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Trey Burke: Utah Held Me Back

Wizards guard Trey Burke is not only happy to be out of Utah, he is accusing the Jazz of trying to ruin his NBA career. In an interview posted on the Fox Sports Radio 1340 website, Burke makes some strong charges against his former team.

“They couldn’t break me,” Burke said. “That’s what they tried to do. .. They gave me DNPs. Everybody asked me ‘What’s going on? Why are you not playing?’ There’s a reason why everybody is asking me that. I just kept my head up. I was a great team guy. Everybody can vouch for that over there. I never really complained. I worked hard every day. I waited for my opportunity.”

Burke was traded to Washington in July at a bargain price, with the Wizards giving up just a 2021 second-round pick in return. There was mutual frustration in Utah, with the Jazz expecting more from a player who was taken at No. 9 in the 2013 draft, and Burke feeling like he never got the opportunity he deserved.

Many people expected Burke to be Utah’s starting point guard last season, especially with Dante Exum sidelined for the year with a torn ACL. Instead, the Jazz gave the job to Raul Neto and traded for Shelvin Mack at the deadline, keeping Burke as a reserve. He got into 64 games, all off the bench, averaging 10.6 points and 2.3 rebounds per night.

Burke now hopes to revive his career in Washington and is grateful for the fresh start. “I feel like I’m in a much better situation,” he said. “I’m on a team that can definitely compete for the playoffs. … As far as the transition, it was great. It was a great move. I feel like Washington is definitely a better fit for me.”

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6 thoughts on “Trey Burke: Utah Held Me Back

  1. Jake Bullis
    Jacob Bullis

    Lol.. weird.. he’s getting 10 less minutes per game and they’re 1-5 compared to Utah’s 5-3… I know it’s only 6 games into season for them but just thought this article was funny.

    • What so funny? It is not funny to him. I wonder why he was not playing either! I wish our team made a move for him…[Bucks].

  2. Guest

    The Jazz didn’t do anything, he didn’t do enough to re-gain his starting job and the Jazz had better options going forward. He didn’t shoot above 40% until last season at 41% and never made his team any better. Now he’s losing playing time to newcomer Satoransky at PG on the Wizards. Hopefully, he develops into a Jerryd Bayless-type player: high lottery pick-turned-journeyman who provides scoring and occasional playmaking off the bench. Unfortunately for the Jazz, not only did they not get anything from Burke, the 2 1st rounders they traded in the 2013 draft to get Burke at #9 (Shabazz Muhammad at #14 and Gorgui Dieng at #21) have developed into rotation players in Minnesota.

  3. Dem grapes be mighty sour, Trey!!

  4. MiggyCabby24

    Burke was living off his performance in the NCAA title game vs Louisville. He was drafted off that performance, and now he’s been just so-so in the NBA. That happens to a lot of high draft picks. He’s basically a 2 guard in a point guard’s body.

  5. Dallas Nelson

    Does he not know he and Kanter are the reason for not making the playoffs… hahaha Trey you were good but not as good as a rookie Raul Neto… You only want to shoot and thats why we gave you up… Douche

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