Magic Sign Jameer Nelson

JULY 25TH, 7:56am: Nelson's deal will pay him $8.6MM in each of the first two seasons, and $8MM in year three, tweets Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld. The third season is partially guaranteed, but Nelson could make over $25MM if he receives the full guarantee.

JULY 16TH, 9:20pm: Jameer Nelson has signed a three-year deal with the Magic, tweets the Orlando Sentinel's Joshua Robbins. 

JULY 5TH, 2:34pm: Nelson's agent confirmed to Chris Tomasson of FOX Sports Florida that Nelson's new contract will be for three years (Twitter link).

9:52am: Jameer Nelson and the Magic have reached an agreement on a new contract, according to Joshua Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel (via Twitter). The point guard turned down his player option for 2012/13 in hopes of signing a multiyear deal to remain in Orlando.

Reports on the amount of Nelson's 2012/13 option varied from source to source, perhaps due to incentives included in the deal, but it would have paid him at least $7MM, and perhaps in excess of $8MM. However, Nelson wasn't interested in playing on an expiring contract and becoming a year-long trade chip. While his new contract may not match the annual salary he would've earned in 2012/13, it's a near certainty that it will be for at least two or three years.

Nelson struggled at times this past season, setting a career-low in FG% (.427), and averaging just 11.9 PPG and 14.6 PER. But the 30-year-old is still a capable point guard and has expressed a desire to stay in Orlando long-term, something that can't be said about all the players on the Magic roster.

Nelson is the latest domino to fall on the point guard market, as Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, George Hill, and Andre Miller have already agreed to deals.

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6 thoughts on “Magic Sign Jameer Nelson

  1. J BB_30

    Fuck You Magic GM!!!

  2. One_johnson_fans

    Don’t understand…. alot of teams are trying to get better but the Magic keep Jameer, why????? he is a mediocre point guard at best and why didn’t they go after someone like Nash or Williams or someone to improve the roster since D12 is leaving????

    • Coachdp3

      I think jameer is a really good back up, maybe that is the plan once Dwight is traded, Magic looking at a Kyle Lowry as starter, jameer backup. With all the major cities going after 3 all stars and have no money for great roll players, why not load up on the best roll players and win by out playing the other TEAM… with a good coach, I feel it can be done and this is the direction the Magic are heading.

      • Hector Cortes

        Yea I agree totally , Nelson is still a productive player and a fan favorite in Orlando I honestly think this is good move for the Magic. Rob is smart i’m sure he still has plenty of things up his sleeve but just wants to get thru the Dwight situation first.

  3. Omega

    I really feel all this is a complete ruse. Rob Hennigan is out in LA making a hard run at Chris Paul. It may be a last ditch effort, but him and Dwight would be lethal together. If he could make a splash like that, they could get Dwight to hush for a lil bit at least.

  4. Cabrioclark

    It is sounding like same old. Big man in the middle-kick it out for 3 pt.-run back on defense. Been there with Howard. No one else will do it better. How about a little more speed and ball handling ability. The play offs were fun to watch. The old heart and hustle was fun to watch. Endless perimeter stand and shoot. Boring!!


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