David Harrison

And-Ones: Lottery, Calipari, White

Lottery reform came close to happening last year, but commissioner Adam Silver thinks it will be a couple of years before the league considers it again, as he told Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe.

“There’s a recognition that the lottery is only one aspect of how to build a team,” Silver said. “And given the inflow of the new television money next season and the large increase in the cap, ultimately the owners concluded that while we think we need to take a fresh look at the lottery system, let’s wait and look at the system holistically once the new money comes in.”

The Sixers and Thunder were reportedly the leaders of the opposition to derail a reform measure last year that had appeared likely to pass before they and 13 others teams blocked it. Here’s more from the NBA at large:

  • Rumors persist that John Calipari has interest in coaching in the NBA, with the Kings the team most recently linked to him, but Calipari reiterated to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com that he wants to remain at the University of Kentucky and doesn’t want an NBA return. “I don’t,” Calipari said. “I went through some things last year and I had a simple question for an owner. The impact I have on these young people, the impact to help change their families’ lives, the impact I have in the seat I’m in at Kentucky to move people in a positive way, can I have that in the NBA? Where do I get the satisfaction from? What do we do that has an impact on a community, has an impact on people, or am I just coaching to try to help you make more money and win a championship? Tell me how because I’m a stage in my life that’s not what moves me.’ “
  • Former first-round pick Royce White is focused on a return to the NBA and is considering a $200K offer from the Amerileague, a new U.S.-based semipro league, reports Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com. Four-year veteran and fellow former first-rounder David Harrison has already signed a $200K deal of his own to join the league, which aims to offer top high school talent an alternative to college ball, as Goodman details. “Ultimately I believe I can play in the NBA and I want to do whatever I can to get back there,” said White, whose fear of flying sparked controversy that’s helped limit him to just three NBA appearances so far. “I’m 24 and to this point my career has had little to do with my ability. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that I require a lot of special accommodations and that’s not the case. I’m willing to fly, and flew several times to play in Orlando this past summer [for summer league with the Clippers].”

And-Ones: Saunders, Salier, Harrison

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor was non-committal regarding whether or not Flip Saunders would coach the team next season, Brett Pollakoff of NBCSports.com relays. “It’s not definite,” Taylor said. “But in my mind, with the effort that he put in this year to bring this team along, it’s probably 90%. If he sees somebody and he changes his mind, he certainly could convince me. I think eventually I want a different coach, and I want him to be the GM. My guess is that he’ll go another year.” Taylor also indicated that the franchise landing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft won’t change matters, Pollakoff adds. “I think that Flip will change [his mind] if he sees somebody in the coaching ranks that he really respects, and thinks in the long run that they will be the right guy for this team, then I think he’ll make that decision,” Taylor said.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Tim Salier, the Spurs‘ Sports and Entertainment Vice President of Franchise Business Operations, was named the 2015 NBA D-League Team Executive of the Year today, the team announced. “We are very pleased to honor Tim with the Team Executive of the Year Award in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the NBA D-League, the NBA and the Austin community,” said D-League president Malcolm Turner.  “Under Tim’s leadership, the Austin Spurs have become a prime example of a how an NBA D-League team should be run to both benefit its NBA parent club and be independently successful.
  • David Harrison, a former Pacers first-rounder, is looking to make a comeback to the NBA, and he has hired Zachary Charles of 3pt Sports Management for representation, Cameron Chung of The Sports Agent Blog reports. Charles made it clear that Harrison’s return is not about money, saying, “[Harrison] would play for free. He’s back in love with he game and just wants an opportunity to play. At the end of the day, he’s a 7′ center with a nice jump shot and dominating post moves. He’s a great guy who deserves a shot and his first shot unfairly taken from him. He’s looking at the NBA Summer League, D-League, and overseas.
  • Kiki Vandeweghe, the league’s senior vice-president of basketball operations, said that the NBA is unlikely to pass any sort of draft lottery reform to prevent tanking this offseason, Zach Lowe of Grantland writes. “I don’t see anything happening in the immediate future,” Vandeweghe said. “We will continue to study it.”