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Kings Increasingly Open To Trading Rudy Gay?

There’s a growing sense around the NBA that the Kings are becoming increasingly willing to move Rudy Gay in a trade, according to Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee (Twitter link). The Pacers reportedly spoke to Sacramento about a possible Gay trade before they acquired Thaddeus Young last week.

Gay, who turns 30 in August, has been one of the Kings’ go-to scorers over the past two-plus seasons, though his PPG dipped to 17.2 in 2015/16, his lowest mark since his rookie season. Still, Gay contributed 6.5 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game, and posted decent shooting percentages, making 46.3% of his shots from the floor and 34.4% from downtown.

Gay’s contract has two years left on it, but the final year is a player option, so he looks poised to hit the open market in 2017, assuming he has a solid 2016/17 season. Teams may not be willing to give up a significant return for one year of Gay, but his $13.333MM salary certainly looks reasonable compared to some of the prices being paid in free agency.

Sacramento is said to be eyeing a handful of shooting guards and forwards on the free agent market. The team is believed to have significant interest in Dion Waiters, and has been linked to Allen Crabbe and Courtney Lee as well. Ryan Anderson is also a rumored target for the Kings.

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14 thoughts on “Kings Increasingly Open To Trading Rudy Gay?

  1. Z.....

    Rudy Gay at that price would be a steal

  2. Thronson5

    I’d love to have this guy on the Lakers for two years while Ingram develops.

  3. mannman

    Trade Gay & Mac L get a allstar SG. That way Rondo stays & you’ll have three legit off players. Place Collie @ the 3 for perimeter de not as a scorer. Remember KD 7 ft be smart to have a mobile 7fter guarding him & the LeBrons etc…

    • Priggs89

      Mclemore doesn’t have any value left right now. Adding him won’t increase the value you get back for Gay, and you definitely won’t get an all-star SG for those 2.

  4. Boston2AZ

    Rondo is not a legitimate offensive player.

    • UTEP Two Step

      And Gay Mclemore isn’t bringing back any allstar

      • UTEP Two Step

        Gay plus Mclemore

  5. PeeWeeHerron618

    This has Philly written all over it Gay for Noel & Covington

    • ryan1017

      Really not a bad trade. I could see it

    • kylewait89

      They are jammed up at the four and five. That trade would be the end for Divac.

  6. kylewait89

    They honestly have been looking to trade the guy for the last year. He is good to have on a budding team but he doesn’t fit in Sacramento. If they had a way to play more up-tempo, he is a perfect stretch four. They just can’t use him properly. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him and B-Mac dealt. They would presumably shore up their 2 guard position with a trade of Gay.

  7. charlessmith

    Sign and trade with harrison barnes, rudy gay to the dubs

    • Not a Warriors fan, but they’d probably just say “No Thanks” and resign Barnes.

  8. Rob Buckley

    Fellas your missing the big picture esp sixers fans.. Honestly I don’t want Rondo, I’ll take Rudy all day cause it seems our bigs getting no value be dude teams know we need to trade.. Plus cousins has been wanted to get out of a kings jersey.. With them being below average then losing their top 3 guys they r prolly goin to have highest percentage to get #1 overall pick which will become ours- plus 2017 draft is projected to have at least 10 guards that will develop into Allstars no question.. So regardless of war we do 2-3 years finals r in our sights.. People r sleepin on Ben Simmons.. The kid won 4 national championships in HS.. He couldn’t wait to LSU was over cause he had no talent around him with horrible coach and still almost avg a triple double.. People say he cannot shoot.. He didn’t need to– he took it to the whole with ease passing off of backboard to himself.. He shot 3-3’s all year.. People passing judgement on the sample size smh.. N the final piece that I feel nobody had faith in Joel Embidd.. He stayed out this long so injury would not happen again.. If anyone has had the privilege to watch recent workouts WOW!.. Literally made 15 3pt in row and his finesse to the rim is indefensible ( the Dream reincarnated ).. Simmons runnin point , regardless of who they plug in our next back court will be found in next years draft.. Saric? Or our big man trade or big wallets.. Noel/okafor the Embidd… Solid 2nd team with RoCo, Grant, Hollis… N the French player we picked 24th overall- don’t sleep on his range.. So all you not true sixers fans or nba fans in general who just hop on bandwagons.. SP will be seeing u in 3 years.. ( even sweeter.. East is a joke and lebron will be trending down.. Carried teams too many years by himself—
    Word of advice- Stick with your hometown team through good times and bad because it makes the Good Times soooo much more exhilarating ., and for anyone from the philly area that posted bad comments about the sixers don’t be a punk n show up on Broad Street for the True Sixers fans and team CHIP parade—-lets do it fellas

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