Marcus Morris Confirms Turning Down Three-Year Offer From Clippers

Marcus Morris verbally accepted a two-year, $20MM deal with the Spurs before opting to sign with the Knicks instead, but that deal with San Antonio isn’t the only contract he turned down this past summer. The forward confirmed that he turned down a three-year, $41MM deal from the Clippers in July, as Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic relays.

“It had nothing to do with me playing here (in L.A.),” Morris explained. “Personally, as a player, I felt as though I was worth more. I felt as though my time in the NBA, with the production I had throughout the years, I felt I was worth more than what they offered. That was just my opinion. As a player that’s what I was standing on.”

Morris inked a one-year, $15MM deal with New York and there’s chatter that the franchise would like to keep him long-term. Rival scouts and executives believe the Knicks could get a late first-round pick for Morris should they decide to deal him. Vorkunov speculates that the Clippers could be a team to watch out for if the franchise indicates it wants to move on.

Morris added he turned down Los Angeles’ offer, which was first reported last July, because he wanted to “bet” on himself.

“I came with the Knicks, I’d seen a great opportunity, I’d seen a great group of guys, and I wanted to bet on myself on an opportunity where I can showcase what I really can do and I thought that New York would be the perfect place for me to come,” Morris said.

While none of the subsequent offers Morris received came close to matching the overall value of the Clippers’ deal, he did at least secure a higher 2019/20 salary on his deal with the Knicks. He and agent Rich Paul parted ways after Morris’ eventful free agent period.

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12 thoughts on “Marcus Morris Confirms Turning Down Three-Year Offer From Clippers

  1. richt

    He wanted to “bet on himself” so he turned down the longest offer he got? But was willing to accept a shorter deal at $10mil AAV instead of one worth $13,67mil? Ok, man…

    • x%sure

      Very confident for a 30yo, but it should work out the next time to sign.

  2. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    He’s on a 1 year 15 million dollar deal.

    The way he’s been playing he’s lining himself up for a lucrative deal this off season. He wound up making the right business decision barring any injury rest of the year.

    Plus he’s gonna get traded to a contender anyways and not be locked into staying where he winds up.

  3. amk3510

    And the Clippers won’t be salty about it unlike a certain coach in San Antonio.

    • Cool Manchu

      Why wouldn’t they be salty? They traded Bertrans to make room and then MM gave them the ol’ “PSYCHE!!!!!”

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Completely different situation. He totally screwed the Spurs.

  4. x%sure

    Predict: 3/80 in NY and holder of the non-defender and nonposition designations that get turned in by Randle upon moving away due to a slow start and not being popular. Morris will continue thriving since Randle is not seizing the opportunity. Also Morris provides more for Knox to hang on to salvage his career.

    But Barrett settles into a 3 role. Robinson continues as long learner. Payton will win more than the next PG hope which hopefully is not still Smith & Frank. Gibson, Portis, Ellington prob want out.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    He can lead this team to next phase. But why turn down a chance for multiple titles. He can make a contender strong. For 3-4 yrs. That in itself is worth . I don’t think he’ll be to upset to go to contender. Just make sure we get gd value.

  6. The Clips offer was “fill or kill” pre Clips involvement in the 4-5 team deal that netted them Harkless. It’s not like he chose a 20/2 over 41/3 when both were on the table.

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