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Community Shootaround: Rookie Of The Year

The Sixers, with the first overall pick in June, landed one of the most highly-touted college players of the last several years, adding former LSU forward Ben Simmons to their roster. Simmons’ performance in Summer League action already has Sixers fans salivating at his potential, but the No. overall pick isn’t the only Philadelphia player with a chance at the 2016/17 Rookie of the Year award.

As Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated tweeted last month, the 76ers actually believe three candidates for the Rookie of the Year award, though Simmons is the only one of the trio actually drafted this year. Croatian forward Dario Saric, a 2013 lottery pick, is arriving in Philadelphia after spending several seasons developing overseas, while Joel Embiid, 2014’s third overall pick, is hoping to finally be healthy after two lost seasons.

While the Sixers are probably the team most likely to have the 2016/17 Rookie of the Year on their roster, there are a few other intriguing contenders. Second overall pick Brandon Ingram figures to see plenty of action right away on a fairly young Lakers team, and the same might be true for players like Timberwolves point guard Kris Dunn (No. 5 pick) and Nuggets shooting guard Jamal Murray (No. 7).

Of course, the most polished player to be taken in the top 10 of this year’s draft was former Oklahoma sharpshooter Buddy Hield, who will join a Pelicans team that lost Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson and badly needed some outside shooting. Hield, who will turn 23 later this year, is perhaps more NBA-ready than many of his fellow 2016 first-rounders.

It’s still too early to get a clear idea about which rookies will see the most playing time, and which ones will be given the opportunity to make the biggest impact. But what’s your early read on the situation? Which first-year player do you think is headed for a Rookie of the Year award?

Take to the comments section below to share your opinions on this year’s crop of rookies. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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14 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Rookie Of The Year

  1. Jamal Murray-he will put up a bunch of points as a rookie and will be the best long term pro in my opinion

    • Murray was great in college. No doubt. And because of that I surly understand your view. But fact is, Murray is not very athletic for an NBA guard and struggled to get his shot off against more athletic defenders while at kentucky

  2. OKC Guy

    I saw Domantas Sabonis play for Lithuania. Coming off the bench he did a major job for his country. Don’t think he’ll win the award, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him nominated, despite the fact that he’ll probably come off the bench for the Thunder.

  3. DarkGhost

    Kris Dunn for sure, 22 years old, NBA a ready, best roster surrounding him of the the top 8 picks

    • aarongill

      He’s coming off the bench. Rubio will start.

      • DarkGhost

        To start the season he will be, give it 10 games and I guarantee he will be starting. The one thing coach Tibs loves more than anything else is athletic defenders, which Dunn 100% is. Rubio is an average defender with average athleticism Dunn will start a majority of the games this season.

        • tcd777

          Tibs doesn’t like playing rookies

          • DarkGhost

            Tibs doesn’t like play rookies because they are young and inexperienced. Dunn isn’t a typical rookie he is 22 years old with 3 years of college experience, he is older than both Wiggins and Anthony-Towns and they are both going to start.

  4. Danthemilwfan

    Have to say Dunn impressed me the most. Might be back to back to back Roy fore mn

  5. Ingram :)

  6. aarongill

    Simmons or hield since they will be starting. Ingram will be behind Deng. Brown behind Bradley and crowder. Bender isn’t ready yet. Dunn behind rubio.

    • You are right in each case except potentially with dunn as the timberwolves have said they are considering playing Dunn and Rubio together.

  7. conner1400

    joel embiid

    • Coming off of his injury, competing with Okafor who was second in ROY voting last year, a premier rim protector in Noel and this years number one pick in Simmons and you think Embiid will still get enough minutes and be good enough to win ROY

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