NBA’s 2019 July Moratorium Ends

The NBA’s July moratorium has officially ended, as of 11:00am central time, meaning teams are now allowed to conduct official business. The July moratorium is the period from July 1 (or, this year, June 30) to July 6 when teams are permitted to agree to trades and free agent contracts, but can’t yet formally finalize them.

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There are a number of types of deals that can be finalized during the moratorium, as we’ve seen this week. Teams can sign first-round picks to their rookie contracts, two-way contracts can be made official, and players signing minimum salary contracts can also finalize those deals. Still, most of the deals agreed upon since June 30 are not yet official.

Although the end of the moratorium signals the beginning of official business for many teams, those teams aren’t obligated to immediately finalize deals reached during the moratorium. In some cases, salary-cap machinations and intertwined trades mean that patience will be required on certain moves.

The Pistons, for instance, agreed to a trade for the rights to No. 57 pick Jordan Bone. However, before Detroit can acquire that No. 57 pick from the Sixers, Philadelphia will have to acquire it from the Hawks, who in turn have to acquire it from the Pelicans, who have to complete their Anthony Davis trade with the Lakers before dealing with Atlanta. Those trades are just some of many completed in June or early July that still need to be finalized.

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Now that the moratorium has lifted, we’ll be updating our stories of contract and trade agreements to reflect when they become official.

For top headlines from the last week, like the deals involving Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, D’Angelo Russell, Al Horford, and other big-name free agents, we’ll bump those stories to the top of the site or publish new stories so you don’t miss news of them becoming official.

However, since we don’t want to bury new news amidst confirmation of old signings, our stories on smaller deals won’t be moved to the top of our feed unless there are new developments or details.

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