Poll: Will LeBron James Return To Cavs In 2014?

Anyone who has either visited Miami or has the good fortune of living there knows that it's the kind of place that you don't want to leave.  Fantastic weather, Cuban sandwiches, pretty girls, the ability to wear an abundance of white without getting made fun of – Miami has it all. LeBron James has gotten to toss the Labor Day rule to the wayside while enjoying all of the roast pork he could ever want for two years and change while being at the center of one of the league's most dominant teams.  It's inconceivable to some that James would leave Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh by opting out after the 2013/14 season, yet some league executives and agents are absolutely convinced that he will use the opportunity to make a face turn and reverse the infamous "Decision" by returning to Cleveland in that summer.

On the surface, it seems incredibly unlikely that James would walk away from one of the strongest teams in the NBA in order to join forces with a team that still may be under construction in 18 months, even with a blossoming superstar in Kyrie Irving.  And while some superteams have reportedly dealt with locker room drama (we're looking at you, Dwight and Kobe), the Heat have by and large stayed as a cohesive unit and found enough shots for everyone.  

On the other hand, we already know that LeBron doesn't have any reservations about following his heart and changing zip codes if he feels that it's the best move to make.  When LeBron is faced with the first of his two-opt out years with Miami, he'll be closing in on his 30th birthday and hearing the chatter about his legacy and place amongst the all-time greats more than ever.  Winning a title with a Cavs team that likely won't have the same top-heavy roster as the Heat would be a massive plus for his resume.  Nuggets coach George Karl is a believer.  Are you?

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One thought on “Poll: Will LeBron James Return To Cavs In 2014?

  1. JacksonHart

    The odds of Lebron returning are about the same as me competing in the Dunk Contest


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