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Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio stopped by the comments section to give feedback on our Offseason Outlook for the Hawks, and we’ve had plenty of response to the stories shaping what promises to be a wild NBA summer. The latest Hoops Rumors Mock Draft from our Alex Lee sparked plenty of debate, and reader Scott shared his thoughts on what the Sixers, drafting third and 10th, should do.

  • Jabari Parker and Doug McDermott are not very athletic, which is something I think Philly values. I could see them taking Dante Exum at No. 3 if Parker is one of the big three who falls. I also see them looking to pick Gary Harris instead of McDermott at No. 10 if they do take Parker. Harris is small for a shooting guard, but Michael Carter-Williams makes up for it with his size. Also, I like James Young as another option. To me, they need a go-to scorer eventually and I don’t see them getting it in free agency. I think Parker at No. 3 or Young at No. 10 might be their best options. It’ll be curious if they dangle Thaddeus Young to L.A. or Sacramento if a player they like falls.

As David Griffin gets to work as Cleveland’s GM for the long haul, Keith B McGlothin wonders why Griffin doesn’t get more of the blame for the team’s inability to make the playoffs the last four seasons.

  • David Griffin has been in the building since LeBron James left Cleveland. He has been the VP of Basketball Operations (2010), so why aren’t the failures of the organization he spoke of not HIS FAILURES as well?

I pointed to the inherent value of David Lee‘s high-caliber offensive production amid a report suggesting the Magic have interest in the Warriors power forward, but jeffdg isn’t in Lee’s corner:

  • He is a negative value asset, and GSW would have to give up something to move him, or take back another undesirable contract. Sure, he is a solid offensive player, but he is much better suited as a third big  — a scoring big off the bench — at about 40% of his current salary. I can’t see anyone giving up anything of value to acquire him.

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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