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Eastern Notes: Gay, Ellington, Walker, Karasev

The Heat are among the preferred destinations for Kings small forward Rudy Gay, writes Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Gay, who can opt out of his current deal next summer, denies asking Sacramento to trade him, but he made comments last month that show a clear unhappiness with the direction the team is taking. While it’s understandable why he might prefer Miami, the Heat are low on tradable assets after a flurry of moves this summer. The free agents the team added this summer are not eligible to be traded until December 15th.

There’s more news from the Eastern Conference:

  • The Heat’s signing of Dion Waiters may push Wayne Ellington to the back of the rotation, Jackson writes in the same story. Ellington had a shot to start at shooting guard before the move, but now may be fighting for playing time in a crowded backcourt with Goran Dragic, Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson. Ellington could see minutes at small forward if Chris Bosh remains sidelined with health problems and Justise Winslow is needed at power forward.
  • Kemba Walker is optimistic about the new-look Hornets, but he hated to see Al Jefferson, Courtney Lee and Jeremy Lin leave in free agency, relays Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer. “But that’s the business: You’re always going to play with some new guys every year,” Walker said. “You think about Big Al, who I wish we could have kept. He helped change this franchise around big time from the day he got here.” Charlotte tried to replace them by adding Ramon Sessions, Marco Belinelli and Roy Hibbert.
  • Sergey Karasev will play in Russia next season, but he hasn’t ruled out the NBA, according to Eurohoops. Karasev, who spent the past two seasons with the Nets, says first he hopes to prove that he can lead a team. “Ι want to be one of the key persons in a team, not just go in for 10 minutes,” he said. “I hope that Zenit [in St. Petersburg] will be successful in VTB League and then it will be possible for me to go back to the NBA.”
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10 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Gay, Ellington, Walker, Karasev

  1. Z.....

    Rudy Gay would actually fill the Heat’s need on the wing, basically at the 3/4 spots. I was thinking of that the other day. As mentioned, the heat have no assets, but if it gets to a point where they need to move him for whatever reason, the heat could try to match salaries with Luke Babbit, Derrick Williams, James Johnson, and whatever else not from their core on expiring deals, which would essentially be a wash for Sacramento in money coming off the books. Obviously, those guys were just signed, so that type of move couldn’t be made anyway until after mid December

    • Z.....

      In this scenario, you would potentially be looking at a roster/rotation for this season of Goran Dragic, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Rudy Gay, Chris Bosh
      Tyler Johnson, Dion Waiters, Hassan Whiteside, McGruder, McRoberts, Ellington, Haslem, Briante Weber, Willie Reed, Okaro White

      That is actually a pretty decent roster, and somewhat comparable to last year, though as mentioned, I dont see how they get that done, unless maybe, as mentioned, the situation in Sacramento becomes so bad they need to move him, but even then, I’d assume they could do better than simply matching salaries on expiring deals

  2. If Gay opts out next season the Heat won’t need tradable assets. With Winslow slated for small forward, Josh Ricardson slated for some time there to make room for Tyler Johnson and Waiters, and Ellington and Williams filling in at 2 and 3, if Bosh doesn’t come back the need is for a power forward backup for Josh McRoberts and a backup center.

  3. yahboizach

    The heat need to find more leadership like players to help the team mesh. Talent is there for 50 wins if they play their cards right.

  4. smittybanton

    Justise Winslow can play some power forward. But he’s 6’5. Not much room for Josh Richardson or Ellington. Meanwhile, they have a massive hole up front. If I’m Pat Riley, I’d be trying to move Josh Richardson to the Sixers for Robert Covington or Jerami Grant. Matter of fact, I’d be trying to pay the Sixers or Nuggets to take Chris Bosh’s contract, so the Heat can go after Blake Griffin next year.

    • Z.....

      you are of the assumption that Bosh wont be back…Also, There is no way Riley moves Richardson in a deal like that. He is easily their most valuable piece b/c of his contract

      • Ryan Brubaker

        Yea until he signs the same contract Tyler Johnson got next offseason

        • Z.....

          Except they still have him for another year, next year, on his deal….Also, Tyler Johnson’s contract isnt as bad as it seems. Assuming he continues to play the way he is capable of, the money on the backend would be market value for a player like him, with the cap rising that much more by then. If you look at it in terms of AAV over 4 years, there is zero wrong with it. Clarkson got the same deal. If anything, he could also be a trade asset

      • smittybanton

        I am assuming Bosh WILL be back.

        • Z.....

          Then I’m confused. Why would it be so hard to move him in the scenario Bosh comes back, and obviously plays like himself? That would actually make his contract look pretty good over the last 2+ years remaining, unless you are considering it a massive risk. But that wouldnt make sense. If he comes back, which I’m assuming he will, it will further confirm what we already know about him not being susceptible to potential recurrence, which would mean that as long as you manage certain things correctly, which he obviously didnt last season, he should be fine, thereby making it an arguably undervalued contract….

          On a side note, the Heat still need Bosh at the 5. They dont have anyone that can defend the way he can at that spot, while also being able to open up the floor on the offensive end, and then being able to get you a basket in certain half court situations. Healthy Bosh is the Heat’s best player

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