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Cavs Notes: James, Point Guards, Thompson

Dwyane Wade doesn’t believe it’s possible for LeBron James to surpass Michael Jordan’s legacy, Nick Friedell of passes along. “The only thing you can do is tie it,” Wade said. “You can’t go past it. How can you? That’s as great as it gets, man. The only thing you can do, like I said, is be A-1, A-B. There’s no way higher.” Wade added that he and James have never discussed the legacy comparison.

Here’s more from Cleveland:

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7 thoughts on “Cavs Notes: James, Point Guards, Thompson

  1. nikumistry

    What happens to Mo Williams salary for 16/17 now that he has retired?? I haven’t heard anything about a buyout agreement.

    • Pihc123

      Good question. This is my guess only. B/c the cavs didn’t denounce or turn down MO’s option at the deadline, they are still having to account for this on this years cap. Guess only!

    • Luke Adams

      Williams’ salary is guaranteed, so it will likely stay on Cleveland’s cap. It’s possible that the Cavs will try to work out a buyout agreement to reduce his cap hit a little, but there have been no reports yet of anything like that happening.

  2. Deandre liggins is not a point guard . He can defend that’s it . Toney Douglas proven last year he played 61 games , average 9 points , 3 assist can defend and shoot . TD just got to Cleveland but I’m hoping the more he is their in Cleveland the more they let him play .

  3. OrangeCrush

    Whatever happen to shabazz Napier?

    • He’s the blazers back up point guard

    • blazers back up pg

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