Colangelo On Rumors, Young Players, Struggles

The Raptors have completed just over a quarter of their season schedule, finding themselves tied with the Cavaliers for the second worst record in the Eastern Conference. Yesterday, we noted that GM Bryan Colangelo used the words "unacceptable" and "embarrassing" to describe his current thoughts on the team. During the first quarter of their game against the Clippers today, Colangelo followed up on those comments and touched upon other Raptors-related topics (Holly Mackenzie of has the transcript). Here are some of the highlights:

On trade speculation: 

"We were talking to a lot of teams, what we always do, and it's a means of pursing avenues to improve your basketball team so if a deal comes along that makes sense, that is right and fits within the plan of this building process that we've been going through, we'll certainly take a look at it. If it can accelerate that process and if it fits then we'll look to address something. But nothing specific about any player right now. There's been a lot of speculation, a lot of rumors. Again, we're continuing to look at opportunities."

On Andrea Bargnani's consistency issues: 

"(Last year) it looked like he was putting up all-star numbers obviously for the first 15-18 games. He has not gotten back to that level. It looked that way early in preseason that he was coming back ready to become and perform at that level. But unfortunately we have not seen that consistency." 

On rookies Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas

"(Ross is) a great talent and a number of the people I've talked to around the league think he's a great talent to have…he's been the recipient of some extra minutes because of some injuries. That's a good thing that will help us in the long run."

"(Valanciunas is) learning the nuances of what we're doing from a system standpoint, but also learning the game at the same time…Jonas is only 20 years old and really represents the future of this basketball team."

On second year big man Ed Davis

"We talked a lot about him getting off to a slow start because he didn't have the kind of development early that he needed early due to an injury and then also due to the lockout, but he had a great summer…But it really with him comes down to a focus on his effort level night in and night out."

On the team's struggles: 

" I do not believe that it's a talent issue right now; I do believe that it's about a team coming together. We're very young, we've had some injury issues, we've got the schedule, but we're not making excuses, we know there are some things that are broken and need to be fixed right now, but again, it's a lack of focus and a lack of attention to detail, I think more than anything right now."

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  1. CraigM

    That all sounds great but how about his own performance? I think unacceptable and embarrassing fit pretty well for our star GM!


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