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Poll: Should Nets Trade Brook Lopez?

Shortly after he was hired, new Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson raved about Brook Lopez, suggesting that he views the big center as an important part of the club’s rebuilding plan. Lopez expressed similar enthusiasm earlier this month, telling Fred Kerber of The New York Post that he feels like the Nets are the moving in the right direction. Lopez also helped the team recruit free agents this offseason.

Still, the Nets project to be a lottery team this season, and perhaps the year after that too. That’s a problem for Brooklyn because a poor finish won’t allow the team to add a potential star with a top pick — the Celtics have the ability to swap first-round picks with the Nets in 2017, and own Brooklyn’s pick outright in 2018.

In other words, the Nets’ rebuilding process could be a long, painful one, and it will likely extend beyond the end of Lopez’s current contract, which expires in 2018. As such, it’s no surprise that the 28-year-old’s name has surfaced in trade speculation. Lang Greene of Basketball Insiders identifies Lopez as one of three trade candidates to watch as the season approaches, while Michael Pina of argues that the Nets should trade Lopez at some point — it’s just a matter of finding a fit.

Pina has a hard time finding a suitable trade partner for the Nets, eventually landing on the Bucks as a suitor that could make sense. However, he concedes that even Milwaukee isn’t a perfect match, and points out that it may not be easy for Brooklyn to pick up long-term assets in a deal involving Lopez. Even though the Nets probably should trade Lopez, Pina writes, simply selling him to the highest bidder may not be an ideal course of action.

Our poll question is fairly simple: Should the Nets trade Lopez during the 2016/17 league year? But there are nuances to the discussion. What sort of assets should Brooklyn be targeting? Do you see any team that would make sense as a trade partner for the Nets? Could it be in the club’s best interests to hang on to Lopez and perhaps seek a deal in 2017/18, allowing him to be a veteran presence this season on a young roster?

Vote in our poll, and weigh in below in the comment section to share your thoughts!

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Should Nets Trade Brook Lopez?

  1. angrypoptart99

    defiantly should trade him, they aren’t gonna win with him should just trade for picks

  2. They need to get picks for him. Otherwise they’re just getting bad for the celts benefit.

  3. Dave4585

    Yeah pretty much they are not gonna win in his timeframe at his prime

  4. Gucci7383

    Nothing worth trading for today. You could see what’s out there at the trade deadline but I’m thinking next summer. A team making a playoff run for 2017 may team some young assets for him

  5. It’s not worth selling low for him. Any picks they would get would be unlikely to move the needle and considering they don’t have their own picks for the next couple years, there’s no use bottoming out. They’re best off staying the course: signing below the radar FAs hoping some of them pan out

  6. Andrew C.

    Not right now. Wait until closer to the trade deadline or next summer to get better value for Brook. It’s not like keeping him will be a bad thing for the Nets, as he will be extremely important for developing their culture. Also, the Nets are one of the few teams that actually need a player like him and that will actually give him the role he deserves right now.

    • bullsinmortal

      You are so damn right! And maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but i really would like to see brook and lin playing toghether!

  7. Dariusjt95

    Im down to trade him but maybe we should wait and hope he puts up good numbers so we could get more in return

  8. Connorsoxfan

    To the Celtics for their draft picks back? :)

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