Warriors May Pursue Dirk Nowitzki

The Warriors could make a run at Dirk Nowitzki if they fail in their pursuit of top free agent target Kevin Durant, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob and GM Bob Myers have bounced around the idea of adding the Mavericks’ longtime franchise player, who is expected to opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent, Kawakami continues. Nowitzki made just $8,333,334 last season in a team-friendly deal that helped them sign free agents Wesley Matthews and Chandler Parsons. He is scheduled to make $8,692,184 next season.

Lacob told reporters after Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, including ESPN’s Marc Stein, that the club will be “very aggressive” in pursuing roster changes this offseason.

Nowitzki could be the team’s starting center in place of Andrew Bogut, or head the second unit as an upgrade over Marreese Speights or Festus Ezeli, Kawakami points out. However, landing Durant is the top priority while Nowitzki would be a next-­tier discussion for the Warriors, who are unsure if Nowitzki would seriously consider leaving Dallas after spending his entire career there, Kawakami adds.

As Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News recently reported, Nowitzki was leaning toward signing a two- or three-year deal with the Mavericks. But if Nowitzki believes the franchise is too far away from serious title contention, he may be persuaded to join a team like the Warriors in pursuit of a second ring. The Mavericks defeated the Heat in the 2011 Finals.

Dallas was 42-40 this past season and lost in the opening round of the playoffs after its top free agent target last summer, DeAndre Jordan, spurned them at the last minute and rejoined the Clippers.

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15 thoughts on “Warriors May Pursue Dirk Nowitzki

  1. KnicksCavsFan

    I would be a bit shocked (and disappointed) if Dirk joined the Warriors. It would be great if he stayed and retired as a Mavs. I also think he can help recruit another star player. A lot of interesting star players should be on the move this summer.

    • josc2

      Agreed that he stays with Mavs, but not sure he’s a solid recruiter at this juncture in his career. Has clearly tailed off from his prime and the team is no where near contention in the west. Or East for that matter.

    • GeauxRangers

      No superstar would want to play for the garbage teams Cuban and Donny have put together as we continue to see in free agency every year

  2. MiamiPhins34

    Not a chance. Him and Cuban respect each other too much and it’s too important to Dirk to stay with one team his whole career.

  3. Daniel

    Who on earth presented this rumor??? I mean come on Dirk is resigning back with Dallas and GS is going after KD. I mean the Warriors saw what KD did to them even though the Warriors won the west championship. They’re not getting Dirk not a freaking chance, and I will end that statement with a NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Golden State will sign KD no doubt their lineup:

    Steph Curry
    Klay Thompson
    Kevin Durant
    Draymond Green
    Andrew Bogut

    Domination out of everybody

    • I’m not 100% sold on KD going to the Warriors. If he went there the Warriors would basically be an unstoppable power house and would definetly be the favorites but I’m still not sure if he would do that. Considering he was one game away from taking OKC to the finals over the Warriors, he might feel that OKC could do it this year and since he’s spent his entire career thus far with that franchise, it might be more satisfying for him to make it there with OKC rather than GS. Also, if he went to GS, he should get chastised for “teaming up” as LeBron did with Miami. Similar to LeBron, it would kind of prove that KD feels he can’t win a ring with Westbrook or on his own and needs to form a superteam.

      • Daniel

        But didn’t Durant say that he didn’t wanted to be second string to Russell Westbrook?

        • I don’t know if he ever said that…but I don’t think anyone considers Durant second-string to Westbrook. If anything, they’re 1A and 1B.

          • Daniel

            My next question is if Russell Westbrook opts out next year will be really sign with the Lakers

  4. ozzie

    I DON”T THINK SO. Dirk’s not getting any younger 38 now. He’s slowed down a little which can be expected but he still put up some good numbers. Obviously, there’s going to be some changes at GS. I just don’t know how Dirk fits into the future of the team at his age? I don’t see him leaving the Mavs but then again, who knows? The real question is, will Curry be leaving GS to play in NC after his contracts up? We know he’s talked about wanting to finish his career playing for the Hornets, his favorite team while growing up and the same team that his dad Dell played for. It would be nice……….

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