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Southwest Notes: Gordon, Harden, Murray

New Rockets shooting guard Eric Gordon missed 189 out of a possible 410 games during his time with the Pelicans and never played more than 64 games in a season, but Gordon doesn’t believe he is injury prone, John Reid of The Times Picayune writes. “Most of them been fluke injuries,” Gordon said. ”From the first one where I just banged knees and this past year I was on my way to playing 82 games and then end up having a freakish breaking the finger [injury]. They were little fluke injuries that I can easily overcome, but my plan every year 82 games plus more.’

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Here’s more from out of the Southwest Division:

  • Retaining James Harden, who agreed to a four-year, $118MM renegotiation and extension with the Rockets, was a big step for the franchise, given the difficulty the organization has had in landing and keeping star players, Calvin Watkins of writes.
  • By re-signing with the Mavericks for two-years and $40MM, Dirk Nowitzki cost himself a shot at latching on to a contender and chasing another ring before his career comes to a close, but he’ll have the distinction of remaining with the same franchise for his entire career, Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News writes.
  • Spurs 2016 first round pick Dejounte Murray is trying to maintain his identity as a basketball player while acclimating himself to San Antonio’s system, Michael C. Wright of relays. “They still tell me to be myself, [but] just play the right way. The Spurs way,” Murray said. “I know what type of ball they play because I’ve watched them over the years starting with the NBA team, and this is the summer league team. Everybody here is trying to get on the floor in the regular season. So it’s not hard. I’m just going out, [doing] whatever they tell me to do, and I’m learning the system practice by practice, and I’m going out and executing in the games.
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11 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Gordon, Harden, Murray

  1. Bobby Sweet

    Ladies and gentlemen, Eric Gordon has just butchered the English language. Oh, the humanity!

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Draymond Green got arrested FYI. Just checked here and there’s no story on it so I figured I’d let everyone know.

    • Eddie Scarito

      We hold off on reporting off the court issues until facts are known. Due process and all…

      • Connorsoxfan

        I figured. Just didn’t know if you were aware. Also couldn’t you just report he got arrested and say something like “details are not known yet… More to come.” That’s basically what ESPN did.

        • King Royaltee

          This isnt ESPN dude. We come here for real legit straight to the point Basketball info…leave the drama to ESPN.

          • frg214

            As he said above reporting that he just got arrested would be “straight to the point”. Just report the story or else many just will think hoopsrumors is slow/not legit…

          • Eddie Scarito

            We tend to focus primarily on the player movement/roster implications of such incidents/events. Until he is charged, tried and convicted…no direct NBA ramifications. If the league was surefire going to suspend him, we’d be right on it. But until then, it’s merely a secondary point of interest for us.

          • King Royaltee

            But I doubt longtime visitors of hoopsrumors come here for the latest story off court. If it affects his play/stature on court, then yes. Otherwise why repeat what countless news blog will report on.

        • Eddie Scarito

          Yes. We’ll run it in roundup later. Wanted more facts before proceeding. ie: It was reported as an assault. Which sounds VERY serious. Wait an hour and it turns out he allegedly slapped someone. Still not acceptable, but WAY less serious than it initially sounded and/or was reported.

          But I do get your point. No foul called…so to speak.

  3. Z.....

    Spurs got an absolute steal in Murray. He is going to be great for them. Dude is a crazy athlete

  4. json-api

    When is Gordon not hurt?

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