Bulls Notes: Carmelo Trade, Boylen, Forman, Rose

The Bulls will receive $1,566,570 in cash from the Rockets in the Carmelo Anthony trade, reports Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders (via Twitter). As was the case with the deal the two teams completed earlier in the month involving Michael Carter-Williams, Houston will send that cash in installments — 10 payments of $66,657 will be followed by a lump sum of $900K before July, according to Pincus, who adds that Chicago didn’t require Anthony to pass a physical or report to the team to finalize the swap.

Each NBA team is permitted to send and receive no more than $5.243MM in trades during the 2018/19 league year. As our breakdown of traded cash shows, Houston is now nearly at its limit, with only about $566K still available to send out. Chicago, meanwhile, could still receive up to about $2.61MM.

Here’s more on the Bulls:

  • Mark Schanowski of NBC Sports Chicago identifies a number of important issues the Bulls will be evaluating during the second half of the season, including whether or not head coach Jim Boylen should return next season, Kris Dunn‘s potential to be the club’s long-term answer at point guard, and whether Bobby Portis deserves a lucrative new deal in the offseason.
  • In a column for The Chicago Sun-Times, Joe Cowley makes a case for why the Bulls need to strongly consider replacing general manager Gar Forman.
  • Meanwhile, over at The Chicago Tribune, K.C. Johnson argues that this offseason is the right time for the Bulls to bring former MVP Derrick Rose back home to Chicago.
  • During an appearance on Nate Duncan’s Dunc’d On podcast, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports revisited the nearrevolt that took place early in Jim Boylen‘s tenure as Bulls head coach, noting that Zach LaVine was “kind of running things” and that Robin Lopez was the veteran who helped hold things together.
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5 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Carmelo Trade, Boylen, Forman, Rose

  1. TJECK109

    Maybe the Bulls can call JG Wentworth and get their cash now. Seriously never heard of 10 payments of 66k. Houston must be hoping to recover some of that with interest off the 900k.

  2. Jason Lancaster

    This “we’ll take Melo off your hands for $1.5 million” story is the perfect illustration of the horrible ownership and management in Chicago.

    – Team is losing nearly every game
    – Veterans are begging for trades
    – Younger players are trying to pad their stats so they can be more attractive trade candidates
    – Coaching staff knows they’re going to be fired, so they’re taking it easy

    But the front office?? They’re figuring out how to show the old man a profit. “See Mr. Reinsdorf? You need to keep us around because we know how to collect cash from other owners. We’ve made almost $5 million this year!”

    What a joke. NBA needs to remove Reinsdorf from the league ASAP. He’s ruining an historic franchise.

    • Djones246890

      I honestly think the commissioner needs to take a serious look at the Bulls ownership. Their needs to be more accountability in situations line this. Reinsdorf barely even cares about basketball. The White Sox are his baby. The Bulls are just his crony jobs program. Guy couldn’t care less what happens as long as those shekels keep coming in.

  3. Boylen must go & ASAP
    Dunn’s a keeper, that’s for sure, no doubt about it
    Portis no way should get a lucrative new deal, he can stay on the cheap or let him go, ain’t that good really.

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