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Community Shootaround: Cleveland Cavaliers

After watching the Warriors make history all season long, the Cavaliers made some of their own Sunday night. Cleveland became the first team ever to rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals and the first to win Game 7 of the finals on the road since 1978.

LeBron James‘ return home in the summer of 2014 created the foundation for this year’s title, but so did the three No. 1 draft picks in four years that brought Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins, who was traded to Minnesota to acquire Kevin Love.

Tonight’s victory served as vindication for Love, who has been the subject of criticism and trade rumors almost from the time he arrived in Cleveland. It also validated the controversial decision to fire David Blatt in January with a 30-11 record and turn the team over to first-time head coach Tyronn Lue. The win rewarded owner Dan Gilbert for his willingness to take on salary right up to the trade deadline, even though the Cavs were facing the highest luxury tax in the league.

Cleveland will almost certainly keep the core of this year’s team together to try to defend its title. James will be a free agent, but it’s unthinkable that he would leave town again after winning a ring. The Love trade talk should die down, at least for the offseason. J.R. Smith has a $5MM player option and Mo Williams has already said he will opt in for next season for $2MM. Richard Jefferson, who turns 36 on Tuesday, announced that he plans to retire. Also headed toward free agency are Timofey Mozgov, Matthew Dellavedova and James Jones.

The Cavaliers have traded both their picks in this year’s draft and have no cap room to chase free agents other than the $3.477MM taxpayer mid-level exception. They have a trade exception from the Anderson Varejao deal worth $9,638,554 that will be in effect until February 18th. They also have a $2,854,940 exception from the trade of Mike Miller and a $2,329,471 exception from a deal involving Brendan Haywood. Both of those expire July 30th.

That brings us to tonight’s question: Should the Cavaliers be favored to win the title again next season? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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18 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Cleveland Cavaliers

  1. DarkGhost

    Amazing comeback Lebron was incredible from game 5 on. Also not enough can be said about the performance that kyrie had next to Lebron. Congrats King

  2. cjh815

    Once again con graduation Cleveland .You have world championship. Now I don’t have to hear that crap about over 50 years crap, any more. Now Cleveland you know now your the hunted not hunter. It’s easier to go for title . It’s much more harder to keep the title . The good thing about tonight is maybe this help wizards sign kevin Durant . They can show him that see Lebron did it you can to. You can come home lead your home town team to champion . And wizards fan what do you think of team look like this back court of wall and beal front court of Durant , Anderson , Cousins. Bench made of satoransky , Seth curry , o.j mayo , and Oladipo . Sf porter, and. Ombré power forward green, west center Roberts

  3. cjh815

    Power west and centers Roberts and Perkins

  4. cjh815

    I meant Kelly Oubre

  5. cjh815

    And before all slam me telling me it can’t happen . Yes it could I have trade would this all happen

    • smackdab

      I have no idea what you said, I really can’t understand what you say

    • See the problem with you is that you read everyone’s criticism of the trade, but never anyone’s advice. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FORMAT YOUR POSTS SO THEY ARE EASIER TO READ ITS REALLY NOT THAT HARD AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHY YOU CAN’T.

      On a lighter note, just because a trade works in a video game or the salaries march, doesn’t mean it will happen. You have to realize that you’re favorite team(s) can’t acquire top talent/good prospects for what essentially amounts to scraps. Your trade ideas are outside the box and you definetly have a creative mind, but these 10-20 player deals will never happen. If they were such a good deal then this type of deal would have happened ages ago.

  6. cjh815

    Here is 4 team trade between

    Kings get Orlando Magic get
    C Gortat -$12 million. Pf Drew Gooden – $3,600,000
    C Okafor- 4,788,840. Sg Ben McLemore
    Sf Hollis Thompson ( rf) 1,015,696. 24 pick, and 26 picks from Philadelphia
    Wizards. Before- $ 44,908,271
    2017, 18, and 20 first round picks. Losing – 7,670,460
    1019 , 21,and 22 second round picks. Taken on 7,608,882
    Salary cap before trade. After trade $ 44,846,693
    $65,768,345. Cap space- 44,153,307
    Take.on $16,788,840. They could still add two max plays and
    Losing 34,106,349. If they decline Gooden contact they will
    Cap after trade 48,450,836. Have 3,6 million more to spend
    Cap space left 40,549,164

    Philadelphia gets. Washington Wizards get

    Sf – Rudy Gay – $15,333,333. DeMarcus Cousins-$ 15,755,438
    Pf- malkief Morris – $ 8,000,000. Seth curry- $1,015,696 (RF)
    C Nikola Vucevic – $11,780,000. Victor Oladipo- $6,500,000
    Sg- jerrell Eddie – $980,640. Before trade 50,268,952
    Before trade $ 33,377,246. Losing- $24,580,431
    Losing from trade – 5,841,856. Taken on – $ 23,271,134
    Taking on – $36,093,973. After trade- $ 48,959,655
    After trade- $63,629,363. Cap space- $ 40,040,345
    Cap left- $ 25,370,637

    • You put a lot of work into that. Too bad it won’t ever happen. Ever.

    • smackdab

      I don’t understand who the wizards get and who philly gets

    • The Wizards are basically giving up nothing in this trade while acquiring the best player. This isn’t a video game, you can’t just have your favorite team acquire a good player for scraps. The only way the Wizards acquire a top tier talent like Cousins is if they give up at least Beal and either Oubre/Porter (and possibly both).

      • Also…where/how does Orlando get into this trade? They give up Vucevic and Oladipo and get nothing back?

        • Chris815

          First off the reason this trade makes since is two folds . One Cousins has made it clear more then once if he ever gets traded he wants to play with John wall. And this trade is a lot like the Chris webber trade look at your history. And in this trade they given up there starting front court . And why the magic one they get back up Sg and if they like they can get of gooden contract because it team opt. They get 2 first round draft pick and I also for got to put in they get rights to Arron white . And second reason for them to do this trade it opens up 7 to 10 million more in cap space so they can go out get two max player and 2 very good roll player .and fact is Howard has said he like to come back to Orlando and think they could also sign maybe horford to play pf a pos he played at Florida . And last magic where in talks last year to trade oladipo and they want mcLemore . So look at this again . Hope this get your mind why this makes since

  7. ohiodevil

    Too much NBA 2k16

  8. smackdab

    I really think Love’s performance does nothing to make the Love trade talks go away…

  9. Warriors

    Congrats Cavs, I’m a huge Warriors fan and just like to shout out well played. This was a great series it could of gone either way for sure. It was great for us to win last year to stop our drought and it’s nice to see you have your time this year. I would love to see 3 peat finals to see the best of 3 now. Warriors you have no reason to hang your heads. We all are proud of you keep the team spirit rocking, no team has what we have hands down. Each team member is a huge part and you can’t truly say that about other teams. GREAT SEASON NBA THANK YOU!!!

  10. Chris815

    Ow bye way I brought this trade up today to someone who work for nba franchise . He told me my trade makes some since . And it sound trade.

  11. sportsjunkie24

    Sad that James jones get no love many forget that it was his 6th final in a row along with lebron

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