Paul Allen Discusses Trail Blazers’ Season

Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen posted his thoughts and feelings regarding the franchise's past season on the team's website on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights:

Allen addressed the team's decision to part ways with head coach Nate McMillan during the season and described it as a need for significant change.

On March 15, Larry, Chad and I agreed we needed big changes, including replacing Coach Nate McMillan with assistant coach Kaleb Canales. I'm not a big fan of changing head coaches midseason. It's something that happened only three times before in Blazer history.

I want to thank Nate again for all he did for the team and for the city of Portland, and for the class he showed in his departure. I appreciate Nate saying that we had always given him the tools he needed to do his job. That's been an important principle for me in all the years I've owned the Blazers, and I remain committed to doing the same in the future.

Allen went on to discuss the team's plans for the offseason including free agency and the draft.

… We also own three or four picks in what is looking to be a talent-rich draft pool.

Going into next season, it's a priority for us to improve defensively, to play better and more consistently, and to win on the road.

One thing we are not going to do is to spend money like there is no tomorrow, and calls to do so just don't make sense. I've tried that path before — it doesn't work and is not sustainable. We will follow a judicious and sustainable path going forward.

Allen alluded to his future with the team and how he does not have plans to sell the franchise any time soon. 

By talking about the future of the Blazers, I know it will raise questions about my continued ownership of the team. Let me be clear and repeat what I've said before: The team is not for sale. I'm working hard to get this team back on track. No offers have been made to buy the team and none have been solicited.

As I told reporters in the Rose Garden in December, there could come a time when I decide to sell the Trail Blazers. Many factors would go into that decision, including my health, the team's economics, and the progress I can see on the court. (On the first item: I'm feeling good these days and have remained in remission for two years.)

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