Teams That Lost Traded Player Exceptions

To hang onto a traded player exception, a team is required to keep its salary commitments above the $58.044MM cap line. The moment a club uses room under the cap to sign a player, any trade exceptions it previously owned are lost, along with the the team's full mid-level and bi-annual exceptions for that season.

As free agents signed new deals this month, a number of clubs that owned traded player exceptions fell below the cap, renouncing those exceptions. Most notably, the Mavericks lost four trade exceptions, including the $8.9MM TPE they obtained when they sent Lamar Odom to the Clippers last month.

Here's a complete list of the traded player exceptions that were lost without expiring or being used this month. The traded player that initially created the exception appears in parentheses:

You can find our full list of still-existing traded player exceptions right here, or read more on how exactly they work in our glossary entry.

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