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Sixers Working To Acquire No. 3 Overall Pick

The Sixers are intensifying their efforts to pry away the No. 3 overall pick from the Celtics, Marc Stein of relays (Twitter links). Numerous league sources tell Stein that Philadelphia is the most active suitor for Boston’s pick and that Nerlens Noel is the Sixers player most likely to be involved in any swap.

Boston reportedly wants to flip the pick for an established star, with Sixers 2015 lottery pick Jahlil Okafor also being mentioned as a possible trade candidate in relation to the Celtics. Philly has reportedly been pursuing a deal with the Celtics in recent weeks for the pick. With the Sixers reportedly set to take Ben Simmons with the No. 1 overall selection, the team is likely seeking to add backcourt help at the No. 3 spot, with Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield and Jamal Murray all strong candidates for the franchise if Philly completes a trade with Boston. If the Celtics do hang onto the pick, the team may look to nab Dunn, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (Twitter link).

Noel, 22, appeared in 67 games for the Sixers this past season, averaging 11.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.5 blocks in 29.3 minutes per outing. His shooting line was .521/.500/.590.

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34 thoughts on “Sixers Working To Acquire No. 3 Overall Pick

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    They should keep Noel over Okafor. As a starting center, Okafor is better, no doubt. But Embiid is better than both, by far. Embiid at 5, Noel at 4.

    • DarkGhost

      How can you say Embiid is better, he hasn’t played a single game on his professional career.

      • angrypoptart99


        • Facts_i_tells_ya

          WHOA! This guy knows it all, he said facts.

    • DarkGhost

      How is Embiid better? He has never played a single NBA game.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        Looking at his college career and skills, how can you not?

        By your logic, everyone in the NBA is better than all rookies who will get drafted tonight.

        The Sixers should trade #1 overall to anyone for any player who has played a game, because that means he is better, right?

        Good one.

        • Except that everyone being drafted tonight has played a competitive basketball game at least once in the past two years…

        • GoPackGo23

          So because he had a good college career and good “skills” his game automatically transfers to the NBA? At least with Okafor you have a low post scoring threat and a guy who can get you 8-9 rebounds a night and with Noel you have a great rim protector who has a chance to improve his offensive game.
          Also, the rookies being drafted tonight haven’t had two seasons in the NBA equaling exactly 0 games played have they? May I remind you of a guy by the name of Greg Oden. I rest my case

        • On that logic, Brandon Ingram, who you’ve been roasting all week, will be light years better than Embiid. On that logic, Shaun Livingston should’ve been one of the best players of all time. On that logic, Jimmer Freddette should be an all star. Plenty of guys have success in college and struggle in the NBA because its a totally different game….the competition is better, most of the coaches are better, and you actually play against guys who are similar in size and skill on a night-to-night basis. Plenty of guys have the skill to be good but can never put it together because of injuries or lack of effort. I want to see Embiid play good and be good, but to call him one of the best players on the team and the best center as you’ve crowned him without him playing a single game is absurd.

      • Connorsoxfan


        • Ravens_Last_Place

          Lol not at all. Embiid will likely be the easy choice for Rookie of the Year this season. He would have been chosen #1 overall if he wasn’t hurt when he came out. Also, he would have been #1 overall in last year’s draft as well. Same goes for this year. He will instantly be a top 5 big man in the NBA with room to still improve.

          • All I see are a bunch of IFs and would haves. Brandon Roy would’ve been a top 5 shooting guard in the league if his knees held up. Instantly a top 5 big man? THE GUY HASN’T EVEN PLAYED A SINGLE NBA GAME YET! Please come back when Embiid actually plays a game…then your argument might hold some strength but as of right now…Embiid is basically worthless since he hasn’t played a game yet due to injury.

          • lakersfan27

            Probably won’t get enough mins or playing time to have a real shot at ROY. I bet he will have minute restrictions and he is playing in a very crowded front court. I think Simmons has a better shot at ROY. Embid hasn’t really shown anything against NBA players. I think your hope has distorted your expectations.

  2. Thronson5

    Embiid can’t even stay healthy. I do believe the guy has talent but he has to stay healthy. I wonder who they want so bad at 3

    • Sixerman27

      They want a point guard. Think about a lineup of
      PG: Kris Dunn
      SG: Robert Covington
      SF: Dario Saric
      PF: Ben Simmons
      C: Nerlens Noel/Jahil Okafor

      With Embiid off the bench. That’s a lot of young talent.

      • Grant Weddle

        That’s a slashing guard, SF, PF, PF, C lineup. Absolutely no spacing especially considered Dunn, Simmons, and Saric are not reliable perimeter threats. They should trade a center for a solid SG and PG or use they’re later picks to fix those spots and try to turn simmons into a Lebron or Draymond point forward. They should try to get Covington and Grant to play similarly to Barnes and Iggy and hope that there bigs and new guards can play welll enough to carry the team

        • GeauxRangers

          I don’t think Simmons took a jump shot at LSU

    • Connorsoxfan

      Dunn. Duh!

    • baseball guy


  3. jackdunovan

    Either way the trade would benefit both teams. Celtics get a franchise center and the sixers get some much needed guard help. Not to mention they both have surpluses at the positions their trying to trade out of; Celtics with Thomas smart and rozier, sixers with embiid Noel okafor and soon to be dario saric. Makes sense

  4. Chris815

    Like tell you yesterday 3 team deal between Cavs, Celtics, 76’s

    Celtics get love
    Cavs get Noel , crowder

    76’s get
    Bradley,and 3rd pick

    • Facts_i_tells_ya

      Why would that ever happen? Cavs won’t get rid of Love til the trade deadline if they do at all. Noel to Cleveland is just wishful thinking.

      • That might actually be the best trade he has ever suggested because it makes sense. If anything, the Cavs aren’t waiting to the deadline to deal Love and would do it in the offseason. Cleveland, I imagine, would ask for some sort of combo of Crowder/Smart/Bradley/Noel/Covington if these three teams got together. 76ers get their #3 pick and possibly also walk away with a rotation player that has NBA experience. Celtics get their big (although they might ask for another rotation player or two) and Cleveland gets younger, athletic guys to help LeBron and Kyrie.

    • Celtics would be giving up too much in this deal. Sixers would be happy with the 3rd overall- no need to throw in Bradley. If any thing, have the Sixers throw in Covington or late 1st round pick to sweeten the deal

  5. Chris815

    Like I told you yesterday

  6. bradford5375

    C’s are not giving up #3 Bradley and Crowder for Love. Not a chance.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Drop crowder and it’s an interesting trade though. Cavs get a good center, who I believe works pick and roll well, if I’m not mistaken which could fit with Kyrie and Lebron. Celtics get their star, and Philly gets a backcourt.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Maybe other piece(s) instead of crowder though. I’m not as high on Crowder after how badly his shooting was during the playoffs and end of the season.

        • BeanTownSports

          He was out for 2weeks prior. He wasn’t even healthy

  7. T-bone

    To much for the Celtics to give up for Love #3 Crowder and Bradley.. Crazy

    • you’re buying low on love right now, #3 and two starters is crazy, unless Philly is sending one of those big guys to boston, too…

  8. Chris815

    People there is cap , and this Trade happen because of money they add up in salaries you all need to look at the salaries not just what you think player is worth

    • Yes you’re partially right…but most of your trades only consider the salaries and never the player’s value. Like you expect the Magic to give up two of their best players to create cap space. You expect the Kings to trade DeMarcus Cousins for a batch of first round picks which is terrible value considering those would be late first round picks as opposed to lotto picks.

  9. YankeesFan

    I believe free agents can also sign with the Sixers too… They’re not only limited to the draft. But the number one fact that I know is that you cannot depend on Embiid. If you put all of your eggs in that basket it’ll be a disaster. I’d rather trade Okafor but it’ll have to be a little more than the #3 because his value is higher than that. You don’t need a scoring center to win the championship.

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