Hoops Links: Nets, White, Raptors, Bulls, Harden

On this date in 1993, the NBA awarded an expansion franchise to the city of Toronto.  Two years later, the Raptors burst on to the scene armed with a team of expansion draft selections and some of the least attractive jerseys in league history.  Of course, things would improve from there as the Raptors would welcome Marcus Camby in 1996, Tracy McGrady in 1997, and Vince Carter in 1998.

Will we see another expansion team in the near future?  Given the current economic climate, it doesn't seem terribly likely.  Seattle investor Chris Hansen appears to have all the pieces in place to bring an NBA team back to the city, but the team to fill the Sonics' shoes will likely be a relocated franchise rather than the Association's 31st club.

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