Traded 2012 Second-Round Picks

Last month, we outlined the first-round picks that could switch hands in this June's draft, and our tentative draft order provides an ongoing look at where those picks will land.

While most impact players are selected in the first 30 picks, every draft features a handful of intriguing second-round picks — Landry Fields, Devin Ebanks, Chandler Parsons, and Isaiah Thomas are among the 2010 and 2011 second-rounders currently playing important minutes for their respective squads. Teams can also use second-round picks to secure the rights of international players.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the 2012 second-round picks that have been traded. Here are the selections that are locks to change hands:

* 76ers: Receive Grizzlies' pick
Cavaliers: Receive Hornets' pick
Hawks: Receive Suns' pick
** Lakers: Receive Bulls' pick
Mavericks: Receive Lakers' pick
Nets: Receive Heat's pick
Nuggets: Receive Warriors' pick
Pistons: Receive Rockets' pick (top-40 protected)
Raptors: Receive Pacers' pick
Timberwolves: Receive Thunder's pick
*** Trail Blazers: Receive Timberwolves' pick
Warriors: Receive Hawks' pick
Wizards: Receive Mavericks' pick

* The Grizzlies' second-rounder will be sent to the Sixers if it's between 31st and 55th overall; otherwise it will go to the Heat.
** The Lakers can choose to receive cash from the Nets instead of the Bulls' pick.
*** The Timberwolves' second-rounder will be sent to the Blazers since it will fall between 31st and 55th overall; otherwise it would have gone to to the Mavericks.

The following picks were included in trades, but almost certainly won't be going anywhere due to protection:

Celtics: Bucks' pick (top-44 protected)
Heat: Grizzlies' pick (top-55 protected)
Mavericks: Timberwolves' pick (top-55 protected), Wizards' pick (top-55 protected)
Suns: Knicks' pick (top-55 protected)
Trail Blazers: Nuggets' pick (Blazers had the right to swap their own pick for Denver's)

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