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Earlier today, the Spurs got the best of the Lakers in Game 1 as they cruised to a 91-79 victory.  Those of you who watched the game while checking your timeline on Twitter probably caught wind of Coach Vino – née Kobe Bryant – giving advice to coach Mike D'Antoni as he watched at home.  D'Antoni was asked after the game about his thoughts on Bryant's e-coaching and he rolled his eyes back far enough to see the front of his brain.  "He's a fan. Just a fan right now," the actual Lakers coach quipped.

Bravo to D'Antoni for treating Kobe's tweets exactly how they should be treated: more unsolicited commentary from armchair observers.  Bryant's basketball IQ is legendary, but he isn't the man charged with moving the Lakers' chess pieces at this time.  If No. 24 wants to make a run at coaching after his playing days are through, then you can bet there will be more than one team interested in his services.  However, we're (thankfully) at least a couple of years away from seeing Bryant retire.  We all look forward to seeing Black Mamba on the court again, but we can do without Coach Vino on the keyboard.

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  1. Z....

    I had that Nuggets-Warriors series going 7 games until David Lee got hurt


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