Hoops Rumors » San Antonio Spurs Legitimate NBA free agent and trade rumors. 2018-01-18T22:00:27Z https://www.hoopsrumors.com/feed/atom Luke Adams <![CDATA[Kawhi Leonard Out Indefinitely]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=83966 2018-01-17T19:21:52Z 2018-01-17T19:17:04Z Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard will be sidelined for an “indefinite period of time,” the club announced today (Twitter link). According to the team’s announcement, Leonard is still battling right quadriceps tendinopathy and will focus on rehabbing that injury.

In a statement, Spurs GM R.C. Buford said that Leonard “continues to move forward in his rehabilitation.” Meanwhile, head coach Gregg Popovich tells Jeff McDonald of The San Antonio Express-News that the injury “hasn’t responded the way we wanted it to.”

“He’s given it a shot,” Popovich said of his star player. “He’s frustrated as hell. He wants to play badly. But if we’re going to err, we’re going to do it on the side of health and being wise.”

After sitting out for nearly two months to start the season due to his quad injury, Leonard returned to action on December 12. He has missed several games since then though, never playing with less than two days rest. Even when he has been on the floor, the 26-year-old hasn’t been his usual dominant self — his .468 FG% and .314 3PT% are career lows, albeit in a small sample (nine games).

With Leonard out, Kyle Anderson will continue to see the majority of the minutes at the three for San Antonio. Rudy Gay will also help fortify the Spurs’ forward rotation once he gets healthy, while Danny Green and Manu Ginobili could also play small forward in certain lineups. However, according to McDonald, Gay is still a couple weeks away from returning and Ginobili is expected to miss the Spurs’ next two games with a thigh contusion.

Luke Adams <![CDATA[Cavs Rumors: Roster Concerns, Nets Pick, Trades]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=83901 2018-01-16T18:26:22Z 2018-01-16T18:26:22Z The Cavaliers continue to hang onto a top-three seed in the East, but the team has dropped four consecutive games and eight of its last 10 — in terms of wins and losses, the 26-17 Cavs are now the same distance from the eighth-seeded Pistons (22-20) as they are from the second-seeded Raptors (29-13).

Cleveland’s slump has multiple players speaking to reporters – including Dave McMenamin of ESPN and Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com – to express a “growing discontent” with the state of the team. There’s increasing concern in the Cavs’ locker room that the squad’s problems aren’t fixable from within, according to McMenamin and Vardon.

“Rotations are awful. [Isaiah Thomas] is so much worse than Kyrie [Irving] defensively it’s insane,” one league source told Vardon. “There is not a great feeling anywhere. They need to limp into the All-Star break and get away from each other.”

The fact that Cavs players are expressing concerns to the media about the state of the franchise suggests that perhaps they’re trying to push the front office to make a trade to address some of those issues. According to Vardon, communication between the team’s front office and its players and coaches isn’t as frequent as it was under former GM David Griffin, so perhaps this is the simplest way for the players to send a message to management.

Here’s more from out of Cleveland:

  • League sources continue to say that the Cavaliers prefer to hold onto the Nets’ 2018 first-round pick in case the team enters rebuilding mode next season, McMenamin writes in the piece linked above.
  • A trusted source tells Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link) that he believes the Cavaliers will “definitely” make at least one deal before the February 8 trade deadline. However, Stein is skeptical that there’s a single move out there that would allow the Cavs to close the gap between them and the Warriors.
  • The Cavs can forget about winning the NBA Finals this year if they don’t make a trade in the next few weeks, opines Sam Amico of AmicoHoops.net.
  • In the wake of Gregg Popovich‘s comments about LaMarcus Aldridge‘s offseason trade request, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst compares and contrasts the way the Spurs handled that situation with the way that the Cavaliers handled Kyrie Irving‘s trade request.
Luke Adams <![CDATA[Nikola Mirotic, 15 Others Become Trade-Eligible]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=83784 2018-01-15T15:55:12Z 2018-01-15T14:44:29Z Today is January 15, which means that trade restrictions have lifted for most of the rest of the NBA’s 2017 offseason signees. While the majority of those ’17 free agents became trade-eligible on December 15, there was a small subset of free agent signees whose trade ineligibility lasted for another month.

The 16 players whose trade restrictions lift today meet a specific set of criteria: Not only did they re-sign with their previous teams this offseason, but they received raises of at least 20%, their salaries are worth more than the minimum, and their teams were over the cap, using Bird or Early Bird rights to sign them.

The most notable name in this group is Bulls power forward Nikola Mirotic. He’s not the best player on the list — Blake Griffin and Kyle Lowry would be among those vying for that honor. But Mirotic is the most likely player to be dealt out of the 16 guys becoming trade-eligible today. He has been linked to a handful of teams already, including the Jazz, Pistons, and Trail Blazers.

Here are the 16 players becoming trade-eligible today:

With three and a half weeks left until this season’s February 8 trade deadline, nearly all of the NBA’s players are now eligible to be dealt. The only players still ineligible to be moved are those who signed free agent contracts later than October 15, plus certain players who signed contract extensions in the offseason.

Hawks guard Isaiah Taylor (January 17), Nuggets forward Richard Jefferson (January 19), and Pelicans guard Jameer Nelson (January 22) are now the only remaining players who will become trade-eligible between today and February 8. For the full list of players who won’t become trade-eligible before this year’s deadline, click here.

Luke Adams <![CDATA[Popovich: Aldridge Requested Trade In Offseason]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=83512 2018-01-12T14:41:28Z 2018-01-12T14:41:28Z Before he signed a contract extension with the Spurs in October, LaMarcus Aldridge was the subject of frequent trade rumors. While it appeared San Antonio was willing to move Aldridge, head coach Gregg Popovich confirmed on Thursday that the big man himself was also in favor of a change of scenery. Asked about Aldridge’s bounce-back 2017/18 performance, Popovich said last night that the turning point was when the 32-year-old requested a trade in the offseason.

“It’s as simple as that,” Popovich said, per Michael C. Wright of ESPN.com. “I said, ‘Whoa, nobody’s ever said that to me before.’ It’s my 20-whatever year, and nobody’s ever said that like, ‘I’m not enjoying this. I’m not confident. I’m not sure you want me here. I want to be traded.'”

According to Popovich, he and Aldridge had some “dinners and meetings” before the season to clear the air and to talk through any issues between the player and team. The Spurs’ head coach accepted responsibility for Aldridge’s unhappiness, admitting he tried to turn the veteran into a different player, which he called “total overcoaching” on his part. By the time Aldridge signed his new contract with the Spurs and the season got underway, everyone was on the same page.

“I was very candid with him,” Popovich said. “I told him, ‘I’d be happy to trade you. You get me a talent like Kevin Durant, and I’ll drive you to the airport. I’ll pack your bags. And I will drive you there, get you on the plane, and get you seated.’ He laughed, you know, that kind of thing. I said, ‘But short of that, I’m your best buddy because you’re here for another year, and you ain’t going nowhere. Because we’re not gonna get for you talent-wise what we would want. So, let’s figure this thing out.’ And we did. That’s what we came to.”

In 41 games this season, Aldridge has averaged 22.6 PPG and 8.6 RPG, his best marks since joining the Spurs in 2015.

Austin Kent <![CDATA[Kawhi Leonard Suffers Partial Shoulder Tear]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=83213 2018-01-08T02:17:58Z 2018-01-08T02:17:58Z While it seems Kawhi Leonard may have partially torn his shoulder, the Spurs don’t seem particularly concerned about the injury. Immediately after mentioning the tear to Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News, head coach Gregg Popovich said that the forward could potentially return before the end of the team’s three-game road trip.

Sidelined until mid-December with a quad injury, Leonard will now miss time just as he began to see an increased work load. Since the Spurs’ Boxing Day contest, Leonard had played four of five games, averaging 28.2 minutes and 21.3 points per game.

Luke Adams <![CDATA[Spurs Tried Hard To Acquire Kyrie Irving]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82897 2018-01-04T14:55:44Z 2018-01-04T14:55:44Z Back when he was on the trade block in July and August, Kyrie Irving reportedly had San Antonio on his list of preferred destinations. And according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Spurs weren’t just a bystander as the Cavaliers were considering their options. The Spurs “tried really, really hard” to land Irving, Woj said on ESPN late last night, per Ramona Shelburne (Twitter link).

Patty Mills, Tony Parker, and Dejounte Murray have handled point guard duties for the Spurs this season, and while they’ve been solid, the team clearly would have received a boost at the position by trading for Irving. However, it’s not clear what sort of package the front office could have put together that would have enticed the Cavs.

Unlike the Celtics, the Spurs weren’t holding any particularly attractive draft assets, since their own future first-round picks are unlikely to land in the lottery. LaMarcus Aldridge, who had yet to sign his new contract extension when Irving was dealt, could have been a trade chip. Danny Green probably would have appealed to Cleveland as well, but if the Cavs wanted to acquire a starting-caliber point guard for Irving, finding a match would have been tricky — Parker is 35 years old, Mills won’t be trade-eligible until January 15, and the 21-year-old Murray isn’t yet ready for a huge role.

While the Spurs’ pursuit of Irving didn’t pan out, Woj’s report on their strong interest in the former Cavs guard is the latest indication that San Antonio continues to explore ways to add star power, particularly at the point guard spot. The Spurs were also frequently linked to Chris Paul last spring before he was traded to Houston.

Luke Adams <![CDATA[Spurs Recall Derrick White From G League After 22-Point Game]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82868 2018-01-03T22:41:21Z 2018-01-03T22:39:13Z
  • After being sent to the G League on Tuesday, rookie guard Derrick White was recalled by the Spurs today, per a press release. White helped lead the Austin Spurs to a win on Tuesday night, putting up 22 points in just 24 minutes.
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    Luke Adams <![CDATA[MacMullan’s Latest: Irving, LeBron, Cavs, Suns]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82847 2018-01-03T16:27:06Z 2018-01-03T16:27:06Z With Isaiah Thomas having returned to the Cavaliers on Tuesday, and the Cavs now poised to square off against the Celtics on Wednesday, it only makes sense to revisit one of the 2017 offseason’s biggest trades. ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan has done just that, taking a deep dive into the factors that led to Kyrie Irving heading from Cleveland to Boston.

    Along the way, MacMullan passes along several noteworthy tidbits — while the whole piece is worth checking out, especially for Cavs and Celtics fans, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting details below:

    • While Irving made his trade request in July, the Cavaliers explored the possibility of moving the point guard in June, which MacMullan suggests contributed to Irving’s decision to ask out of Cleveland. “They didn’t want me there,” Irving said of the Cavs. Former teammate LeBron James disputes that notion, which he says “makes absolutely no sense.”
    • One deal the Cavs explored in June would have sent Irving and Channing Frye to the Suns and resulted in both Paul George and Eric Bledsoe landing in Cleveland. However, Phoenix balked at that deal, since the club was unwilling to give up the No. 4 overall pick, says MacMullan. A few days later, the Pacers dealt George to the Thunder instead.
    • Although no formal offer was made during those negotiations, Irving caught wind of the talks and believed they were orchestrated by James’ camp, since LeBron shares an agent with Bledsoe. Team and league sources suggest otherwise, telling MacMullan that former Cavs GM David Griffin sensed that an Irving trade request may be coming and initiated talks with the Suns.
    • When Irving and his agent met with the Cavaliers on July 9, they pressed owner Dan Gilbert about the team’s direction, and mentioned the Spurs, Knicks, and Timberwolves as preferred landing spots for Irving. Boston didn’t come up during that meeting, but Gilbert coveted the Nets‘ 2018 first-round pick that was held by the Celtics, and Irving’s camp didn’t oppose a deal to the C’s.
    • When the Celtics emerged as a viable trade partner for Irving and the Cavs, Gilbert went to James and attempted to secure a promise that he’d stay in Cleveland beyond the 2017/18 season, but LeBron declined to commit, sources tell MacMullan.
    Luke Adams <![CDATA[Spurs Re-Assign Derrick White To G League]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82794 2018-01-03T13:39:21Z 2018-01-03T03:33:51Z
  • Rookie guard Derrick White is headed back to the G League, according to the Spurs, who announced today in a press release that they’ve re-assigned him to Austin. San Antonio’s affiliate is scheduled to visit the Long Island Nets on Tuesday night.
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    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[NBA G League Assignments/Recalls: 12/29/17]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82565 2017-12-30T00:12:46Z 2017-12-30T00:12:46Z Here are the G-League moves from around the NBA today:

    • The Spurs have recalled Derrick White from the Austin Spurs, according to the team’s website. White has played in seven games with the G League club and he’s averaging 11.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 22.3 minutes per game.
    • The Bulls have recalled big man Cristiano Felicio from the team’s G League affiliate, the Windy City Bulls, per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune (via Twitter). Felicio, 25, has played well on both of his G League assignments, including a 22-point, 14-rebound, six-block performance in Windy City’s recent win over the Canton Charge. Felicio has appeared in 23 games for the Bulls.
    • The Thunder recalled guard Terrance Ferguson from the organization’s G League affiliate, the Oklahoma City Blue, the team announced in a press release. OKC’s first-round pick from this year’s NBA Draft has appeared in 21 games this season and averaged 1.3 PPG in 6.7 minutes per game.
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Rudy Gay To Miss At Least Two Weeks With Bursitis]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82554 2017-12-29T20:53:59Z 2017-12-29T20:53:59Z Spurs forward Rudy Gay will be sidelined for at least the next two weeks with retrocalcaneal bursitis in his right heel, the team announced on its website.

    The injury forced Gay out of Thursday’s game with the Knicks, and he had an MRI this morning that revealed the damage. The Spurs said Gay has begun a program of rest and rehabilitation and his condition will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

    This is Gay’s first significant physical setback since returning from an Achilles injury he suffered midway through last season. The 31-year-old has played in 34 of San Antonio’s 36 games so far and is averaging 11.5 points and 5.2 rebounds per night.

    He signed a two-year deal with the Spurs over the summer and has an $8.8263MM player option for next season.

    Chris Crouse <![CDATA[NBA G League Assignments/Recalls: 12/27/17]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82455 2017-12-27T23:03:15Z 2017-12-27T23:03:15Z Here are the notable G-League transactions around the NBA today:

    • The Hornets have recalled Malik Monk from the Greensboro Swarm, according to the team’s Twitter feed. The 2017 No. 11 overall pick appeared in one G League game and he scored 25 points.
    • The Spurs have assigned Derrick White to the Austin Spurs, according to the team’s website. White has played in six games to date with the G League club and he’s averaging 11.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.9 assists in 22.3 minutes per game.
    • The Wolves have assigned Justin Patton to the G League, according to the team’s Twitter feed. Patton has already appeared in six games for the Iowa Wolves, scoring 9.5 points per contest.
    Dana Gauruder <![CDATA[Leonard Improving, Club Ready To Take Off]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82435 2017-12-27T16:40:55Z 2017-12-27T16:40:55Z
  • Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard admits he’s still not 100% as he works his way back from a quad injury but the team appears ready to go on a run, according to Michael C. Wright of ESPN. Leonard played 26 minutes in San Antonio’s victory over the Nets on Tuesday. “I don’t feel like I’m there yet,” Leonard told Wright and other reporters. “But I tried to do what I can. It’s really nothing tonight. Just the whole process of going through playing limited minutes, and just seeing how I feel each game.” With Leonard and Tony Parker back from long-term injuries, the Spurs finally have their full roster together. “It’s a good time to get everybody playing, everybody feeling good, get Kawhi and Tony back to their usual selves, back to their rhythm and feeling good,” guard Manu Ginobili told Wright.
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    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[NBA G League Assignments/Recalls: 12/26/17]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82419 2017-12-27T02:21:14Z 2017-12-27T02:21:14Z Here are the notable G-League transactions around the NBA today:

    • The Hornets recalled rookie Dwayne Bacon from the organization’s G League affiliate, the Greensboro Swarm, the team announced in a press release. In 28 games for Charlotte, Bacon has averaged 3.6 PPG and 3.1 RPG. He was acquired along with cash considerations from the Pelicans for draft rights to Frank Jackson during the 2017 NBA Draft.
    • In a separate move, the Hornets assigned guard Julyan Stone to the Greensboro Swarm on Tuesday, according to a press release. Stone has appeared in four contests for the Hornets, posting totals of  1.5 PPG, 1.5 RPG and 1.8 APG. This marks Stone’s third assignment to the G League.
    • The Spurs announced in a press release that guard Derrick White has been recalled from the team’s G League affiliate, the Austin Spurs. White has appeared in seven games for San Antonio, averaging 1.3 PPG and 1.3 RPG.
    • The Trail Blazers assigned guard C.J. Wilcox to the Santa Cruz Warriors, per a press release. After appearing in 20+ games in each of the past three seasons for the Magic and Clippers, Wilcox has yet to see NBA action in 2017/18 due to arthroscopic knee surgery. Wilcox signed a two-way deal with Portland in August.
    Dana Gauruder <![CDATA[Southwest Rumors: Tanking, Pelicans, Ferrell, Rockets]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=82363 2017-12-26T02:45:46Z 2017-12-26T02:45:46Z The Grizzlies dismiss the notion of tanking to improve their chances of moving up the lottery, Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. Coach J.B. Bickerstaff told Tillery the team still believes it can make the playoffs, despite its 10-23 record. “In our mind, there is no tanking,” he said. “We’re competitive. We just need to find a way to get over that hump. We’ve continued to take steps.” Center Marc Gasol has no interest in playing for a team that intentionally waves the white flag, Tillery adds. “My job is not allowing that to happen,” Gasol said. “My job is not allowing anyone to throw away the season. Because at 32, 33 next month, I don’t have a season to throw away.”

    In other news around the Southwest Division:

    • The Pelicans are hovering around the .500 mark and need to take advantage of a soft spot in their upcoming schedule, as Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders examines. They face the Nets, Mavericks and Knicks before the New Year, which could help them make a move in the standings. If New Orleans continues to wallow in mediocrity, trade chatter will increase with DeMarcus Cousins heading to free agency this summer, Kyler notes. The lack of a bona fide leader, plus a penchant for turnovers, are two of the major issues confronting a team that should be better than its current record, Kyler adds.
    • Mavericks combo guard Yogi Ferrell has boosted his 3-point shooting average to 40.2% during a recent seven-game hot streak, which doesn’t come as a surprise to head coach Rick Carlisle. One of the reasons Dallas signed Ferrell last season was his superior shooting mechanics, as Carlisle told Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News. “I feel good anytime any of our shooters have a good look at a three,” he said. “But when Yogi has the space and the pass is on time and on target, he does a great job of stepping into it.”
    • Rockets GM Daryl Morey recently said in a radio interview that the club is obsessed with beating the Warriors and Moke Hamilton of Basketball Insiders opines that it’s not wise to take that approach. Hamilton explains that the Rockets can’t afford to look past or show a lack of respect to the Spurs, who are always dangerous during the postseason.
    Clark Crum <![CDATA[Derrick White Assigned To Austin]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81742 2017-12-17T21:47:29Z 2017-12-17T21:47:29Z
  • The Spurs assigned rookie guard Derrick White to the G League’s Austin Spurs today, per an official report. White, who had just been recalled yesterday, has appeared in three total games with Austin, averaging 15.0 points and 3.3 rebounds per contest.
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    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[NBA G League Assignments/Recalls: 12/16/17]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81651 2017-12-17T14:45:53Z 2017-12-16T18:44:22Z Here are the G League transactions for today:

    • The Spurs announced on Saturday that guard Derrick White has been recalled from the team’s G League affiliate, the Austin Spurs. Through six games with San Antonio, White averaged 1.5 PPG and 1.5 RPG in less than eight minutes per game.
    • The Pacers announced on Saturday that T.J. Leaf and Ike Anigbogu have been assigned to the team’s G League affiliate, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Leaf has appeared in 25 games for the Pacers this season, averaging 3.3 PPG; Anigbogu has appeared in just six games for the Pacers.
    • The Jazz has recalled Tony Bradley from their G League affiliate, the Salt Lake City Stars, the team announced (via Twitter). The 19-year-old has appeared in seven games for Utah this season.
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Rudy Gay Helped Spurs Survive Loss Of Leonard]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81470 2017-12-14T02:34:10Z 2017-12-14T02:34:10Z
  • The offseason signing of Rudy Gay helped the Spurs survive the injury to Kawhi Leonard, notes Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports. Gay is the latest in a long line of veterans who have opted to come to San Antonio even though they could have gotten more money elsewhere. Gay is making slightly more than $8.4MM this year and has a player option worth more than $8.826MM for next season. “It’s a situation where, you have to pay a lot of attention to detail and it’s a winning mentality,” Gay explained. “That’s something I was away from, for so long, you kind of create bad habits. I’ve had to re-teach myself. And I’ve had to continue to do it every day.”
  • ]]>
    Austin Kent <![CDATA[Kawhi Leonard Set To Return For Spurs]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81030 2017-12-12T17:57:02Z 2017-12-12T17:56:02Z DECEMBER 12, 11:56am: Leonard will play on Tuesday night, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich confirmed today (Twitter link via Michael C. Wright of ESPN). The star forward will be on a minutes restriction.

    DECEMBER 8, 2:29pm: Leonard is now targeting Tuesday’s game in Dallas for his return, league sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski and Michael Wright of ESPN (Twitter link). The Spurs don’t play on Sunday or Monday, so delaying his debut until next week would give Leonard a few extra recovery days without missing multiple games.

    DECEMBER 7, 2:43pm: The Spurs could welcome Kawhi Leonard back to the lineup as soon as this Saturday, Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News writes. The forward has been held out of action with a quad injury since late September.

    While Leonard seems optimistic about his imminent return, the team will have a better idea of his status after they re-evaluate him on Friday. Leonard, Young writes, participated in a final workout session with the team today.

    Leonard has missed all 25 games for the Spurs this season while recovering from right quadriceps tendinopathy but has slowly ramped up his activity in practice over the last few weeks.

    Just last season, the 26-year-old took his game to a new level, averaging 25.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per game while guiding the Spurs to the Western Conference Finals. The well-rested 2016-17 MVP finalist will look to pick up exactly where he left off.

    He looked great [in practice],” Tony Parker, who just returned from his own quad injury, told reporters. “I almost forgot he was that good.

    Soon enough we’ll all remember.

    Dana Gauruder <![CDATA[Kawhi Leonard Probable To Play Tuesday]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81350 2017-12-12T05:03:29Z 2017-12-12T03:25:17Z Kawhi Leonard‘s long-awaited season debut will likely take place on Tuesday. The Spurs All-Star forward is listed as probable for Tuesday’s road game against Dallas, ESPN’s Michael C. Wright relays. Leonard has endured a longer-than-expected recovery period from right quadriceps tendinopathy. He averaged a career-high 25.5 PPG last season and led his club to the Western Conference finals.

    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[NBA G League Assignments/Recalls: 12/10/17]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81285 2017-12-11T14:01:28Z 2017-12-10T22:28:05Z Here are Sunday’s G League assignments and recalls from across the NBA:

    • The Spurs announced on Sunday that guard Derrick White has been assigned to the team’s G League affiliate, the Austin Spurs. Through six games with San Antonio, White averaged 1.5 PPG and 1.5 RPG in less than eight minutes per game.
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Rudy Gay Fitting In Well With The Spurs]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=81266 2017-12-10T17:39:03Z 2017-12-10T17:39:03Z
  • Rudy Gay was considered an odd fit when he signed with the Spurs this summer, but the move has worked out, notes Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype in a Twitter video. Gay has accepted a reduced role in San Antonio, playing just 23.5 minutes per night, and is averaging 12.4 points and 5.6 rebounds. He has also adopted the Spurs’ language, as Kennedy includes a recent quote of Gay saying, “For us to be successful, we have to find the open man and pass up a good shot for a great one.”
  • ]]>
    Dana Gauruder <![CDATA[Leonard Says He'll Return Soon]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80848 2017-12-05T05:51:28Z 2017-12-05T04:40:11Z Spurs All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard said he’ll return soon from the quadriceps injury that has kept him out all season but he still has a few more steps in his rehabilitation process, according to an Associated Press report. Leonard has been practicing but still doesn’t have a target date, the AP report adds. “I feel good, soon to come [and] be able to play on the floor,” Leonard said to reporters on Monday. “It’s been a long wait, but I’m feeling pretty healthy right now.”

    Austin Kent <![CDATA[Kyle Anderson Out 2-3 Weeks With Sprained MCL]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80772 2017-12-04T20:09:45Z 2017-12-04T20:09:41Z DECEMBER 4, 2:09pm: Anderson is expected to be sidelined for two or three weeks due to a sprained left MCL, reports Wojnarowski (via Twitter).

    DECEMBER 3, 9:57pm: Less than two months into a breakout season with the Spurs, fourth-year forward Kyle Anderson went down with a left medial knee sprain. Royce Young and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN report that he underwent an X-ray at the stadium.

    The X-ray, a standard procedure in this situation, came back negative but more details as to the severity and timetable of the injury will be brought to light Monday when the 24-year-old undergoes an MRI.

    Anderson suffered the non-contact injury in the third quarter of San Antonio’s Sunday night loss to the Thunder. Per Marc Spears of ESPN, the forward – who had been filling in for LaMarcus Aldridge at the four – went to the floor screaming and grabbing at his knee.

    Wojnarowski and Young add that the Anderson was unable to put any weight on his left leg and had to be helped off the floor by teammates.

    The injury comes 22 games into a season in which Anderson’s role has increased substantially on account of Kawhi Leonard‘s lingering quad injury. In 27.7 minutes of action, he’s averaged 9.0 points and 6.1 rebounds per game.

    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[Leonard's Rehab In Its 'Last Steps']]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80630 2017-12-04T14:00:05Z 2017-12-02T17:13:48Z Kawhi Leonard has yet to suit up for the Spurs this season as he’s battled a quadriceps injury but he is close to making his season debut. Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News writes that head coach Gregg Popovich sees Leonard rehab in its “last steps.”

    Leonard, 26, finished third in NBA Most Valuable Player voting last season as he averaged 25.6 PPG and 5.8 RPG while also frustrating opposition on defense. Despite Leonard’s absence, the Spurs have still played well, currently occupying the third seed in the Western Conference with a 15-7 record.

    Austin Kent <![CDATA[Tony Parker Returns After Six-Month Absence]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80533 2017-11-30T23:00:05Z 2017-11-30T23:00:05Z After seven months of inactivity, Tony Parker made his return to the Spurs lineup this week and the veteran’s presence was quickly felt. As ESPN’s Michael Wright reports, Parker’s return boosted the squad on an emotional level.

    Big lift, especially emotionally more than anything,” Spurs shooting guard Danny Green said. “Just to see him warming up with us. I think everybody’s just happy for him, just to see him go through that process — the injury first, then taking that process of six to seven months of being out and not being able to play — and what he’s meant to us and this organization.”

    Parker followed up his debut in the Spurs’ Monday night victory over Dallas with a 10-point, five-assist showing on Wednesday.

    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Anderson Bolsters Case For Free Agency]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80493 2017-11-30T14:06:08Z 2017-11-30T02:32:41Z
  • Spurs swingman Kyle Anderson will be in a strong position when he enters free agency next summer, writes Michael C. Wright of ESPN. With Kawhi Leonard sidelined since preseason, Anderson has stepped into the starting lineup and has impressed San Antonio’s front office with his performance, averaging career highs in points (9.2), rebounds (6.3) and assists (3.2) through 20 games. “Free agency happens this coming July, and he’ll be in a better position because of the way he’s played,” Spurs GM R.C. Buford said. “We’ll be in a better position because we know the role that he can fill with the team that we have. We’ll evaluate Kyle’s free agency as a part of the whole team, but he’s clearly put himself in a position to be respected in free agency.”
  • ]]>
    Dana Gauruder <![CDATA[Leonard Closes In On Season Debut]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80382 2017-11-28T17:56:26Z 2017-11-28T04:40:31Z Alex Len has become the odd man out in the Suns’ center rotation and he cannot hide his displeasure, Scott Bordow of the Arizona Republic reports. Len signed a one-year, $4.2MM qualifying offer with Phoenix after failing to receive an offer sheet that he found acceptable as a restricted free agent over the summer. Len has not played in two of the three last games, as interim coach Jay Triano has decided to ride veterans Tyson Chandler and recently-acquired Greg Monroe“I put in the work hoping to show my skills on the court,” Len told Bordow. “So when you’re not able to help your team, it’s frustrating.” Len’s lack of playing time won’t help his cause when he enters the market again next summer, this time as an unrestricted free agent.

    In other news around the Western Conference:

    • Jazz center Rudy Gobert is participating in on-court individual drills at practice, Eric Woodyard of The Deseret News tweets. This could be a sign that Gobert, who is recovering from a right knee injury, will return to action sooner than the four- to six-week timetable given on November 12th. Gobert injured the knee in a collision with Heat guard Dion Waiters.
    • Spurs All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard is making significant progress from the right quadriceps tendinopathy that has kept him out of action all season, coach Gregg Popovich told Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express News and other media members. Popovich, who jokingly scoffed at “Doctor” Tony Parker‘s estimation that Leonard could return in two or three weeks, said Leonard would soon participate in 5-on-5 practice drills. “He’s getting very close and making progress,” Popovich said. “He’s having contact now and hopefully we will get him back shortly.”
    • The Rockets are not experiencing chemistry issues because the veterans they acquired know how to blend in, according to Hunter Atkins of The Houston Chronicle. Chris Paul, P.J. Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute know what it takes to work well with others and it shows now that the team is playing at full strength, Atkins adds.
    Luke Adams <![CDATA[Parker: Kawhi Leonard Could Return In 2-3 Weeks]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80335 2017-11-27T19:36:17Z 2017-11-27T19:36:17Z Veteran point guard Tony Parker is set to return to action on Monday night for the Spurs, but the team is still without its MVP, Kawhi Leonard, who continues to recover from quadriceps tendinopathy. As Michael C. Wright of ESPN relays, Parker worked out with Leonard during his own rehab process, and estimates that his teammate will return in two or three weeks.

    “He looked great,” Parker said of Leonard. “I was like, ‘Oh, he’s good. I forgot that he was that good.’ Yeah, [he’s] close. It’s still going to be a process. Still, the Spurs aren’t going to take [any] risks. It’s still going to be, like I said, a couple of weeks, three weeks. They’re not going to take any risks. But he’s looking good so far.”

    As Parker himself notes, the Spurs won’t take any chances with Leonard. Even without the star forward, San Antonio has a 12-7 record so far this season, good for third in the Western Conference. As such, Parker’s projected timeline for Leonard’s return may not line up with the Spurs’ own timeline. Still, it’s encouraging to hear from Parker that Leonard is close to looking like his old self, particularly since other recent updates from the team on the veteran forward haven’t been as encouraging.

    Leonard, who finished third in MVP voting last season, finished the year with 25.5 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 3.5 APG, and 1.8 SPG. His season was cut short when he re-injured his ankle in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Warriors.

    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Spurs "Perplexed" By Leonard's Slow Recovery]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80290 2017-11-26T22:15:52Z 2017-11-26T22:15:52Z
  • The Spurs got some good news on the injury front earlier today with Tony Parker‘s announcement that he plans to play tomorrow, but Kawhi Leonard‘s situation remains murky, according to Tom Orsborn of The San Antonio Express-News. Leonard has been out since before the start of the preseason with right quadriceps tendinopathy, and a source says the team is “perplexed” by his slow recovery.
  • ]]>
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Tony Parker Plans To Return Monday]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80284 2017-11-26T18:58:36Z 2017-11-26T18:58:36Z Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who hasn’t played since the Western Conference semifinals, plans to make his season debut Monday against the Mavericks, tweets Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated.

    Parker ruptured a left quadriceps tendon in last year’s playoffs and was projected to be out of action until January. He has been ahead of schedule with his rehab and recently made a couple of trips to the G League to help with the process.

    The 35-year-old is in his 17th NBA season after coming to San Antonio as a second-round pick in 2001. He has remained a productive player late in his career, averaging 10.1 points and 4.5 assists in 63 games last season.

    Patty Mills and Dejounte Murray have been sharing point guard duties for the Spurs while Parker was sidelined.

    Luke Adams <![CDATA[25 Players Still On Non-Guaranteed 2017/18 Salaries]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80101 2017-11-24T00:19:51Z 2017-11-23T20:01:28Z There are 25 players around the NBA playing on 2017/18 salaries that aren’t yet fully guaranteed. While having those salaries guaranteed will be a mere formality for some players, others may be at risk of losing their roster spot with decision day nearing. If teams keep non-guaranteed players under contract beyond January 7, their salaries will become guaranteed for the season on January 10, so clubs still have more than a month to decide whether to lock in these players’ full-season salaries.

    Listed below is the team-by-team breakdown of the players who are still on non-guaranteed salaries or partially guaranteed salaries. Unless otherwise indicated, each of these players is set to earn the minimum. Partial guarantees are noted if they exceed a player’s prorated salary to date. Any teams not listed below are only carrying players with fully guaranteed salaries.

    Atlanta HawksLuke Babbitt vertical

    Brooklyn Nets

    Charlotte Hornets

    Chicago Bulls

    Dallas Mavericks

    Detroit Pistons

    • Eric Moreland: Partial guarantee of $1,000,000.
      • Full salary: $1,739,333

    Houston Rockets

    Indiana Pacers

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Milwaukee Bucks

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    New York Knicks

    Oklahoma City Thunder

    Orlando Magic

    Philadelphia 76ersRichaun Holmes vertical

    Phoenix Suns

    San Antonio Spurs

    Toronto Raptors

    Utah Jazz

    Washington Wizards

    • Sheldon Mac
      • Note: Mac is recovering from a torn Achilles and will continue to be paid his full-season salary until he’s cleared to return.

    To keep tabs on these 25 players over the next several weeks, be sure to check back on our regularly-updated lists of salary guarantee dates and of non-guaranteed contracts.

    Photos courtesy of Getty Images and USA Today Sports Images. Information from Basketball Insiders was used in the creation of this post.

    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Popovich Comments On Injuries To Leonard, Parker]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=80076 2017-11-23T14:06:09Z 2017-11-23T03:46:09Z Nerlens Noel will regret turning down the Mavericks‘ four-year, $72MM offer this summer, states Newy Scruggs in a chat for The Dallas Morning News. Scruggs contends Noel is not viewed as a hard worker by the organization, which has lowered his standing with coach Rick Carlisle. Noel has slipped into a reserve role, starting just six of the 17 games he has played this season.

    Noel was hoping for a maximum offer, either from the Mavs or another team, when he entered restricted free agency in July. But nothing in that neighborhood materialized and Noel opted to accept Dallas’ $4,187,598 qualifying offer and try his luck as an unrestricted free agent next year. Scruggs said he expects Noel to be traded before the February deadline.

    There’s more NBA news from the Lone Star State:

    • Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told reporters he has never seen an injury like the one that is keeping Kawhi Leonard out of action, relays Michael C. Wright of ESPN. Leonard is dealing with quadriceps tendinopathy, which has prevented him from taking the court all season, even in practice, and there’s still no definitive timetable for his return. Popovich had better news about Tony Parker, who also has a quadriceps injury that dates back to last season’s Western Conference semifinals. Parker has said he hopes to return in November, and it sounds like that may be possible. “For real, sooner than later,” Popovich said tonight. “And I’m serious. I’m being honest.” 
    • Leonard’s injury has created an opportunity for fourth-year swingman Kyle Anderson, who is getting serious minutes for the first time in his career. Anderson has started all 18 games, and Popovich plans to keep him in the rotation even when Leonard returns, tweets Jeff McDonald of The San Antonio Express-News. “When Kawhi does come back, I’ve got some figuring out to do,” Popovich said. “[Anderson] should still be on the court, somehow or another.”
    • After signing a two-way deal with the Rockets last month, Briante Weber is eager to make the most of his latest shot at the NBA, writes Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle. Weber, the leading scorer for Houston’s G League affiliate in Rio Grande Valley, was called up to the Rockets today for the first time since joining the organization. He previously played for the Grizzlies, Heat, Warriors and Hornets, but never spent more than 13 games with any of those teams. “I’ve been prepared,” Weber said. “It’s just about the opportunity. That’s all it’s about, me taking advantage of the opportunity when I get in. I’ve always been prepared. It’s just basketball.”
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Florida Notes: Gay, Whiteside, Magic, Augustin]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79780 2017-11-19T16:27:43Z 2017-11-19T16:27:43Z Rudy Gay might have been a better free agent target for the Heat than Kelly Olynyk, writes Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel. In response to a reader’s question, Winderman notes that Gay was rehabbing from his Achilles injury in Florida and expressed interest in coming to Miami before winding up in San Antonio. Gay got a little more than $17MM over two years, with about $8.8MM of that as a player option for next season. Olynyk received $46MM over four years from the Heat.

    Gay would have given Miami a proven alternative at small forward when Rodney McGruder was lost to a left tibia stress fracture. The Heat couldn’t have known in July that McGruder would be unavailable, but Winderman says depth at that position would have been desirable if the plan all along was to move Justise Winslow to power forward. Gay is averaging 11.8 points and 5.3 rebounds through 16 games with the Spurs, while Olynyk is putting up 9.2 points and 5.5 boards in 15 games.

    There’s more this morning from the Sunshine State:

    • In the same piece, Winderman questions whether the Heat will be willing to make another max offer to Hassan Whiteside if he opts out of his current deal after next season. As small-ball continues to spread throughout the league, some teams are re-evaluating the worth of traditional centers. Whiteside will have an early-termination option on his salary of slightly more than $27MM for 2019/20.
    • After being one of the league’s early-season surprises, the Magic already face a crossroads to their season after Saturday’s 40-point loss to the Jazz, writes Josh Robbins of The Orlando Sentinel. Orlando came out of the gate at 6-2, but is back at .500 after dropping four straight games. Coach Frank Vogel hinted that changes might be on the way and called last night’s performance “unacceptable,” a sentiment shared by many of the players. “I think we lost what made us good at the beginning of the season: playing together, having fun out there, enjoying the game,” Nikola Vucevic said. “Over-dribbling, over-trying to get stuff instead of just playing simple basketball, like we did earlier in the year, it just affects us little by little. It just takes away from our energy. It’s like it’s taking little bites [out of us]. By the end of the game, there was no energy left.”
    • The Magic got some good news Saturday with the return of veteran guard D.J. Augustin. An important part of Orlando’s surprising early-season success, Augustin missed seven games with a hamstring injury. He was held scoreless in 17 minutes yesterday, but was averaging 8.3 points and 5.1 assists through his first eight games and shooting 39% from 3-point range.
    Luke Adams <![CDATA[2018 Salary Cap Outlook: Southwest Division]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79657 2017-11-17T21:11:30Z 2017-11-17T21:11:30Z NBA rosters will undergo some changes over the course of the 2017/18 season, particularly around the trade deadline, and those changes may have an impact on teams’ cap sheets for future seasons. Based on the NBA’s current rosters, however, we can identify which teams are most and least likely to have cap room in the summer of 2018, which will dictate the type of moves those clubs can make in the offseason.

    We’re taking a closer look at each of the NBA’s 30 teams by division this week. Today, we’re finishing up our series with the Southwest division. With the help of salary information compiled by Basketball Insiders, here’s how the summer of 2018 is shaping up for the five Southwest teams:

    Memphis GrizzliesMarc Gasol vertical
    Guaranteed 2018/19 team salary: $101,105,736
    Projection: Over the cap

    Mike Conley, Chandler Parsons, and Marc Gasol will earn a combined $78MM+ in 2018/19, so unless the Grizzlies trade one of those players, the team is extremely unlikely to create any meaningful cap space. If Memphis struggles and misses the playoffs this season, I could see trade rumors surrounding Gasol begin to intensify, but for now, we’re assuming the Grizzlies will begin the 2018 offseason over the projected $101MM salary cap.

    New Orleans Pelicans
    Guaranteed 2018/19 team salary: $91,577,138
    Projection: Over the cap

    With nearly $92MM committed to just seven players, the Pelicans would need to account for cap charges for five empty roster spots. Once those cap charges are added to team salary, New Orleans is left with about $5MM in potential cap room, which is less than the value of the mid-level exception. So even if the Pelicans don’t end up keeping DeMarcus Cousins‘ cap hold on their books to try to re-sign him, they’ll likely function as an over-the-cap club.

    San Antonio Spurs
    Guaranteed 2018/19 team salary: $78,410,994
    Projection: Up to approximately $18MM in cap room

    It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Spurs ultimately don’t have any cap room at their disposal for 2018. The team has three veterans holding player options, in Danny Green ($10MM), Rudy Gay ($8.8MM), and Joffrey Lauvergne ($1.7MM), as well as three potential restricted free agents (Kyle Anderson, Davis Bertans, and Bryn Forbes).

    It’s entirely possible that all three of those players with options turn them down, and it’s also within reason that the Spurs will let their RFAs go. Still, I’d expect at least two or three of those six players to remain in San Antonio. And if guys like Green and Gay are among those returnees, either on their options or on new contracts, then the Spurs’ cap space will evaporate in a hurry.

    Houston Rockets
    Guaranteed 2018/19 team salary: $78,123,448
    Projection: Up to approximately $18MM in cap room

    Like the Spurs, the Rockets could create a modest amount of cap room by parting ways with all their potential free agents, but the more likely scenario will see them stay over the cap. Chris Paul, Clint Capela, and Trevor Ariza will be among the most coveted free agents in the NBA, and re-signing even one of the three would likely take Houston over the cap, or close to it. Re-signing two, or all three, could push Houston into luxury-tax territory.

    Dallas Mavericks
    Guaranteed 2018/19 team salary: $41,269,318
    Projection: Up to approximately $35MM in cap room

    Based on their current team salary projections for 2018/19, the Mavericks could theoretically create up to $53MM in cap space. However, that’s probably an unrealistic estimate, since it doesn’t include Wesley Matthews‘ $18.6MM player option.

    The 31-year-old guard has failed to make more than 40% of his field goal attempts in any of his three seasons with the Mavs, and his .359 FG% so far this season is his worst mark yet. He’s also averaging just 11.2 PPG despite playing 34.6 minutes per contest. Simply put, Matthews isn’t going to find an $18MM salary on the open market if he turns down his option.

    As such, our projection for the Mavs assumes that Matthews will exercise that option, which still leaves Dallas with about $35MM in cap room. That would be more than enough to bring back Seth Curry and Dirk Nowitzki – if he doesn’t retire – and still have space left over.


    Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[Popovich: Kawhi Will Return 'Sooner Than Later']]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79479 2017-11-15T17:53:48Z 2017-11-15T03:23:37Z Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said injured superstar Kawhi Leonard is “gonna be back sooner rather than later” as he recovers from a right quadriceps injury, Tom Orsborn of The San Antonio Express-News writes. Leonard has not played this season due to the injury but the Spurs have performed well — they currently sit in third place in the Western Conference with a 9-5 record.

    San Antonio has relied heavily on role players while Leonard recovers. Popovich explained the Spurs’ need to operate as if Leonard does not exist because other teams will not feel sorry for their temporary loss. Thus far, at least, the team has made good on that goal.

    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Tony Parker Could Be Back By The End Of November]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79263 2017-11-12T02:40:10Z 2017-11-12T02:40:10Z
  • The Spurs will have Tony Parker back soon, according to a post by Michael C. Wright on ESPN Now. Coach Gregg Popovich said his point guard continues to make progress in rehab, and Parker has expressed hope that he will be cleared to play by the end of November. He was originally expected to be out of action until January after rupturing a left quadriceps tendon during the Western Conference semifinals.
  • ]]>
    Arthur Hill <![CDATA[Cavaliers Have ‘Strong Interest’ In Greg Monroe]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79249 2017-11-11T22:55:59Z 2017-11-11T22:55:59Z With a shortage of big men, the Cavaliers have turned their attention toward Greg Monroe and are considering an offer to the Suns, according to Sam Amico of AmicoHoops.

    The veteran power forward/center was shipped from Milwaukee to Phoenix this week as part of the Eric Bledsoe trade. The Suns reportedly don’t have any long-term plans for Monroe and would consider a buyout if they can’t move him in another deal.

    The 27-year-old is in the final year of his contract with a $17.8MM salary. In addition to providing an inside presence, Monroe is a “team-first player,” according to Amico, who would be willing to sacrifice his stats for the chance to rejoin a contender.

    Monroe appeared in just five games with the Bucks before the deal and had his minutes cut sharply to 15.8 per night. However, he is a proven scorer and rebounder who averaged 11.7 points and 6.6 rebounds in 81 games last season, then raised those numbers to 13.2 and 7.3 in the playoffs.

    The Cavaliers need inside help after losing starting center Tristan Thompson to a strained left calf in a November 1 game. He was projected to miss three to four weeks, which puts him out for most of the month.

    It’s not clear what the Suns might ask in return for Monroe, but Iman Shumpert [$10,337,079] and Channing Frye [$7,420,912] provide an almost perfect salary match. Shumpert, who was on the trading block throughout the offseason, has a player option for next year worth slightly more than $11MM, while Frye, who spent three seasons with Phoenix early in his career, has an expiring deal.

    Amico adds that the Spurs and Nuggets have also expressed interest in Monroe.

    Chris Crouse <![CDATA[Latest On Kawhi Leonard’s Return To The Court]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79073 2017-11-09T14:01:38Z 2017-11-09T04:31:47Z Kawhi Leonard hasn’t played since sustaining a serious ankle injury during last season’s playoffs and coach Gregg Popovich said the small forward is “coming along more slowly” than initially expected, Michael C. Wright of ESPN.com relays. Popovich added that “It’s just been more difficult for him to get through the rehab routine.” 

    The franchise has still hasn’t given a definitive timeline for Leonard to return to the court.

    The two-time All-Star was phenomenal for San Antonio last season, scoring a career-high 25.5 points per game and posting a player efficiency rating of 27.6. He trailed only Kevin Durant in Win Shares and while he didn’t win the MVP, he proved he belonged in the conversation.

    The Spurs certainly miss his production, though they are chugging along and taking an optimistic approach to the situation. The ageless Manu Ginobili believes that playing without the team’s top star gives the younger players a chance “to step up and gain confidence.”

    I think it’s a great thing for guys like [Bryn Forbes], [Brandon Paul], even [Kyle Anderson] having to be more responsible offensively, have more possessions, make more decisions,” Ginobili said. “So I think it’s going to end up being a great thing for the team in the long term. In the short term, we miss [Leonard]. We need him out there. And when he comes back, we are going to have to readjust. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but at this point, it’s making those guys step up and play a bigger role.”

    Mark Suleymanov <![CDATA[Ginobili: Leonard's Absence Has Allowed Other Players To Play]]> https://www.hoopsrumors.com/?p=79017 2017-11-08T06:13:31Z 2017-11-08T04:32:17Z
  • While the Spurs have a respectable 6-4 record without Kawhi Leonard, veteran Manu Ginobili feels that Leonard’s absence has been good in terms of giving young players more playing time, Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News writes. “Every time a team has to adjust to playing without its main player, others have to step up and gain confidence, and they end up being better players,” Ginobili said.
  • ]]>