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Community Shootaround: Draft Night

Everyone knew the Sixers were taking Ben Simmons at No. 1. Everyone knew the Lakers were taking Brandon Ingram at No. 2. Then things got interesting.

The Celtics had several suitors who wanted Kris Dunn with the third pick. Co-owner Wyc Grousbeck called the offers “rip-off attempts” and said the team never came close to a deal. So they kept the pick and took Jaylen Brown. The Suns, in need of a power forward, had trouble deciding between Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss. So they swung a deal for the Kings’ eighth pick and took both.

Dunn, who was wanted so badly by the Sixers and Bulls, fell to the Wolves at No. 5. The Pelicans got a sweet shooter to possibly replace Eric Gordon, landing Buddy Hield at No. 6. The Nuggets finished building their backcourt of the future, grabbing Jamal Murray at No. 7 to team with last year’s rookie sensation, Emmanuel Mudiay.

It was a night of surprises, trades, non-trades and three big sliders in Skal LabissiereDeyonta Davis and DeJounte Murray. It was a draft rich in international prospects and draft-and-stash projects. It was a draft owned by the Celtics, Sixers, Nuggets, Suns and Raptors, who controlled 14 of the 30 picks in the first round. It was a four-hour marathon from pick 1 to pick 30, and the full impact won’t be known for several years.

But we want to know your opinion now: What were the best and worst picks of the first round? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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9 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Draft Night

  1. jamessimmon

    the 76ers needed buddy heild for outside offense and keep their big with jobs… but instead the took another man…. hire stupid

  2. What in the world are the Kings doing?? Can anybody come up with a reason for their first round choices? I can see taking Labissiere at 28, but Papagiannis at 13?? With Cauley-Stein already settled in for the next few years?? WHAT.

    • @CW_Crouse

      I’m very confused by the Kings, thought Chriss could have been good next to Boogie. I don’t know why they didn’t draft Dej Murray. The Spurs got a steal with him.

  3. The Kings had a terrible draft outside of Richardson. They pulled off two good trades that seemed like they were going to rebuild a bit. But they completely whiffed on the Papagiannis (aka Papa Johns) and Labissiere pick. With Boogie, Cauley-Stein, and Koufos already on the roster, they didn’t need two big men.

  4. Wildboyz

    Is a Demarcus Cousins trade in the works ??

  5. Worst pick was the ESPN NBA Draft crew. Having the pre-draft show and then repeating what you said for those players during the draft is pointless.
    No one seemed to really know what they were talking about but kept saying it as if it’s gospel. This team “needs” this guy and then they go somewhere else. It basically says that none of these talking heads at ESPN have a pulse on the GMs.

  6. Believe me that when I first heard the Kings pick Papagiannis at 13 I was shocked with disbelief. Kings have 2 (really 3) centers, and now they have another one. Still, I think the Kings have something here with this kid. Not even 19 yet, mobile 7’2″ mobile big man with good touch and instincts offensively and defensively. Plus, in this weak draft class, the Kings could reach for him without much consequence. For more, I recommend checking out his breakdown videos on DraftExpress. Richardson I think they nailed with at 22 and all they gave up was Belinelli. Skal I can understand why people are confused by drafting, but if they hold off on signing Papagiannis, he would fit into the rotation as a backup PF with WCS, Boogie and Koufos. Lastly, they got Isaiah Cousins at the 59th pick. Flew under the radar with Hield starring at Oklahoma, but he’s a great find this late in the draft.

    So to recap the Kings got: #13 (Papagiannis), #22 (Richardson), #28 (Labissiere), rights to Bogdan Bogdanovic, a 2020 2nd round pick, and drafted Cousins at #59.

    All they gave up was Marco Belinelli and the #8 pick. I think passing on Chriss may hurt them down the road, but they got a lot in return by trading him. Not sure how all the players they got will fit, but the Kings got a lot of value in return.

    I give it a B, only because they drafted Papagiannis so early. Other than that, they had a nice draft.

  7. smittybanton

    Best: 1. Dejounte Murray – SA #29, 2. Henry Ellenson – Det #18.
    Worst: 1. Papagiannis #13 & Labissiere #28, instead of Dejounte Murray #29. 2. Jaylen Brown – BOS #3

  8. smittybanton

    Cauley Stein, Cousins, Koufus, Papagiannis, Labissiere.

    Sam Hinkie school of drafting!

    They desperately need a one and a two. San Antonio takes the guy they passed on twice and who David Aldridge claims several teams have rated as a lottery pick, Dejounte Murray.

    I think Cousins to Boston is in the works. Jaylen Brown makes more sense for the Kings than the Celtics.

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