Hoops Rumors Originals

Here's a look back at the original analysis provided by the Hoops Rumors team this week..

  • Chuck Myron previewed the offseason ahead for the Bobcats.
  • Cleveland may not be the most desirable free agent destination, but the Cavs have plenty going for them, Luke writes.
  • Hoops Rumors readers believe that Nerlens Noel will be the No. 1 overall pick, but its a close tally.  Ben McLemore and Otto Porter weren't far behind in the poll.
  • Opinions were somewhat split on where Doc Rivers would end up next year with 41% saying Boston and 31% of Hoops Rumors readers forecasting a move to L.A.  Almost 20% see him taking the year (and possibly beyond) off.
  • Chuck previewed a very important summer in Detroit.
  • The Mavs won't settle for an unimpressive offseason like they had in 2012, Luke writes.
  • Check out the Hoops Rumors agency database.
  • Readers were about 50/50 on whether the Nets should hire Jason Kidd.  Later in the week, Mikhail Prokhorov & Co. pulled the trigger on it.
  • The Danny Granger storyline will be key to the Pacers' summer, Chuck writes.

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