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Lin Signs Rockets’ Offer Sheet; Knicks To Match?

JULY 15TH, 9:05am: The acquisition of Raymond Felton doesn't mean Lin's tenure in New York has come to a close, as head coach Mike Woodson has been known to use two point guards in the backcourt, writes Jared Zwerling of 

JULY 14TH, 11:00pm: According to Marc Stein of, the Knicks have received Lin's offer sheet from the Rockets and have until 11:59pm on Tuesday to match the offer (Twitter link).

5:46pm: Contrary to previous reports, the Rockets have not yet delivered the Lin offer sheet to the Knicks, reports Feigen (via Twitter).

4:18pm: The Rockets have met with Grunwald and the three-day period to match has begun, Feigen tweets.

3:39pm: In an odd twist, the Knicks seem to be playing a game of keep-away from the Rockets in an attempt to tie up their cap as long as possible, as Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports. The Knicks, in Las Vegas for the summer league, have refused to accept the offer sheet at their team hotel, despite a courier's attempts to reach Knicks officials by phone and at their rooms. The Rockets sent the offer sheet via FedEx to the Knicks offices in New York, but the league has said GM Glen Grunwald must receive it personally (All Twitter links). The Knicks are reportedly upset with the Rockets for increasing the third-year salary in the offer to about $14.9MM. 

3:00pm: The Knicks have yet to receive a signed offer sheet from the Rockets, tweets Steve Popper of the Bergen Record, and New York is unsure it will see the offer sheet at any point today, reports Newsday's Al Iannazzone, via Twitter

JULY 13TH, 3:37pm: According to a handful of reporters, including's Marc Stein (Twitter link), the Knicks are expected to take the full three days to match the Rockets' offer sheet, tying up Houston's cap in the process.

2:57pm: Lin officially signed his offer sheet from the Rockets today, according to TNT's David Aldridge. Interestingly, the originally-reported terms seem to have been modified — Aldridge says that the deal is now for three years and $25.1MM, with a maximum salary in the third year (about $14.9MM). However, the Knicks still intend to match it, says Aldridge (Twitter links).

JULY 6TH, 7:58am: The Rockets' offer sheet agreement with Lin "hardly created a ripple" for the Knicks, who intend to match it, writes Marc Berman of the New York Post.

"He's their guy," one source told Berman. "They'll match."

JULY 5TH, 6:35pm: Jeremy Lin has agreed to terms on an offer sheet from the Rockets, tweets Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston. The deal is a four-year, $28.8MM offer with a team option in the final year, writes Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld (on Twitter). New York will have three days to match the offer beginning July 11. 

According to reports, the Knicks are willing to pay whatever neccesary to retain Lin's services, tweets Marc Stein of Ken Berger of says Lin's offer from the Rockets spikes during the third year of the contract due to the Gilbert Arenas Provision (on Twitter). Lin will reportedly earn $5MM during his first year with the Rockets, $5.2MM in his second and $9.3MM during the third and fourth years of his contract, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter).

The Rockets are in the market for a starting point guard after seemingly losing Goran Dragic to the Suns during free agency and trading Kyle Lowry to the Raptors. Houston's offer to Lin is similar to the one Dragic received from the Suns, except for Dragic's All-Star bonuses and his player option versus Lin's team option in the fourth year, tweets Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.


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45 thoughts on “Lin Signs Rockets’ Offer Sheet; Knicks To Match?

  1. Calvinlee1995

    Fucking damn it. The Rockets have no talent, so if Lin wants to leave a team with two superstars and a mentor like he wanted, go ahead. But I hope Jeremy can come back. He can become a star with us.

    • Jimdarling1

      You’re talent may be the most selfish bunch of clowns in the league except for chandler!
      You will get NOWHERE with Carmelo!

      Go rockets!

      • alphakira

        Apparently the Rockets will go nowhere with no one – since your best players left or were traded…I guess you’re hoping for a deep playoff run with Scola and Kevin Martin?

    • YourBase

      Jeremy is a restricted free agent. Other teams can agree to offer sheets with him, but they can’t outright sign him. Since an offer sheet has been agreed upon, all the Knicks need to do is match it and Jeremy stays in NYC.

  2. Reyyross59

    Jeremy lin belone to knicks,MSG is his home.

  3. Kai Boogie

    Lin is a BUM… good riddance.. 30 million dollars for a 1.2 million dollar a year player at best.. fuck outahere

    • YourBase

      Um, it’s just an offer sheet. So long as the Knicks match it, which they almost certainly will, Jeremy Lin will remain a Knick.

  4. Reyyross59

    Let go knicks

  5. Bpappas95

    Leave the team that made you who you are for a team signed you and cut you before last season even started. I actually thought that Lin would say no to Houston because of that.

    • alphakira

      He wouldn’t have signed the offer sheet if he wasn’t sure the Knicks would match it. He has no interest in leaving, this was simply a business move since the Knicks had outright said they’re not making the first move. The kid went to Harvard, I think he knows what he’s doing.

    • cseehausen

      Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic were and still are better players than Lin. If anything the Rockets did Lin a favor–there would have never been Linsanity if he had stayed in Houston because he would not have gotten any playing time.

  6. greek

    knicks will match any offer 30m, 31m, any, the problem is that Lin was offered $$ from the same cats who dist him

  7. Dbbrowne92

    Would you reject the offer sheet in the off chance the knicks dont offer him anything especially considering they just got kidd? Hes not saying yes to the offer hes agreeing that he’ll go to houston if the knicks offer him no deal/worse deal

  8. Javiermontalvojr

    They Knicks should just let him go & pick up Felton, why should the Knicks waste money they don’t have that’s what the league is trying to do

    • YourBase

      Dolan is rich. He can absorb the increased tax. Plus, Lin is one of the most valuable players (from a marketing standpoint) in the NBA. Why let that go for a not so bad deal like this? He also has much more upside than Felton and played better than he ever did.

  9. Javiermontalvojr

    The same way New York made him they can break him

  10. Datpost

    Knick wonT give a contract if he says no to rocket wat would u do he would be practicing with the USA team by now if knock gave him a fair deal

    • Joe Mcgrath

      Do you speak English?

  11. BaseGodDinero

    The Knicks are going to give him the same deal with the team option and if he sucks he can drop him

  12. Hector Cortes

    $8 million a year for Jeremy Lin jesus the market is terrible this offseason… this guy hasn’t even proven himself for a whole season and he’s getting paid like he’s an upper tier PG yea good luck with that Knicks…

    • alphakira

      5 first year, 5.2 second year, 9.3 third year, and an option for a fourth. Hardly a bad contract.

      • Hector Cortes

        lol nope not anymore its only a 3 year deal and the last year is atrocious $15 million for the year again good luck with that Knicks…

  13. remyngtin

    Not going anywhere

  14. ShortBanks

    Knicks will re-sign

  15. remyngtin

    Knicks re-sign

  16. Gonzalesv

    i think the rockets should of made it hard on the knicks by offering him the max which would of been 15 million on the 3rd and 4th year ..

    • dc21892

      That would have been foolish. The rockets want to rebuild not screw themselves over.

  17. Gonzalesv

    its wierd how the deal changed all the sudden . sounds like morey and the knicks may have talked and now morey did the knicks a favor by only making the 4thseason a really high number because by that time chandler and amares contract would be up ..

    • HoopsRumors

      Actually, if anything, the Rockets made it harder on the Knicks. The fourth year has been scrapped entirely and it’s the third year with the big salary bump. The Knicks are going to be paying some serious money that season — over $77MM to Lin, ‘Melo, Chandler, and Amare.

      — Luke

      • cseehausen

        That sounds like a great plan, until you’re stuck with Jeremy Lin being paid the max…

        • HoopsRumors

          To be fair, if the Knicks don’t match, the Rockets can spread the cap hit more evenly ($8.4MMish per year). But I think they’re pretty sure the Knicks will match.

          — Luke

  18. Guest

    wow the knicks are acting like 3rd graders and playing keep away. grow up and accept the offer sheet and either match it or dont

    • hardcoreforhardcore

      If someone is screwing you over why would you make things easier on them? The Knicks are acting accordingly.

      • knick fan

        rockets arent screwing anyone over. if its too expensive then let him go.

        • hardcoreforhardcore

          Because poison pills aren’t intended to screw anyone over. Right.

          • James Epstein

            Knicks understood the initial offer given to them was that the third year was 9 Million Dollars and Mike Woodson went on record of saying he would be the starter and did not “blink” at that wage. Since they changed it, they deserve the waiting game. Eye for an eye. Tie up their cap space and let them watch their other targets go off the board before we match.

          • knick fan

            it wont matter in the end. the knicks still wont win anything.

          • hardcoreforhardcore

            How clever of you. You really presented a solid argument and backed up everything else you’ve been saying.

          • knick fan

            when did the knicks last win? 1970’s lmao

          • James Epstein

            This dude is a troll. Don’t even bother. I certainly won’t anymore.

          • knick fan

            the joke is on the knicks when they will be paying 80+ million for 6 guys in a few years. LMFAO

  19. alphakira

    *facepalm* Why are people so sure the Knicks are now done with Lin? Dolan is a business man and has rarely cared about basketball savvy moves – he’ll sign Lin, he’s a cash cow. Simple as that.

    PG: Lin/ Felton
    SG: Smith/ Kidd
    SF: Melo/ Novak
    PF: Stat/ Thomas
    C: Chandler/ Camby

    White and Prigioni will never see time, barring an injury. When Shump comes back he backs up PG/SG spot when defense is needed and when they play small.
    That’s 4 guards, 3 forwards, and a center as backup. Last year they relied on Mike Bibby in the playoffs when two of their PGs went down. Now they don’t need to worry about that. This is a MUCH better team than last year.

    What’s the issue?

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