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Community Shootaround: Bulls’ Offseason

As Dana Gauruder noted in our preview of the Bulls’ offseason on Monday, this summer could be a period of major transition in Chicago, with big men Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah eligible for free agency, and trade rumors swirling around Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. It’s possible the Bulls will try to keep their roster mostly intact, adding a free agent or two and attempting to contend immediately, but a significant retooling of the roster is also in play.

The Timberwolves reportedly have interest in pursuing Butler if he becomes available, and the Celtics are said to be eyeing the All-Star forward as well. However, a Butler deal would probably signal a full-fledged rebuild, and it’s not clear that the Bulls are willing to go that far, unless they get blown away by a trade offer they can’t refuse.

Moving Rose, who is entering the final year of his contract and has had trouble staying healthy since his MVP season, seems more plausible, and at least one report has indicated that Chicago is far more willing to consider a Rose trade than one involving Butler.

As for Noah and Gasol, it’s not clear if either player will re-sign with the Bulls. There have been rumblings that Noah is ready to move on from Chicago, though agent Bill Duffy downplayed those rumors. Gasol, meanwhile, expressed disappointment as the 2015/16 season wound down with the way the team fell apart during the second half.

Today’s discussion question focuses on Chicago’s upcoming decisions. How do you expect the Bulls’ offseason to play out? Will Noah or Gasol be back? Will Butler or Rose be dealt? Do you expect the team to make a splash in free agency, or sit back and make smaller moves? How will the club use its No. 14 overall pick?

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the Bulls’ summer. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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13 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Bulls’ Offseason

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised in two years the Bulls are one of the worst teams and in a rebuilding stage. Pau and Noah just don’t want to be there anymore. The butler or Derrick are getting traded this offseason, because if they don’t they’ll have a two players with bad chemistry, which will make them bad. I predict butler because it’ll be harder to ship an injury prone max player. But maybe a team will take rose’s contract. But my prediction. Pau and Noah leave. Butler traded for young players and picks. Then rose leaves next year when his contract expires. By that time Fred will be fired, along with Forman. Then they try to rebuild. Maybe a contender again in five six years. Messed up when they lost thibs. Now they have to pay the price. It’s probably good anyways because they wouldn’t be able to beat the cavs at this time, so now is the time to rebuild.

    • Stromalama

      The Bulls won’t trade Butler unless they’re incredibly overwhelmed by someone. Rose will be gone after next year if he isn’t traded before then and they’ll have plenty of cash and talent to compete.

  2. Darren

    The Eastern Conference is the Lebron conference. For 6 straight years he has represented the East in the finals. I do not think a Bulls team with limited talent could get past a Lebron-lead team. I think a total rebuild is more sufficient and smarter than waiting for a season-ending injury from Lebron. Going young and drafting higher will help get a championship sooner than staying the course like all Jerry Reinsdorf teams do

  3. Trade Jimmy for the best package you can get and accept that it’s rebuilding time. Pau isn’t coming back so don’t even try – S&T him if possible for more assets. Don’t bring Noah back either – he’s physically spent and won’t make sense in a rebuild. Keep Rose for this year (the last year of his current K). If he plays well, great, keep him. If not, let him walk after this upcoming season.

  4. They really need to rebuild…Trade Butler, get Minnesota (Wiggins/Jones and #5) and Boston( 2 of Olynyk/Turner/Smart and #3) in a bidding war. Draft an impact PG/SG (Hield or Dunn) this year that can work along side/replace Rose since he is always hurt anyways. Starting 5 could be Wiggins/Mirotic/Rose/Hield/McDermott with Portis and Dunleavy off the bench or Olynyk/Portis/Smart/Dunleay/Rose with Dunn and McDermott off the bench. Trade Taj for some future draft picks. At least get something out of these guys. LeBron has maybe 4 superstar years left…maybe. Complete the rebuild in a 4-5 year period and become the Beast of the East…Oh and fire Gar, dude needs to pack his stuff up and leave Chitown!

  5. smittybanton

    The Bulls are losing Gasol and Noah, and will only have $22M in cap space. Rose has negative value. Of course, they have to trade Butler.

    But what folks are skipping past is that trading Butler has to net them a center, because there aren’t any impact ones in this or next year’s draft, and there’s none that can be had in free agency for $22M, especially when you need two of them.

    Who has centers to spare? Sixers. Who has a ton of draft picks now and in the future? Sixers. Who has the cap space and a need for a $22M point guard with bad knees? Sixers. Who has young players on minimum salary contracts, like TJ McConnell, Robert Covington, Jerami Grant, and Richaun Holmes? Sixers. Who has a 19 year old Center named Jahlil Okafor from Chicago who just got named to the USA Select team? The Sixers.

    The Bulls need two centers (Okafor,Holmes), a backup point guard (McConnell), and a shooter (Covington or Stauskas).

    If I’m the Bulls, instead of Boston or Minnesota, I want the Lakers to give me D’Angelo Russell and #2. The Sixers would pay a MINT for Russell!!! Okafor, all the players named, and draft picks.

    The Bulls could share some of it with the Lakers.

    • buckbruisers

      I’d LOVE to see the 76ers get Butler; but they’re NOT giving Noel, Okafor and a handful of players for Jimmy.

    • lakersfan27

      No way the lakers give up Russell and Ingram/Simmons for Butler.

    • lakersfan27

      Duke and Indiana have centers coming out next year.

  6. Andrew C.

    Noah and Gasol are obviously out. Either Butler or Rose should be traded (I prefer that Butler is traded).

    If Butler is traded, they should look to do a full-scale rebuild. I think Boston and Philadelphia are the best trade candidates, as I think that any deal involving the Timberwolves and Wiggins is absolutely ludicrous.

    If Rose is the one to be traded, I think that Brooklyn would be the best landing spot. A trade centered around Rose and a 1st round pick for Lopez, Young, and Jack would be a good trade for both teams. The Bulls wouldn’t have to go into rebuilding mode (with a decent core of Butler, Young, and Lopez), and Rose would have a great chance to restore his value in Brooklyn, especially with the “point guard whisperer” that Atkinson is supposed to be.

    • lakersfan27

      Brooklyn doesn’t have any first rounder picks until 2019, and they are not going to give up every asset they own for an injury prone pg in the finale year of his deal.

    • lakersfan27

      They are probably stuck with Rose until he’s a FA

  7. Strauss

    What ever the Bulls choose to do with Butler and Rose will be the wrong choice. Foreman opened his big mouth by saying Gasol was a key piece to their future. How old is Gasol? The selection of Hoiberg for that long and that much money was a poor decision. But, since Paxon seems to be in charge and Reinsdorf is gone, by choice or not, the Bulls fans are stuck with poor management and poor player decisions. Sounds like the white sox.

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