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Jimmy Butler Off Trade Market “For Now”

Although there was some speculation on draft night that teams like the Celtics and Timberwolves could eventually revisit their trade negotiations for Jimmy Butler, the Bulls’ All-Star is off the market “for now,” writes ESPN’s Zach Lowe in his round-up of free agency’s winners and losers.

Given the way Bulls general manager Gar Forman emphatically denied the Butler trade rumors in the wake of this year’s draft, Forman and company may argue that the standout wing was never on the trade block. However, multiple reports indicated that the Bulls were involved in trade discussions involving Butler and various top-five picks — the team was said to have been very high on Kris Dunn, who was ultimately selected fifth overall by the Wolves.

While the deal that sent Derrick Rose to the Knicks signaled that rebuilding efforts may be underway in Chicago, the club ultimately surrounded Butler with other veteran talent. Robin Lopez was one of the pieces the Bulls received in the Rose trade, and the team subsequently added Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade in free agency.

A lineup that features Rondo, Wade, and Butler looks somewhat unusual on paper, since all three players are at their best with the ball in their hands, and none are particularly strong outside shooters. So it’s possible that by the time the 2017 trade deadline rolls around, the Bulls will be more open to dealing Butler or one of those other veterans. For now though, it appears that the club wants to see what the current group can do under head coach Fred Hoiberg.

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11 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler Off Trade Market “For Now”

  1. chiefivey

    i hope garpax is gone by the deadline

  2. Strauss

    Dumb, dumber, and dumbest = Hoiburg, Foreman, and Paxon

    • Ortsac Nilrats

      I’m a Bulls fan, and not saying I don’t agree with you, but at least spell Hoiberg correctly. It’s in the darn article…

      • Strauss

        He hasn’t gotten my respect either. Get it?

  3. Thronson5

    Don’t know why everyone is hating on the Bulls. While I do think Rose can turn his luck around I also think they made a good choice to get rid of him. Lopez is a good Center who can grab boards score here and there and protect the rim, Wade is mr consistent when he is healthy and he proved how good he still is last year and Rondo is still one of the better PGs in the league and he also proved that last year if you look at the fact he lead the league in assists and Butler is an all star. While I don’t like their coach and think that team is stupid for letting Tommy Boy go as the head coach I still think this isn’t that bad of a team in a weak East. They should be able to the make the playoffs if everyone is healthy.

    • Thronson5

      I am not a Bulls fan by the way either. Just don’t think they are going to suck like everyone else thinks.

    • This is a REALLY poorly put together team with none of the parts fitting together. That being said, they should still make the playoffs because the East is weak. I wouldn’t really call that a big accomplishment though…

      • Thronson5

        I still think all players are not that bad of players. Yes I agree poorly put together and like you said they will make the playoffs in a weak East and who knows what will happen at that point. Not a big accomplishment but they won’t be as bad as everyone acts. I have a feeling Wade will be traded to the Cavs before next season starts. Just s though. I can see Butler going to the Celtics also.

  4. Z.....

    Perhaps Rondo could come off the bench for Chicago? I had heard that they thought about Valentine at the PG spot previously. What about Valentine, Wade, Butler, McDermott, Lopez
    Rondo, Mirotic, Grant, Gibson, Snell, Portis off the bench?
    They need another shooter at one of the guard spots and someone that can give them minutes at the 3 (over Snell). Obviously, had they known they could get Wade, their offseason would probably have gone differently.

    • chiefivey

      rondo would never come off the bench, but we definitely need another shooter

    • batboyslim

      Valentine doesn’t look near ready to start or even get high quality minutes (how many rookies outside of the top 5 picks ever really are?). It will be Rondo, Wade, Butler, Mirotic (for SOME shooting) and Lopez.

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