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Hoops Rumors is a clearinghouse for relevant, legitimate NBA rumors. The site focuses on trades and free agent signings. Rumors come from established journalists, and always include a link to the source material. All 30 teams are covered. Luke Adams, the site’s head writer, is supported by a full team of NBA fanatics.

Hoops Rumors has new material 365 days a year, and attempts to post all rumors with analysis as soon as they are available. The site was created by Tim Dierkes in 2012, following the model of his successful MLB Trade Rumors.

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3 years 2 months ago

Do you have a football site with the same model?

3 years 2 months ago

At the moment, no. It’s something that could surface down the road though.

— Luke

2 years 11 months ago

I think this is a great way to keep track of NBA moves. I will refer my fellow sports gaming enthusiasts to the site. Best Wishes!!

1 year 17 days ago

great site, i always come here for the latest nba news, keep it up guys!

11 months 29 days ago

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