Outstanding NBA Trade Exceptions

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of traded player exceptions is below. These are salary cap exceptions teams can use to acquire one or more players whose salaries are no greater than the amount of the exception plus $100K. Trade exceptions cannot be combined or used to sign a free agent, and expire after one year. For more information on traded player exceptions, check out Hoops Rumors’ glossary entry.

The amount of the exception, the deal in which it was obtained, and the expiration date are listed below. If a team has used a portion of an exception, that is also indicated. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

List updated 2-8-19

Atlanta Hawks

Amount: $1,378,242
Obtained: Tyler Dorsey (Grizzlies)
Expires: 2/7/20

Boston Celtics

Amount: $450,000
Obtained: Abdel Nader (Thunder)
Expires: 7/23/19

Amount: $1,349,383
Obtained: Jabari Bird (Hawks)
Expires: 2/7/20

Charlotte Hornets

Amount: $7,819,725
Obtained: Dwight Howard (Nets)
Expires: 7/6/19

Chicago Bulls

Amount: $1,183,573
Obtained: Justin Holiday (Grizzlies)
Initial amount: $2,728,524
Used: Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot ($1,544,951)
Expires: 1/3/20

Cleveland Cavaliers

Amount: $2,760,095
Obtained: Sam Dekker (Wizards)
Expires: 12/9/19

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Wade Baldwin (Rockets)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $1,512,601
Obtained: Nik Stauskas (Rockets)
Expires: 2/7/20

Dallas Mavericks

Amount: $1,233,152
Obtained: Wesley Matthews (Knicks)
Initial amount: $12,925,460
Used: Zach Randolph ($11,692,308)
Expires: 1/31/20

Amount: $21,299,378
Obtained: Harrison Barnes (Kings)
Expires: 2/7/20

Denver Nuggets

Amount: $12,800,562
Obtained: Wilson Chandler (Sixers)
Expires: 7/8/19

Amount: $13,764,045
Obtained: Kenneth Faried (Nets)
Expires: 7/15/19

Amount: $5,919,961
Obtained: Darrell Arthur (Nets)
Expires: 7/15/19

Detroit Pistons

Amount: $2,500,000
Obtained: Reggie Bullock (Lakers)
Expires: 2/6/20

Amount: $1,140,682
Obtained: Stanley Johnson (Pelicans)
Expires: 2/7/20

Houston Rockets

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Chinanu Onuaku (Mavericks)
Expires: 8/2/19

Amount: $2,584,136
Obtained: Ryan Anderson (Suns)
Expires: 9/2/19

Amount: $955,172
Obtained: Michael Carter-Williams (Bulls)
Expires: 1/7/20

Amount: $1,512,601
Obtained: Carmelo Anthony (Bulls)
Expires: 1/22/20

Amount: $3,620,016
Obtained: Brandon Knight (Cavaliers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $3,206,160
Obtained: Marquese Chriss (Cavaliers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Wade Baldwin (Pacers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $1,512,601
Obtained: Nik Stauskas (Pacers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $1,621,415
Obtained: James Ennis (Sixers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Los Angeles Clippers

Amount: $2,760,095
Obtained: Sam Dekker (Cavaliers)
Expires: 8/7/19

Amount: $849,126
Obtained: Wesley Johnson (Pelicans)
Expires: 10/15/19

Amount: $9,800,000
Obtained: Tobias Harris (Sixers)
Expires: 2/6/20

Los Angeles Lakers

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Ivica Zubac (Clippers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Memphis Grizzlies

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Deyonta Davis (Kings)
Expires: 7/17/19

Amount: $2,416,222
Obtained: Jarell Martin (Magic)
Expires: 7/23/19

Amount: $8,000,000
Obtained: Garrett Temple (Clippers)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $1,512,601
Obtained: Shelvin Mack (Hawks)
Expires: 2/7/20

Miami Heat

Amount: $6,270,000
Obtained: Wayne Ellington (Suns)
Expires: 2/6/20

Minnesota Timberwolves

Amount: $2,667,600
Obtained: Justin Patton (Sixers)
Expires: 11/12/19

New Orleans Pelicans

Amount: $3,109,598
Obtained: Nikola Mirotic (Bucks)
Expires: 2/7/20

Oklahoma City Thunder

Amount: $10,883,189
Obtained: Carmelo Anthony (Hawks)
Expires: 7/25/19

Amount: $1,544,951
Obtained: Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (Bulls)
Expires: 2/3/20

Philadelphia 76ers

Amount: $957,480
Obtained: Dario Saric (Timberwolves)
Initial amount: $2,526,840
Used: Malachi Richardson ($1,569,360)
Expires: 11/12/19

Amount: $2,339,880
Obtained: Markelle Fultz (Magic)
Expires: 2/7/20

Toronto Raptors

Amount: $2,947,320
Obtained: Jakob Poeltl (Spurs)
Expires: 7/18/19

Amount: $1,569,360
Obtained: Malachi Richardson (Sixers)
Expires: 2/6/20

Amount: $1,512,601
Obtained: Greg Monroe (Nets)
Expires: 2/7/20

Amount: $2,536,898
Obtained: Delon Wright (Grizzlies)
Expires: 2/7/20

Utah Jazz

Amount: $3,976,515
Obtained: Alec Burks (Cavaliers)
Expires: 11/29/19

Washington Wizards

Amount: $957,609
Obtained: Marcin Gortat (Clippers)
Expires: 6/26/19

Amount: $694,405
Obtained: Jodie Meeks (Bucks)
Initial amount: $3,454,500
Used: Sam Dekker ($2,760,095)
Expires: 10/15/19

Amount: $2,955,654
Obtained: Jason Smith (Bucks)
Initial amount: $5,450,000
Used: Bobby Portis ($2,494,346)
Expires: 12/9/19

Amount: $3,208,630
Obtained: Kelly Oubre (Suns)
Expires: 12/17/19

Amount: $6,011,913
Obtained: Otto Porter (Bulls)
Expires: 2/6/20

Amount: $8,600,000
Obtained: Markieff Morris (Pelicans)
Expires: 2/7/20

Information from Basketball Insiders was used in the creation of this list.

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11 thoughts on “Outstanding NBA Trade Exceptions

  1. rxbrgr

    Basketball Insiders has the Bulls with a $1,074,720 trade exception for Marquis Teague. Not a huge difference but it makes their exception at least usable…

    • HoopsRumors

      Yeah, I checked around, and it looks like that’s indeed the amount. There are some differences among the different reputable sites on some of these, but it seems they’re in agreement here. Thanks!


  2. rxbrgr

    I think the Kings’ TPE for Thomas was reduced by $3m from the Terry/Gee trade. Or did they use a different exception to absorb Gee?

    • HoopsRumors

      It sure was, thanks for the catch! I’d thought they’d matched salaries in that trade, but instead they put Gee into the Thomas exception and Hopson into the Thornton exception, allowing them to create an exception equivalent to Jason Terry’s salary.


  3. Read on Twitter Knicks no longer have exceptions because they got under the cap. Can you clarify, reading this list makes me think otherwise.

    • Chuck Myron

      They will almost certainly cease to have their trade exceptions soon after the July Moratorium, but for now, since there’s not yet a known cap figure to go under, and since they haven’t renounced any of their cap holds nor any of these exceptions, they technically still have them. Hope this helps!

    • They have them from Melo trade (2.3 or so) and WH trade (1.4 or so). They’ll last until the 1 year anniversaries of those deals. Using cap space will vitiate all exceptions (not just the TPEs). But merely having it does not, although that’s largely irrelevant because IF a team is otherwise under the “cap” (after renouncing cap holds) then “cap space” is computed after deducting all FA exceptions (MLE, BAE, TPEs and DPEs) available to that team, similar to deducting “cap holds” to the point renounced. So, any team under the cap after un-renounced cap holds can elect to use cap space (by renouncing those exceptions) or operating over the cap and use those exceptions. It’s a choice. Traditionally, unless you had substantial cap space in excess of the MLE, you would use the MLE and keep the other exceptions like TPEs, and, as important your cap holds, in place (the latter last forever until renounced).

  4. rxbrgr

    Can you explain how the trade exception for Markieff Morris came to be? It appears the trade for him with WAS was a simultaneous trade from both directions, and I thought trade exceptions could only be created with non-simultaneous trades?

    • Chuck Myron

      You can gain a trade exception worth a player’s partial salary if you don’t aggregate that salary with anyone else’s. The salaries for Humphries and Blair added up to $1.56MM less than the Morris salary, allowing the exception for the difference.

  5. I know it’s because of the rising cap, but this has to be an all-time low for trade exceptions, right? It’s pretty much just the Cavs, and only Varejao’s is of any real significance.

    • Luke Adams

      Yeah, I’m not sure of the exact numbers, and I don’t know if there’s a way to go back and find out, but this is definitely the fewest TPEs I can recall seeing at a given time since Hoops Rumors launched (and probably well before that).

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