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Blazers Re-Sign Allen Crabbe

JULY 13, 10:00pm: The signing is official, the Blazers announced. “Allen is an important part of the core of this team and a building block for its future growth,” said GM Neil Olshey.

JULY 10, 4:13pm: The Blazers have matched Allen Crabbe‘s four-year, $75MM offer sheet with the Nets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (on Twitter). Crabbe had signed the offer sheet on July 7th, and this was the final day the Blazers were able to match the deal.

Portland’s decision does not bold well for the Nets, who may also see their offer for Tyler Johnson matched by the Heat That would leave Brooklyn with plenty of salary room, but not many intriguing options. The Blazers, meanwhile, have made it clear that they are all-in for this season, as Wojnarowski tweets. Portland has added Evan Turner and Festus Ezeli while returning Meyers Leonard.

In Crabbe, the Blazers now return one of the team’s best shooters and defenders. The third-year shooting guard had a breakthrough season this year as a Trail Blazers reserve. He appeared in 81 games and averaged 10.3 points and 2.7 rebounds per night while shooting 39% from beyond the arc.

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17 thoughts on “Blazers Re-Sign Allen Crabbe

  1. ledezma_23

    Nice ! A lot of money but I think it’s worth it

  2. Z.....

    Kind of had to match here, in my opinion

    As of right now, Portland is still the same team from last year, with Turner replacing Henderson at a lot more money, and with the necessary addition of Ezili. They need more consistency from Crabbe/Aminu, and if they match on him eventually as well, Harkless, or they need to find another shooter on the cheap; maybe a backup PG as well. If they can get the improvement from within, as I mentioned, they should be a good team. They do need to be better on the defensive end though. Maybe Turner helps them a bit in that regard

    • Pihc123

      IMHO turner is an excellent two way player. What makes him good on the offense is the ball doesn’t stop. I think he’ll be a good addition to the Blazers this season.

      • Z.....

        I dont have a problem with Turner. I’m just saying they need improved consistency from within, in terms of shooting and defense, or another shooter. That was an issue in the playoffs. In games that 2 of Crabbe/Aminu/Harkless played well, they generally won or at least competed with GS, for example

  3. Z.....

    Tough day for the Nets, by the way. Would have been nice for them to have added Crabbe and Tyler Johnson. It would have rounded out the rest of what they’ve done since taking over the front office nicely. That being said, they do have all that cap space left now. I’d assume they’re looking for some shooting on the wing

  4. ErnestoFigueroa87

    YES!I don’t want him or Johnson on my team.

    • Z.....

      why? b/c you dont watch the nba, so you dont know who they are? learn2basketball

      • Compton


      • For those price tags against the cap, no.

        • Z.....

          just b/c you dont know who he is, b/c you clearly dont watch the NBA, doesnt mean he isnt deserving of the contract…As a combo guard that plays the kind of defense that he plays, and can shoot the 3 the way that he can, as well as be dynamic getting to the rim, this is his market value under this new cap. He got the same money as Clarkson from the Lakers

          • Z.....

            as for Crabbe, he is a 2/3 that can shoot the 3 and play defense, and he can do some things off the dribble. Under this salary cap, this is what those guys make

      • ErnestoFigueroa87

        Stop it!
        You may be in love with him.I’m not!

  5. Ryan Brubaker

    Think they have to turn to Sullinger/Harkless/Terrence Jones/Motiejunas maybe? At guard maybe Lance/Waiters/Ty Lawson?

    • ErnestoFigueroa87

      What team are you talking about?

      • Ryan Brubaker

        I’m talking about the nets, who are going to have one of the worst rosters ever..I like what Marks and Co. are doing but they just need more talent. I’d sign Sullinger, Try and pry Harkless, Terrence Jones. Obviously would need more shooting on this roster but maybe give them 5-10 million per year deals with team options?

        • ErnestoFigueroa87

          I agree with your ideas.

  6. Waiters & Sullinger just saw dollar signs flash before their eyes.

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