Keith Bogans To Get $5MM In 2013/14

There's still a lot of debate over who the winner is in the Nets/Celtics swap, but one player in the deal has undoubtedly come out on top.  Keith Bogans, who earned just $854K with the Nets last season, will see a substantial raise next season thanks to being included in the deal in a sign-and-trade.

In order to make the numbers work, the veteran will earn $5MM next season with the Celtics under his new contract, tweets Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times.  The guard/forward will get a three-year deal, so it will be roughly $15MM over three seasons , with the final two unlikely to be guaranteed (link).

By Pincus' math (link), the Celtics will also receive a $7.37MM trade exception in the swap for part of Kevin Garnett's salary.  None of these numbers are set in stone, however, as they are only approximations until the deal can be consummated on July 10th.

The early thinking on Bogans' contract is that he is allowed to receive up to the average league salary as a player with bird rights, which comes out to roughly $5.2MM (link).  However, a raise of 20% or more in his salary triggers the Base Year Compensation rule of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is designed to prevent teams from using players in a sign-and-trade for the express purpose of salary matching.  

Under BYC, the player's outgoing salary is either his previous salary or 50% of his new salary, whichever is greater.  Bogans will see ~$5MM in 2013/14 under the new deal, but his salary for the purposes of the trade will be calculated as ~$2.5MM.  Regardless, the 33-year-old will see a raise of about $4.2MM next season thanks to the blockbuster deal.  

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