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Community Shootaround: Knicks ‘Super Team’?

The words “super team” are normally directed at the Cavaliers, Warriors or Spurs. However, Derrick Rose thinks the Knicks also deserve that designation.

Rose, who was traded from Chicago to New York in June, not only made the statement, but recently backed it up when he was given the chance to reconsider. “I feel like if you’re in any team in the NBA — it don’t have to be the NBA, it could be the college level, high school level — you should believe in yourself and have the confidence in yourself that you’re playing on a super team anywhere,” Rose said. “So I have a lot of confidence, and I’m not taking that back.”

So maybe Rose’s statement was more about confidence building than an actual assessment. But the Knicks do have a lot of talent for a team that won just 32 games last season:

  • Start with Rose, who was the league MVP in 2011 and was a three-time All-Star before tearing his ACL in the 2012 playoffs. He appeared in 66 games last season, which was the most since the injury.
  • Joakim Noah, who signed with New York as a free agent, is a two-time All-Star and has been a productive center throughout his nine-year career. He finished fourth in the MVP voting for the 2013/14 season.
  • Carmelo Anthony is an 11-time All-Star and was the league’s scoring champion in 2012/13. Even at age 32, he remains one of the league’s most dangerous offensive threats.
  • Kristaps Porzingis appears headed for stardom after a meteoric start to his NBA career. The 7’3″ Latvian was a unanimous choice for NBA All-Rookie first team honors and was runner-up in the balloting for Rookie of the Year.

That may not be a super team, but it’s certainly the core of a much improved team that may reach the playoffs. Throw in new additions Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings and a new coach in Jeff Hornacek, and the Knicks could be ready for a major jump in the standings.

That brings us to tonight’s question: How good will the Knicks be in 2016/17 and is there any validity to Rose’s “super team” comments? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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30 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Knicks ‘Super Team’?

  1. Super team? Hardly. Their starting 5 is much improved, especially at the point guard position, but their bench looks weak on paper. At best, they will finish 6-8 in the east.

    • Super old, injured and overpaid!

      • Miklo916

        Who ain’t overpaid.

  2. DarkGhost

    Super team LOL? What is D rose smoking.

  3. Brandon

    Not good enough . Lucky to sneak in at the 8th seed . Will need starters to stay healthy and Derrick rose to return to form . realistically all but KP are on downside or there careers and that doesn’t bold well for a team fighting for the playoffs

  4. aarongill

    7th seed. Setting too high expectations.

  5. CAVS0223

    If they can mesh well, I could see them fighting for an 8 seed. Also depends on their health. This team has three shaky guys health wise and no bench. But they might make enough noise to get an 8 seed.

  6. I wish my knicks were a super team

  7. hill

    If things go well, they could win 48.


    • MARCUS

      Agreed I was thinking 48 wins as well

  8. Matthew Burns

    Are these guys here to work? Passion, intensity… on a mission. KG brought that trait to the Celtics later in his career… no option but to be all in with him eyeballing your ass. Noah needs to be that guy. If not, Rose and and Melo will wander. If this talent starts to march with a snarl, they’ll be quite a handful to match up against.

    • The new players have been working out with each other since the trades have gone through. I think they will win 45 – 50 games but their success depends on how well Porzingis does this year.

      They have to get it done defensively until whatever offense Hornacek decides to implement kicks in.

  9. Connorsoxfan

    No, but a top 4 seed isn’t out of question. Contenders for top 4 I think would be Cavs, Celtics, Raptors, Pacers, Pistons, and Knicks.

    • I look at it like this. Top 3 division winners get the top 3 seeds. That’s CLE, TOR, and probably ATL. IND and BOS are the next best.

      NY will fall into the group with CHI and CHA. (I haven’t seen enough of DET to know what they’re capable of)

      If the Knicks win their division they could finish as high as #2, because I don’t see them having a better record than CLE. If they don’t I see them being a 6 or 7 seed.

  10. well technically, squirrel girl is a ‘super’hero so I guess in that context, sure they are a ‘super’ team

  11. ThePittsburghKid

    I think that’s too much talent to not be considered a playoff contended but I wouldn’t say a super team. If this was 2012, minus Kristaps of course, then it definitely would be

  12. Stromalama

    That group might have been a “super team” five years ago but not now.

    • Djones246890


  13. 41…maybe

  14. SErgio

    46-36 with the 3rd seed in the east

  15. East finals against the Cavs is all but guarenteed. Stop sleeping on the Knicks, something special is going on in MSG…Check the facts the second half of last season for DRose was better then the second half of his MVP year. He is back and Melo is better then ever then add the big man KP with the most under rated coach in the league.

    • Stromalama

      “East finals against the Cavs is all but guaranteed.”

      No. The Knicks will be lucky to make it out of the first round. I’ve been a Bulls fan my whole life but Rose and Noah’s bodies are done and both will be lucky to play half the season.

  16. atothez

    over the hill gang

  17. atothez

    reminds me of “Dream Team” vince young quote

  18. Terrence Eaves

    If the Knicks can stay relatively healthy I believe they can win 50 games. But of course that’s a roll of the dice.

  19. Brandon

    48 wins was 3rd in East last season. Knicks fans would accept a home playoff series and to me that’s a close enough to a #superteam

  20. Strauss

    This was a boneheaded comment from a bonehead! And don’t forget, his court case isn’t over with. Enjoy this jerk New York!

  21. Djones246890

    I say this as a Bulls fan who was (and still is) a huge fan of Rose and Noah — I definitely miss the good times with those two at the helm — Rose is absolutely smoking crack.

    A super team? They can’t stay on the floor more more than 25-30 games per year, each.

    If it was 2008 – 2013, then yes, it would be a super team. Rose and Noah are just a shell of their former selves, however.

    Rose, in his prime, had the heart and drive of a champion — a killer instinct. He hasn’t had that since his first injury. He used to slash to the basket, consistently.

    Well, he can’t do that anymore. And his jump shot has majorly regressed. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn, now. His metrics put him in line with an extremely high paid backup point guard.

    As for Noah, he’s a great guy, a great leader, but the injuries are just too much for him. My friends and I used to place bets pertaining to if he would just play the upcoming game or not. They had nothing to do with his play.

    That’s how frequently he’s been injured the past 3 years. It’s sad, but they just aren’t the same guys from the glory days.

  22. Sad how so many fans have understandably become conditioned to expect the worst.

    5. Noah 26 mins, Hermangomez 12, OQuin 10. (Ideally we pull of trade for Okafer giving up OQuin and Holiday and 1 second round 2017 draft pick) Portsingis will play a few minutes at 5 when we go “small” Lakers paid 15 x 4 for Timovey Mosgove! Noahs deal (like Mellows) are bargains with all the money being thrown around!

    4. Portsingis 32 min, Kazmingis 16 mins (if you haven’t yet you really need to see this guy Kazmingis !!!!!) Stretch 4 that will keep Nodour on bench unless of injuries or foul trouble

    3. Mellow no longer double teamed – which he has been even without ball since arriving will have MVP candidate year 32 Min, Thomas, 16 minutes Aside from Mellow and KP only Thomas didn’t make you want to barf last year – is tenacious D type guy that has range out to 3 land. Defends 3 positions, doesn’t need ball…..

    2. C Lee is best off season deal at 40 for 4! 3 and D and goes to rim too. Like Thomas takes not a nano second off. 32 mins; And yes I want Lance Stevenson. So what he’s a little crazy – so was Anthony Mason. Another defender to put on Lebron – and like Rose and Jennings – he’ll be playing for a 100,000,000 deal – or another vets min 1 year to 5mil deal. Harison Barnes is 16 mil a year better? I think not. Noah and Mellow will keep him in line.

    1. Rose…. MVP candidate or blows out another leg trying. Went to paint last year more than entire Knicks roster! Still can finish – and unlike in Chicago doesn’t have to with Mellow, KP and CLee open on wings and Noah ready for hand off or tip in. 28 mins, (expect 15 pts 5 assists) Jennings – like Rose playing for a fortune – not a great defender but 10 points and 4 assists in 20 minutes and PG production is basically doubled from last year – offensively if not defensively – but really Calderone and Sasha was worst back up tandem in league last year – and they were our starters!

    Getting Oakafor without giving up Hermangomez or Kizminkis is critical – as is a better back up 2 than Holiday.

    5 Noah, Okafer
    4 KP, Kazmingas
    3 Mellow, Thomas
    2 C Lee, L Stevenson
    1 Rose, Jennings

    Deep Bench
    11 Nodour (3/4)
    12 Herangomez 5

    13 Sasha (Ray Allen – wishful thinking) (1/2)
    14 Baker (1/2)
    15 Plumlee 5

    OQuin, Holiday traded for Oakafer along with both 2017 second rd picks probably

    Stevenson FA available for pennies on $ – no risk. I see his as a Latrell Sprewell type – with pun intended ;) but on court too – similar athletic ability… That would be his ceiling – I’d rather have Hermangomes than Mosgeve ($ aside!) and again – remember what I said about Kazminkis dude! Larry Bird just might be his ceiling!

    Above would be most formidable NY Knicks team since Frazier/Monroe days of yore! Its just 2 trade and 1 FA away. And if not Okafer I’ll take Bosh – he would be a brutal luxury tax hit but I’m sure Dolan don’t give a fu$$ about that. For Oquin, Holday , both our 2017 #2’s and season tickets to Liberty games we Okafer or Bosh.

    Hermangomez, Kazminkas and Stevenson – (3 of 5 second unit ) are key. Staring 5 can play with ANY TEAM – SUPER included! And by playing starters 26 -32 instead of 32-38 wear and tear wont be an issue. Also flexibility of KP at 5, Mellow at 4, Kazmingis or Lee at 3 Rose at 2 and Jennings at 5 we have our own “Death” Lineup!

    Above is a 60 win 1 or 2 seed team!

    If stuck with OQuin and Holiday instead of Oakerfer or Bosh and Stevenson cut 10-15 off that and 3-5 seed.

    If as is and a season ending Rose injury still a 40-45 win 7-8 seed playoff team – and a dangerous one.

    Lets see Lebron navigate past Lee or through Stevenson and between Noah and KP and see how many times he winds up on his ass or ball in stands swatted away. He’s got no cast besides Irving and is only getting older just like our boy Mellow. MSG is gonna be rocking this year!!!!!!!

  23. Old and slow. Highlight film scorers, Headline grabbing names, but their lack of defense will be their downfall. Noah is a poor defender. Too many players that need the ball will limit ball movement and result in lots of iso’s. Not good in a space and pace league. Bench is weak and cannot hold a lead requiring too many minutes from aging starters. Last half of the season will see a substantial decline as age shows.

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