Kawhi Leonard Won’t Hold Meetings On Sunday

Free agent Kawhi Leonard has decided not to hold any meetings with interested teams on Sunday night, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. 

Leonard’s process is expected to ramp up in the coming days, Haynes adds, with the Clippers, Lakers and Raptors widely considered to be the front-runners for his services.

Leonard spoke with former Lakers president Magic Johnson earlier on Sunday and had a positive discussion, according to Tania Ganguli and Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times. He’s currently in Southern California preparing for free-agent meetings this week.

Sunday marked the first official day of free agency, where players could reach verbal agreements with interested teams during the moratorium period. Contracts can be officially signed when the moratorium ends on July 6.

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18 thoughts on “Kawhi Leonard Won’t Hold Meetings On Sunday

  1. clubberlang

    I hope he goes back to the Raps. Would make for the best playoffs we have seen in years.

  2. dirtbagfreitas

    Meanwhile tons of other decent free agents are going off the board…

    • JonnyLucas

      So what? He’s not in competition with any of them. He can wait as long as he wants. He’s the new king of the league.

      • sremruggs

        The teams that lose out on him are gonna get screwed. Instead of moving on early, they’re stuck in a holding pattern while all the potential alternatives go off the board.

        • 4Quarters

          Exactly. I’m seeing so many 2K GMs on here it makes me think most of the readers are kids.

          Apparently the consensus on HR is that the Knicks are “dumb” for dodging the KP $158M albatross, signing mostly 2 year deals to build assets ahead of a light 2020 FA class, and allow time to see what we have in young players.

          And on the flip side, that Lakers are “smart” for watching the FA market dry up while they wait for a player to make a decision because according to some he’s the new “king”.

          Lack of foresight is astounding.

  3. CJ2K18

    So are we in a holding point until he decides what to do while we only have 3 to 4 players on the roster smh

  4. IntheBeginning

    If he doesn’t sign with the Lakers, this delay is really going to hurt.

    • goldenmisfit

      Has a meeting with Magic Johnson that was said to be “positive“ and you reply with he’s going to the clippers? Yeah, you don’t come off like a Clippers fan.

  5. hiflew

    Even if the Lakers can sign Kawhi, they are going to have to get creative to fill out a roster because nearly everyone else in the league has already signed today. If the Lakers cannot sign Kawhi, it’s really going to be funny watching LeBron and Davis playing with 3 G Leaguers or guys back from China.

    • 5toolMVP

      I think the Lakers plan was…
      A) sign Kawhi + 8 vet minimum players to fill out the roster
      B) split the cap space between 2 skilled players + 6-7 vet min players.

      The problem now is most “B” players are off the board so plan “A” better happen or Lakers could be screwed.

  6. 5toolMVP

    Whoever he signs with (Raptors, Lakers, Clippers) the other two teams are kinda screwed since most “plan B” players are signed. The Lakers would have the most to lose if he signs with Raptors or Clippers. All that’s left is basically vet minimum players.

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