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At Least Four Teams Pursuing Dwyane Wade

With teams around the league sensing that there’s tension between Dwyane Wade and the Heat, a handful of clubs are pushing to lure the veteran guard away from Miami, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. Wojnarowski reports that the Bulls, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Bucks are courting Wade, with multiple multiyear offers in the $20MM-per-year range on the table for the Heat star.

Wojnarowski suggests that the Heat have been reluctant to offer a deal in the $20MM range so far, and Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post echoes that sentiment, tweeting that Miami’s opening offer was closer to $10MM. While the Heat will probably willing to increase that offer eventually, especially if Kevin Durant doesn’t choose Miami, it still makes sense that Wade would explore the market. Even if he doesn’t sign elsewhere, there’s so much cap space available around the league that he could improve his leverage by fielding offers from other teams.

Earlier tonight, we heard that the Bucks and Knicks were looking to set up meetings with Wade, and while Wojnarowski confirms Milwaukee’s interest, he doesn’t mention New York. ESPN’s Marc Stein reports (via Twitter) that the Knicks have made a four-year offer to Courtney Lee, and the club is also reportedly in the mix for Eric Gordon, so Wade may be a backup plan for Phil Jackson‘s club.

As for Milwaukee, Wojnarowski suggests that the Bucks don’t currently have the cap space to make Wade a competitive offer, and the team isn’t sure whether to fully commit to pursuing him. While Wade did attend Marquette University, it’s still hard to imagine him returning to Milwaukee at this stage in his career.

Meanwhile, K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune confirms (via Twitter) that the Bulls are in talks with Wade’s reps, adding that the two sides are discussing a two-year deal. According to Wojnarowski, Chicago and Denver have been the most aggressive suitors for Wade so far.

Finally, the Mavericks may be a long shot to add Wade, but after missing out on their top two targets – Hassan Whiteside and Mike Conley – it makes sense that they’d at least kick the tires on other top-tier free agents.

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14 thoughts on “At Least Four Teams Pursuing Dwyane Wade

  1. justinkm19

    Mavs aren’t signing Wade, nor do I seriously think they are trying

    • CursedRangers

      If anything the Mavs are just trying to drive up the price of Wade. They couldn’t pay Wade $20 and then pay Dirk less than that. It would be a slap in the face of their best all time player

      • CursedRangers


  2. Z.....

    I have a way easier time believing the Heat havent told him what they can offer yet, before I believe they offered him close to $10 million again. It feels like this story is literally playing out the same way as last year. At first, I didnt buy it, but Wade’s wife’s tweets earlier today worried me.

    As I said, I’d rather the Heat keep Wade, and get nobody else, than lose him for some petty ridiculousness, when its clear that he deserves to be paid what he is worth

  3. bsteady powers

    Why wouldn’t the Mavs sign him?

    • justinkm19

      Because he’s one of the most hated players in DFW sports history. He made fun of Dirk in the finals, even though Dirk got the final laugh. He’s not good enough anymore to deal with it.

      I don’t think Dirk is a Mav next year either. I think the Mavs are finally going to do what we should have started 3 years ago and that’s start the rebuild. It’s a good draft to start with.

  4. bsteady powers

    Sign and trade…DWade for KLove

  5. Priggs89

    No thanks.
    – A random Bulls fan

    • bigjonliljon


  6. Stephen

    The math may be difficult but it would be great to see Wade in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform. We have a lot of young talent, and the leadership that Wade provides (not to mention the fact that he’s still a very good player in this league) might be enough to lift the bucks into the upper echelon of the eastern conference. A lineup consisting of Gannis Atetokounmpo, Dwayne Wade, Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker and either Miles Plumlee or John Henson would definitely be able to compete with just about anyone.

    • The spacing, outside of the few inches Khris Middleton would provide, would be terrible. Although with the Teletovic and Delly signing, I imagine Tele would start over Parker in that scenario to provide more spacing.

  7. I’d almost think the bucks are more likely than bulls, just because it will be more difficult for the bulls to field a competitor

    • Z.....

      interesting dynamics in this scenario. Played college ball at Marquette, in the same building the Bucks currently play in. The fans LOVE him there, every time the Heat is there, he gets a lot of love from the crowd, and I believe his jersey is already hanging in the rafters there….

      Meanwhile, he is obviously from Chicago, and has almost gone home previously. The Bulls also just got rid of a Chicago hometown guy in Derrick Rose, so replacing him with another would be a cool side note. They still have an interesting mix around Butler, and seem like they’re trying to retool a bit, so I dont think I can say they wouldnt be competitive at all

      Finally, Miami is Wade County. Pretty much, his options are all places that can be at least somewhat considered home.

  8. chiefivey

    yeah GarPax, younger and more atheltic!!! -_-


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