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Lakers Have Interest In Chandler Parsons

Add the Lakers to the list of teams interested in Chandler Parsons, reports Tim MacMahon of (via Twitter). According to MacMahon, Parsons is on Los Angeles’ list of free agent targets.

Parsons, 27, opted out of his contract with the Mavericks earlier this month, and while Dallas has interest in bringing him back, the team doesn’t intend to offer Parsons the maximum-salary deal he’s seeking. It remains to be seen whether the Lakers or Parsons’ other suitors will be willing to do a max contract.

One of those other teams in the mix will be the Grizzlies, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, who reported earlier today that Memphis might explore signing Parsons. Stein has since scratched the “might,” tweeting that Memphis is a “confirmed suitor” for the veteran forward. The Magic, meanwhile, haven’t formally set up a meeting with Parsons yet, but are expected to call him late tonight, tweets Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders.

Parsons will reportedly be “all ears” when potential suitors come calling in free agency, and looks forward to exploring his options, as MacMahon recently reported. Despite undergoing multiple surgical procedures on his knee, Parsons has received clearance to resume basketball activities and multiple orthopedic specialists have expressed optimism that his knee trouble won’t derail or jeopardize his career.

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10 thoughts on “Lakers Have Interest In Chandler Parsons

  1. aarongill

    Please no Barnes or Parsons. Only SF I would offer a max to is Durant and Batum.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      Unfortunately Durant doesn’t want to be a Laker, team is too young and not close to being a contender yet, but Batum might be an option. If I had to pick between the two though, I’d take Barnes over Parsons. Parsons can’t stay healthy.

  2. Thronson5

    We need a Center. Don’t do a max contract on a SF when you just drafted a great young SF. Waste of money. Get Whiteside or Horford or even Noah.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      The Lakers have enough money for 2 max contracts, and heck if they can unload Nick Young, they’d be close to 3 actually. 64 million. Whiteside would be 22 million and an SF can be picked up for either the 22 or 27 million figure (since max contracts are tiered based on years of service in the league, 0-6, 7-9, 10+). At 5 years in the league, Parsons would qualify for 22 mil, hopefully we get Whiteside and he’s 22 mil as well. That’s 44 mil of the 64 mil we have available, 20 mil left.

      • Joseph Rejekt

        Note: I’m not condoning getting Parsons, he’s injury prone and I’d rather have Batum or Barnes honestly. But just stating the case that the Lakers have the money to fill both needs.

    • Outside of his health issues, he wouldn’t be a terrible fit as they could then slowly bring Ingram along (instead of making him the Day 1 starter, he could come off the bench for most of the season which should ease some of the pressure). But I agree, they should be aiming for a Center first and then worry about getting some depth.

  3. bowserhound

    Totally agree with the above. Get a center, preferably Whiteside. Durrant is a no-go, so I’d take Batum.
    Unfortunately I see the Lakers throwing money at whomever will take it this time.

  4. KD, Whiteside, Horford are the only free agents worthy of max money. I would rather see the Lakers pass on free agency than to play a player like Parsons $10 million a year more than he is worth. I really think that he is worth $7-$8 mil a year but with all the money suddenly available, it is going to inflate players worth this year.

    And Buss, do NOT sign a big free agent that plays a position that one of our young players play. Why sign a big contract to a player at SF? He is going to be expected to play big minutes- I would rather see Ingram get those minutes unless you move Ingram to SG. The ONLY position we need to pay Max money for is Center and we need either Whitside (first choice), Byombo (second choice) or Horford (third choice simply because of age). I would also like to see Anthony Brown developed as well which won’t happen paying a SF big money.

    A team of Russell, Clarkson, Ingram, Randle and Whiteside would be very exciting to watch. They will lose games but they will be relevant, fun to watch and they can grow into a team that could contend in the future by adding a couple of veterans at the right time. Now is NOT the right time!

    • UTEP Two Step

      Clarkson is going to cost good money though.

  5. Melvin McMurf

    lakers have a long way to go just to get to the minimum spending limit of $82m

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