Muhammed, and a future first rounder, and that’s probably light. You also still need to match salaries. That would be something that would allow Chicago to add young depth to what they already have for a quick rebuild. Still, I think they’re probably better off keeping Butler and retooling. I never expected Butler to be traded

  6. Chris815

    Ha I have another trade that mite work. I just did number and every team could afford it and still have lots of money under cap. I know you all pan it again ,but it does work . If you all take mind out of your fandom and look at it what it could do for each team . So here it is . It’s a 6 team deal( yes know there never been 6 team deal )but it works . The trade involves Bulls , wolves, Kings, 76,s bucks, and the Wizards
    Here how it breaks down

    Wolves get
    Jimmy butler -$ 17,552,209
    Drew gooden- $3,547,750 team option
    Which totals at $ 21,009,709

    Kings get
    Greg Monroe – $17,145,853
    Bobby Portis- $ $1,404,600
    Hollis Thompson $ 1,015,618 ( Rf)
    Miles Plumlee – $ 3,113,316
    Wizards 2017- 2020 1st round picks and wizards 2019 2nd round pick
    Which totals to – $ 22,699,381

    76ers get
    Ricky Rubio – $13,400,000
    Markieff morris -$ 7,400,000
    Jerrell Eddie – $ 980, 431
    And wizards 2018 1st round pick
    Which totals at 21,761,431

    Bucks get
    Marcin gortat -12million
    Rudy gay-$ 13,333,337
    Wizard 2nd round picks in 2021

    • chiefivey

      the bulls get?…

      • Z.....

        Nooooo don’t feed it lol…I’m already assuming he’ll be planning on giving the wizards Demarcus cousins, giannis, middleton, mirotic, Ben simmons, covington, Noel, and draft picks….rofl

      • stangs30

        The Wizards throw away picks for nothing in return?

      • Eric1966

        Bulls get garbage in this deal!

    • This is absolute nonsense

    • You have way to much time on your hands!

  7. Chris815

    No sorry forgot to put wizards part of deal
    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins 15 million
    Seth curry 3 million
    And draft right to Demarcus cousin

  8. Chris815

    And also wizards would get wolves lottery 2017 1 round pick or 2018 top 16 protected

  9. cjh815

    Here is the trade again I missed up putting on here earlier
    It 6 team deal between Bulls, wolves , 76’s- bucks, Kings, and wizards

    Wolves get
    Jimmy butler- $17,552,209
    Drew Gooden – 3,547,750 team option
    Which totals at 21,009,709

    Kings get
    Greg Monroe – $ 17,145,853
    Bobby Portis- $ 1,404,600
    Hollis Thompson -$ 1,015,618 (rf)
    Miles plumlee – $3,113,316
    Wizards 2017 and 20 first round picks and wizards 2019 2 rd pick
    Which totals to- $22,699,381

    76ers get
    Ricky Rubio – $13,400,000
    Markieff morris – $7,400,000
    Jerrell Eddie -$ 980,000
    Wizards 2018 1 round pick
    Which totals $21,761,431

    Bucks get
    Marcin Gortat – $12,000,000
    Rudy gay-$ 13,333,337
    Wizards 2 round pick in 21-22
    Which total is $ 25,333,337

    Bulls get
    Nerlens Noel- $4,384,490
    Jahlil Okafor – $4,788,840
    Ben McLemore -$ 4,008,882
    Chris Dunn -$3,025,500
    Arron white- $950,000
    Shabazz Muhammad -$3,046,299
    Which totals at $ 20,204,011

    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins- $ 15,756,330
    Seth curry- (rf) will make from 3-5 million
    Isaiah cousins $950,00
    And 2017 lottery protected pick from wolfs or if the pick is not given 2018 top 16 protected pick from the wolfs and if bye then pick is not given wizards would get 2019 1round pick
    Once again I know this will not happen and I know there now way 6 team and these many play will happen ,but if you all look at it for what it is for you will see it can, will help all six team get better.

    • cubsfan2489

      GO AWAY

    • bigcubsfan

      No way there is going to be a six team trade. It would all be too complicated for the teams involved. Also, I want to see the Bulls jeep Jimmy Butler, and have his value build up before they consider trading him.

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