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Hawks Shopping First Round Picks

The Hawks, who now hold the No. 12 and No. 21 overall picks in Thursday’s NBA Draft, are shopping both selections in an effort to free up more cap flexibility to re-sign center Al Horford this summer, Marc Stein of reports (Twitter links). Horford, 30, is set to become an unrestricted free agent and is likely to be in high-demand around the league.

Atlanta acquired the No. 12 selection earlier today in a three-way trade involving the Pacers and Jazz. In the deal the team shipped out point guard Jeff Teague, signaling that it is handing the reigns of the offense over to the younger Dennis Schröder, who had made no secret about his desire to be the starter going forward. If the team deals away the two picks, it can free up in excess of $3.7MM in cap flexibility based on the current projected salaries of NBA first round picks.

If the franchise is unable to move the picks, it could look to nab a big man, Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress tweets. The scribe mentions Jakob Poeltl, Deyonta Davis and Domantas Sabonis as potential targets for Atlanta.

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9 thoughts on “Hawks Shopping First Round Picks

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    Dumb. Save the Horford money, let him walk. Send Schroeder out to the highest bidder. Use the picks for Okafor or Noel. Thought it will take more than just those picks.

    • Nah bad move. Also any player the Hawks acquire will cost more than the two draft picks? Trading the picks, unless it’s for future picks which would be dumb, will save us no money unless we get someone on a rookie contract…

    • How about Okafor, 21, & 24, for Schroeder, Splitter (Salary Dump) and 12?

  2. CAVS0223

    Kinda thought Teague was worth more than that.

    • and people thought they could get okafor or noel for teague

      • It was more because the 76ers were (almost) desperate for a veteran point guard. Usually teams with such a big hole like that are willing to overpay if they don’t want to continue embarassing themselves. I agree Noel/Okafor was too much for Teague, but it made sense for both sides to at least be a foundation of a deal, with more pieces switching hands later on.

  3. frg214

    Dallas would be a good trade partner. Sign and trade Parsons for both picks. Dallas needs to rebuild not invest into an injury prone player 2 1st round selections would help jump start that rebuild now as well. I’m sure Parsons would help to bring back Horford for the Hawks since they were college teammates.

    • Grant Weddle

      Pretty sure Horford was 2007 and Parsons got to campus in 2008

  4. Anthony

    Jarret Jack and his 500,000 buyout for #21 who says no?

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