Poll: Should Bulls Match Asik’s Offer Sheet?

Earlier today, it was reported that the Bulls are expected to pass on matching the three-year, $25.1MM offer sheet that Omer Asik signed with Rockets.  Houston managed to land the restricted free agent with a gameplan eerily similar to the one they used to ink Jeremy Lin.  While the Bulls made it known publicly that they planned on matching any offer, it turns out that the hefty, backloaded deal was too rich for their blood.

Are the Bulls making a mistake by letting the 7'0" center walk?  Mark Potash of the Chicago Tribune certainly doesn't think so.  Potash writes that the $15MM cap hit that Asik would carry in the final year of the contract would loom over the team and simply wouldn't be worth it for a player who is as offensively challenged as Asik.  While the Turkish big man shines in the low post defensively, he averaged just 3.1 PPG in 14.7 minutes per contest which would translate to 7.6 PPG per 36 minutes.  Of course, it's hard to imagine Asik seeing that much playing time as he is firmly entrenched as a member of the club's second unit.

Still, even Potash admits that Asik's presence will be missed when the Bulls go head-to-head with the Heat.  And while the Bulls found a suitable backup in Nazr Mohammed, it's hard to imagine the club getting similar output from him.  It's your turn to weigh in – are the Bulls making a mistake in letting Asik go?


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5 thoughts on “Poll: Should Bulls Match Asik’s Offer Sheet?

  1. Dustin

    Asik isnt worth that much dough!! Thibs will have the players playing their hearts out every night! Gotta trust him

  2. ManBearPig618

    Love Asik as a Bulls fan, but the 15 mil hit in year 3 makes it really hard to match. If I knew they could trade him after year 2, sure, but nothing is certain…

  3. swing1

    This shouldn’t even be a question. It’s a flat out no.

  4. Eric Swenker

    I would match that contract in a heartbeat. Get 2 more years out of him, then switch him out for a team dumping their superstar. The Knicks may look to dump someone in 2 years, maybe the heat want to dump one of the 3, who knows. Maybe Roy Hibbert becomes available in a trade. Either way, the only way the Bulls are ever going to surround Rose with talent is by trade. No way, with Boozer and Noah and Deng, are they ever going to afford free agents. Gotta be trades. And with Asik’s contract, he gets 2 more years to be worth his value, prove his game, and then off he would go to another team attempting a rebuild and shedding contracts. It’s simple math. Sign him, use the salary later on. And the Bulls have a chance to be really special. Bulls Management, I know you check this site. See my bullet points for a chance to build a special team:
    -Amnesty Boozer. If there is ever a time to use this clause, it’s now, and on him
    -Kick yourself in the butt a few times for signing Boozer. Everyone said it was bad. At least Amar’e can slam a few home, and run with Rose. Boozer doesn’t run, only shoots jump shots, doesn’t rebound anymore, huffs sometimes when he runs, showed disloyalty to the Cavs, proved twice he is only interested in money, and is the only max player in NBA history to be worse than Rashard Lewis. Kick yourself again.
    -Tell Deng you love him. Tell him you need him. Keeping Deng is one of the keys to success for you. Commit to him.
    -Tell Noah to learn how to score, for crying out loud. And get him to lose about 10 pounds, and jump higher. It’s unacceptable to have a big man who can’t score and can’t jump. At least Javalee McGee can jump.
    -Tell Rose to not come back this season.
    -Tank the seaon. Throw it all away. Forget about it. It’s already over. Did you Amnesty Boozer yet?
    -Match Asik. This will get you a superstar in 2 years.
    -Get a high pick and ensure he can run with Rose.
    -Use next season to mesh your new high draft pick with Rose, Noah, and Deng.
    -For God’s sake, get a decent SG. Brewer, Korver, Rip, Teague. You really think they are ok for your starting SG?!?
    Bulls Management, you are welcome. Follow the above steps, and in year 3 from now, you should be on your way to the first of 2-3-4 championships. This is contingent upon Rose’s recovery, however. He is the only player that will drive you to the Championship. There are 4-5 players per year that are capable of bringing home the bacon, and he is one of them every year.


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