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Finally, after months of back-and-forth talks between the two sides, the Jazz finally reached agreement with Raja Bell on a buyout.  The 36-year-old is now free to go wherever he wants, but he won't be able to join a team for their postseason run as he didn't sign his name on the deal prior to the March 1st deadline.  Some might wonder if the big hold up was Utah being stingy, but that's reportedly not the case.  The team simply stood their ground and refused to give Bell what essentially would have been a reward for his difficult behavior.

In a time when the NBA is unquestionably a player's league, its extremely refreshing to see a team put their foot down and make sure that they avoid setting a bad precedent going forward.  In the Association, players always seem to get their way, whether that means getting a front office gutted, having a coach canned, or getting dealt to the team of their choice.  Bell wanted to bolt for a contender rather than play out his deal in Utah.  He'll eventually get to do that, but it won't be on his terms.

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