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Magic, Warriors, Hornets Discussing Ellis Deal

6:13pm: According to's Marc Stein, Golden State has moved away from talks of a three-team deal that would send Monta Ellis to Orlando. In a tweet, Stein says the Warriors are far more interested in assembling a package to offer Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut. Stein went on to say that the Warriors would be unwilling to part with Ellis, even if it meant getting rid of Andris Biedrins' contract, one of the worst in the league. According to an ESPN report by both Stein and Chris Broussard, the Magic will continue to spend the next 48 hours seeking various options on how they can add an enticing player to keep Dwight Howard happy. If they can't make a splash, they'll then spend the last 24 hours before the deadline looking at all their trade options.

1:57pm: The Magic, Hornets, and Warriors are discussing a three-way trade that would send Monta Ellis to Orlando, multiple league sources tell Jarrod Rudolph of According to Rudolph, Warriors players being discussed include Ellis, Andris Biedrins, and Dorell Wright, while Magic players mentioned include Ryan Anderson, J.J. Redick, Hedo Turkoglu, Quentin Richardson, and Daniel Orton. Taking into account the Warriors' reported interest in Chris Kaman, the Hornets' involvement likely means Kaman would be going to Golden State if a deal was reached.

Although nothing is imminent, talks are ongoing, says Rudolph. I'd be surprised to see the three clubs work out an agreement, given all the moving parts involved, not to mention the presence of the league-owned Hornets — with David Stern still acting as the team's de facto owner, he'll have the opportunity to turn down any trade he doesn't feel benefits the team.

Reports in recent weeks have also indicated that the Warriors aren't looking to move Ellis unless they can acquire Dwight Howard. So it would be unexpected to see them move the Western Conference player of the week to Orlando for non-Howard assets. As Sam Amick of tweets, Joe Lacob seems unlikely to help the Magic keep Howard, since the Warriors owner covets the star center himself.

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15 thoughts on “Magic, Warriors, Hornets Discussing Ellis Deal

  1. jwsox

    Interesting. Ellis and Howard could be wry good together. Although Ellis wants the spot light just as much as Howard. Obviously this is to try and convince Howard to stay but they might be giving up to much to gamble on Dwight staying. It’s still not enough to push then past the bulls or the heat. But at least if Dwight does leave or get traded in a separate deal( best idea for the magic) they still have Ellis to build around.

    • BrickTops

      A gamble I think they have to take. If they trade Howard then they will suck ( See Cavs) if Howard leaves at year end they will Suck. They have to go all in and try to keep him. unfortunately I believe that an elite PG is the only way he stays.

    • sportsfan07

      It won’t happen. The Warriors are insistent that Ellis only goes if it means getting Dwight Howard back. Plus no one can build around Monta Ellis because he doesn’t make the people around him better. He is much better for a team if he is the team’s 2nd or ideally 3rd option on offense.

  2. Just a sports fan

    a trade that financially would work

    ORL gets- Ellis(GS), Biedrins(GS), and Wright(GS)

    GS gets- Kaman(NO), Reddick(ORL), and Andersen(ORL)

    NO gets- Hedo(ORL), Quentin(ORL), and Orton(ORL)

    • jwsox

      Financially it makes sense but there is no way stern allows the hornets to get fleeced like that. They would be the loosers jn that deal unless there are a ton of first round draft picks heading new orleans way. Thinking that he turned down the Chris Paul to the laker deal which would have benefited the hornets more than the clippers trade did there is no way the league allows that trade to happen. The lakers gm will throw a fit.

    • HoopsRumors

      I’d imagine Hedo and Reddick would switch places — New Orleans will want expiring contracts rather than Hedo’s long-term cap hit, and I believe Redick’s deal is non-guaranteed for next year. Plus, Hedo’s contract isn’t as bad for the Warriors, since they’d be getting rid of Biedrins’ deal.

      link to

      • HoopsRumors

        Still not sure that deal makes sense for all three teams though.

        • jwsox

          I agree that reddick and hedo need to switch. It only makes sense if the hornets get at least 4 draft picks. 2012 and 2013 unprotected first rounders from both teams. Other than that the hornets would be getting pick pocketed.

          • BrickTops

            Can’t trade 1st round picks back to back years

          • sportsfan07

            Nope you can’t. The NBA forces teams to have their own 1st rounder in at least every other draft. The Warriors can’t even send a 1st round pick of their own until 2016 because of the Marcus Williams trade. That pick is top 7 protected in this upcoming draft. Top 6 protected in the following 2 drafts. If the 1st rounder is not given up by 2014, then the Warriors will send 2nd rounders in 2014 and 2016. So no the Warriors cannot send their 1st round picks unless the Magic want the Warriors 2016 and 2018 first rounders.

          • BLB25

            Warriors don’t have the rights to their 2012 pick, its likely headed to Utah via NJ. Also, I don’t see why the Warriors would make that deal even without the picks. Turkoglu’s contract is arguably worse than Biedrins’. He’s still a better player, but he’s paid more and will he still be better in 2 years? I think I’d rather keep Biedrins than have Turkoglu on a team without Dwight. In addition to that they’d essentially be swapping Ellis and Wright for Kaman. Sure, they need a center and/or cap space, but with no real reason to believe Kaman will re-sign at a reasonable price would it really be worth basically cutting Ellis and Wright loose and risking getting nothing more than 20 games of decent center play and some cap space? I can’t imagine a scenario where that cap space goes towards a player(s) significantly better than Ellis and Wright. They have to know chances of luring Dwight via free agency to come play with Curry, Klay Thompson, Hedo, and David Lee would be incredibly slim.

    • Ryan111

      so where does dwight go?? ahha

  3. ThinkBlue10

    My fantasy team benefits from this trade. Get it done! :D

  4. matt galvin

    Davis as your starting PF or maybe Biedrins?

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