Agent, Scout, GM Discuss Jeff Green Contract

Over at, Sam Amick dedicated his Thursday column to addressing what he believes has been the most-discussed contract of the offseason — Jeff Green's four-year, $36MM deal with the Celtics. While I'd argue that Jeremy Lin's offer sheet with the Rockets inspired more conversation that Green's deal, it's hard not to agree that Green's contract is one of the summer's most perplexing.

Amick spoke to agent David Falk, an Eastern Conference scout, and an unnamed rival general manager about Green's deal, gaining insight into how a player who missed 2011/12 with a heart condition earned one of the offseason's biggest guarantees. The piece also includes a few details on Green's contract. Here are some of the highlights:

  • According to the rival GM, Green's contract includes a handful of likely and unlikely incentives that could bring the deal to about $40MM over four years. Says the GM: "If they win a championship, it's $1.5MM. If they get to the Finals, it's $750K. If they get to the conference finals, it's a half million. They'll have success, and his deal will probably wind up being worth $10MM a year."
  • Unlike Brandon Roy's deal with the T-Wolves, which provides Minnesota some insurance of Roy's knee issues resurface, Green's contract doesn't include any injury insurance for the Celtics related to the 26-year-old's heart.
  • According to Falk, the Celtics' doctors "assured the team that the risk of Jeff's suffering a recurrence of his injury is probably significantly lower than the risk of a player who never had it before suffering the same kind of problem…. He's 100% cured."
  • The GM on the health questions: "I don't think he's that badly overpaid at 100% health. I think it's a good contract. But throwing in the heart condition and not having an exclusion on a pre-existing condition to protect you? No matter what the doctors tell you, it's scary."
  • While I'm a little skeptical about this, Falk says that if Green had simply asked him to go out and get as much money as possible, he could have ended up with an annual salary of $11-12MM, exceeding what he's earning from Boston.
  • The scout pointed out that the Celtics were in a tough spot because passing on Green wouldn't have helped them — the team still wouldn't have had any cap space, and wouldn't have freed up any cap exceptions by letting Green walk.
  • According to the GM, that's exactly why he dislikes trading for players in situations like Green's or Gerald Wallace's. The GM points out that Nets GM Billy King had to re-sign Wallace, having given up a high lottery pick for him, giving Wallace and his agent all the leverage. Green and the Celtics were in a similar situation.

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