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Community Shootaround: NBA’s Worst Team

Much of the offseason discussion over the last month has centered on the Warriors’ chances to make history now that they’ve added Kevin Durant to a team coming off a 73-win season. While most of us expect Golden State to be the NBA’s No. 1 team in 2016/17, it’s also worth taking a look at the clubs on the other end of the spectrum.

Very few NBA franchises head into training camp without playoff aspirations, but there are a handful of teams that will be facing a challenging uphill battle if they attempt to earn a trip to the postseason this season.

The Sixers, despite adding some veteran talent to go along with incoming rookies Ben Simmons and Dario Saric, are still in rebuilding mode, and the Nets are right there with them. The Suns and Lakers signed some veterans in free agency too, but it’s not clear whether either club has enough talent to even aim for a .500 record.

When ESPN released its Eastern and Western Conference forecasts for the 2016/17 season this week, those four clubs were the only ones projected to win less than 30 games. ESPN has the Suns down for 26 victories, with the Lakers (25), Sixers (20), and Nets (20) right behind them. Meanwhile, the Heat, Magic, Pelicans, Nuggets, and Kings are considered likely to compile win totals in the low-to-mid-30s, per ESPN.

What do you think? Which team will be the NBA’s worst in 2016/17? Will the Sixers earn that title for the second straight year, or will another club slip below them? Does ESPN’s projection model have it generally right, or is there a club heading for disaster that’s being overlooked?

Take to the comments section below to share your opinions on which team will be the worst in the NBA in 2016/17. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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28 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: NBA’s Worst Team

  1. nicksciulli22

    nets. no question

  2. Nets are Lin and Lopez with some other scrubs. The sixers are Ben Simmons and young 3 centers, then also more scrubs. Both are pretty bad choose your poison.

  3. danieldash428

    The 76ers, and they won’t win 15 games.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Those ‘knuckle head’ Sixers.are still the worst.
    They never fully addressed the Point Guard Position.
    Sergio has not played in the NBA since 2010 and the rest of the bunch really are SG’s that will be converted to sometimes PG’s


  5. Kurt Rambis

    The Kings certainly took a step back this year after losing Rondo. If the injury-prone Cousins can’t stay on the court, it won’ be pretty.

    The Magic gave up way too much in that Ibaka trade and have no back court now.

    Ben Simmons should net the 76ers at least 5 more wins than last season and they’ve signed some vets that I think are good fits. Excited to watch Saric transition to the NBA.

    • Do the Kings exists?

      • Kurt Rambis

        Yes. There’s a bball team in Sacramento and a hockey team in LA

        • Connorsoxfan


    • chuckn9ne

      The Kings won the Stanley cup a couple years ago tho. Must be a pretty big fall

  6. Slim_Hurley


  7. Ketoganaben

    The Nets will probably have like 8-10 wins at the trade deadline, Trade brook lopez and end up with the worst record..

  8. mathiasak04182000

    The Nets. They’re just sad, they lose 61 games and don’t get a draft pick they traded them all to Boston. The team is just a mess it’s Brook Lopez and nobody else. At least the 76ers have Okafor and Simmons to shout about.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Hey, at least they get the Celtics first rounder this year… Only first round pick they’ll get from last year to 2018 lol.

  9. Nets. And it’s safe to say they’ll be for the next couple of years.

  10. Robert

    I agree with nick; the Nets are going to be historically awful. I don’t think they’ll get close to 20 wins. i’ve been a T-Wolves fan up here in MN for a long time so I have some idea of how bad a team can be, and when I look at that team they are worse, on paper, then even the worst teams we’ve had here. I predict the Nets will win 10-12 games max.

    • Glad to hear that Robert G and hope you are right. As a Celtics fan, I’d love the Nets to win 8-10 games. AInge pulled off the trade of this generation.

  11. Grant Weddle


  12. smittybanton

    Outside of the usual suspects, the Pelicans will be dreadful. once the injuries set in. Lost Aminu previously. Lost Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon.

    Solomon Hill, meh.

    Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans and Terrance Jones can play…when they play.

    Great draft next year for point guards and wings. Pelicans should sell of Tyreke before he hits free agency, and try to pick up a second first rounder for 2017.

  13. Ur mom

    Short term: Sixers and Nets, Lakers get honorable mention. However, Long term, the Nets and Lakers cause they don’t have 2017 first round picks

    • Connorsoxfan

      Nets don’t in ’18 either.

      • sportsguy13


  14. BigCitySid

    Brooks Lopez should easily make the All Star game based on his production w/ the Nets this season

  15. goldglover444


  16. I hope it’s the Kings… Sixers get that 1st overall pick from the Kings would be hilarious and worth the terrible shooting from Stauskas.

  17. The nets

  18. JCphilly

    Sixer’s will come together and be an exciting team if they trade Noel for a of of shooting an forward. If Embiid plays 50 games they should win 28.
    Kings are bad! Good for Sixers

  19. Nets can’t win less games than last years team with Shane Larkin staring point guard and Andrea bargnani, Wayne Ellington, and Thomas Robinson getting big minutes. Lin is a huge upgrade from last years pgs. Plus they get full years of rondae Hollis Jefferson and Chris McCullough Also Lopez and Thad young were rested around the last 10 games of the year.
    Sixer a return the same team plus Simmons, Bayless and Gerald Henderson still without an nba caliber pg. and they lost ish smith.

    Nets had more that double the sixers 10 wins last year. I can’t imagine the sixers will double their win total and pass the nets.

    Although nets Sixers and lakers are all pretty much locks for three worst teams

    • NEts worst team with 15-19 wins. Who in their right mind will ever go to watch them?
      Their names

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