Poll: Should Derrick Rose Play This Season?

The last time we saw Derrick Rose in an NBA game was during Game One of the Bulls' opening playoff series against the 76ers last April. After tearing his ACL in that contest, Rose has been rehabbing all year, and has reportedly been medically cleared to return to action. Still, Rose remains uncertain that he'll play this season.

Even though Rose hasn't had any physical setbacks, he still must overcome a number of mental hurdles before he returns to the court. Few, if any, NBA players were able to replicate Rose's explosiveness and aggressiveness in the past, and recapturing that style of play on a surgically-repaired knee won't be easy, if it's possible at all. With just 18 games remaining in the regular season for the Bulls, it's unlikely we'd see Rose back to 100% in time for the postseason, no matter when he makes his 2012/13 debut.

Although the Bulls have publicly stated they aren't pressuring Rose to play, which he confirms, a number of executives around the league have questioned where the story on Rose's medical clearance came from, if not the Bulls. ESPN.com's Chris Broussard spoke to a number of execs about Rose's return, and the general consensus was that Chicago should be deferring to Rose's timetable. If he wants to return for the playoffs, one executive said, he should be given the opportunity, but if anything doesn't feel right, he should be shut down for the season. Another executive suggested that if Rose doesn't return by April 1st, he should probably be shut down.

The Bulls are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference, and with no other teams in the conference currently looming as a legit threat to the Heat, it's easy to argue that a Chicago club with a healthy Rose would immediately become the East's second-best team. But this late in the season, it's unlikely we'll see a Rose that's 100% healthy, so there's certainly some risk in bringing back a franchise player that's signed through 2017.

What do you think? Should Rose try to play before season's end, or should he focus on getting back to full health for 2013/14?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Should Derrick Rose Play This Season?

  1. As a bulls fan at this point id rather see him sit the whole year. The heat are going to run away with the east so id rather try with a healthy rose next year and a better bench one that wont include nazr, radmonovich, hamilton, robinson

    • jwsox

      here is the thing though, the bulls as of right now are a play off team. Add to that a 25ppg MVP point guard thats a championship contender right there. The heat have flaws. Now I’m not saying that the bulls will or even can beat the heat. But I dont think its going to be a walk in the park for them. The Pacers are a team that give the heat problems and stand a shot to beat them, same with the bulls, but only with Rose. Out of the west the thunder, even with losing Harden, are a better team than they were last year. The Spurs are one of the best top to bottom teams in the NBA. I truly think the thunder or Spurs are going to win the championship. I understand Lebron is playing out of this world, but the heat dont rebound. That all being said Rose should come back because it is part of the rehab. He has been medically cleared to play, and he NEEDS to play to know how his knee will react, and how he will need to recover. You cant do that in practice it only comes from actually playing.

      • The heat also play at a different level in the playoffs. I think the pacers could win 1 or 2 games against the heat but thats it. Im not saying the heat will win the title im just saying they will go to the finals. I just think with rose waiting til the fall he can use the pre-season games to build up his confidence and he is ready. I dont think even with a healthy bulls team they can beat the heat. With rose, hamilton, deng, boozer, noah with hinrich, robinson, bellineli, butler, taj off the bench the bulls could win 2 games maybe 3 but i dont think they have enough to beat miami. All miami has to do is put lebron on rose and i dont if deng or boozer can step up and hit consistent shots


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