2013/14 Non-Guaranteed Contracts

Our list of 2013/14 free agents not only includes players who are currently in the final year of their contracts, but also guys who have some form of option for next season attached to their deals. If those options are exercised, by either the player or team, a few more names will come off this summer's free agent list.

In addition to the players with option years, a number of players are on non-guaranteed contracts for next season. Their respective teams will have to decide by a particular date, which can vary from player to player, whether to guarantee those contracts for 2013/14 or to avoid a larger cap hit by releasing them.

Not all non-guaranteed contracts are created equal, however. Plenty of players have non-guaranteed minimum-salary contracts that simply serve as a way for a team to get an extra look at a player this summer before deciding whether or not to keep him on the roster. But the stakes are a bit higher for a veteran like Rodney Stuckey, who is owed $8.5MM next season — only $4MM of that money is currently guaranteed, meaning the Pistons face a $4.5MM decision on whether to bring him back for next season.

Listed below are all the players believed to have non-guaranteed or partially-guaranteed contracts for '13/14. Unless otherwise indicated, the contracts are minimum-salary deals with no guarantee.

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